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How to Free Up Hard Drive Space on Windows

How to Free Up Hard Drive Space on Windows

Over the years the hard disk drive being produced have been increasingly getting larger. For many people, that space always seems to fill up regardless of the size so it just may be time to get rid of those unimportant programs and files that are taking up space. Today I will show you 5 easy ways to free up hard drive space on Windows computers.

At the end of this article, I'll also have a bonus tip for freeing up more space. If you have a solid-state drive you know that SSDs have better performance and reliability but they typically have less space than most hard disk drives so these tips may work for you too.

5 Ways to Free Up Hard Drive Space on Windows

1 Disk cleanup

The first method is to run disc clean up which will delete temporary files and other useless data.

1. Open your File Explorer window, right-click on your primary hard drive.

2. From the list, select Properties click on Just Clean Up.

3. Then select the file types that you want to delete when you're done select OK then delete files.

How to Free Up Hard Drive Space on Windows

If you want to clean up system files that don't appear on that list.

4. Once again Let's go back to this clean-up.

5. Select Cleanup System files. Select more options.

Before doing this next step you need to know that this will delete all System Restore points except the most recent one so you won't be able to use older System Restore points.

6. If you feel comfortable with that and your system is currently working fine then under System Restore and Shadow copies select Cleanup then Select Delete.

How to Free Up Hard Drive Space on Windows

2. Storage Sense

Along the same lines is just clean up is Storage Sense. This will only work if you have Windows running the Creator's Update. Storage Sense is a feature that automatically cleans out your temporary files that have been on your system for more than a month.

1. To enable Storage cents right click on the Start menu select Settings.

2. Select System then Select the Storage tab on the left.

3. On the right, if the option is currently turned off just Select it to turn it on.

How to Free Up Hard Drive Space on Windows

4. To change what Storage Sense cleans Up Select change configure storage sense or run it now. There are not many options here. Me personally I would turn them both on.

How to Free Up Hard Drive Space on Windows

3. Uninstall programs

Uninstalling programs is another great way to free up hard drive space especially if you download and play video games on your PC which can sometimes take up a lot of space. Newer Windows operating systems have this newer method to uninstall software.

1. Settings and then select apps. I prefer the older method which provides more information by going through the Control panel. On newer Windows operating systems. It's a little trickier to get you so I'll show you one by one. 

2. Right-click the Start menu select Run and type in Control Panel and hit Okay.

How to Free Up Hard Drive Space on Windows

3. Select Programs and features then you just uninstall any unused or unimportant programs.

How to Free Up Hard Drive Space on Windows

And while you're at it if you have any large files or videos on your system that you no longer need or want. It might be a good idea to go through your files and folders and get rid of them too.

4. Delete temporary files

Earlier I discussed Windows Disc Clean Up. It does a good job but doesn't delete temporary files used by other programs like Chrome or Firefox. Sometimes the temporary files in browsers can use up gigabytes of hard drive space a program I use and you've probably heard me talk about them before it's called CCleaner.

How to Free Up Hard Drive Space on Windows

It's a free program that I've been using for years with no issues and it does a great job of cleaning up my system.

Duplicate files

Having duplicate files on your system is unnecessary. Using a duplicate file Finder can help to remove them for you to free up space.

How to Free Up Hard Drive Space on Windows

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a program that is great at removing useless duplicate files. I've always used the default settings but you can always customize it to fit your needs. Also, CCleaner which I mentioned earlier has a very good duplicate Finder which is included with the software.

1. Just Select Tools on the left pane then duplicate Finder.
2. After you set your criteria select Search.

5. System Restores space

If System Restores using too much of your hard drive space you can always reduce the amount of hard drive space that is used for System Restore. This last one is a bonus tip because I only recommend doing this if you're desperate for more space as this will give you less restore points to restore your system from.

Let's go back to the control panel.

1.  Right-click on the Start menu.

2. Select Run, type in Control panel. Hit Ok.

3. Select System then click on System Protection in the left pane. From the System Protection, tab select Configure.

Here, you can leave it as it is or changes other options which include Disabling the System Protection which I would never recommend. There's a slider which you can reduce to give your hard drive more available space and you can also delete all restore points for this drive.

How to Free Up Hard Drive Space on Windows

It's best to leave these settings alone unless you absolutely feel that you need to because System Restore can sure help when your system quits working properly. That concludes this list of tips. Hopefully, some of these tips help to increase the available space on your hard drive. Leave a comment. If you have any useful space-saving tips for the other viewers.

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