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How to Extend Your Android Phone Battery Life

How to Extend Your Android Phone Battery Life

While our smartphones continue to get more powerful with faster processors and larger screens those lithium-ion batteries that power our phones haven't improved at the same rate. In this article, I'll show you proven tips that will improve the battery life on your Android phone. For many of you, some of these will be basic tips. You probably already know if you're not Tech Savvy or you're new to Android. Having just upgraded from an iPhone to any Android device I'll go through these tips step by step. Let's start off with the settings that can improve your battery life.

10 Tips to Extend Your Android Phone Battery Life

1. Network & Internet

1. Swipe down from the top and tap on the Settings icon located in the lower right. From here 

I'll go through the various settings in order on a phone running Android Pie depending on your version of Android or your phone's manufacturer some of these may not be available or may be in a different location here at the top in Network and Internet.

2. If you have no need for Wi-Fi or you have a poor signal that it's not worth having on toggle the switch to turn it off.

3. In the Oreo update, Android introduced a new feature that will continue to look for saved Wi-Fi networks even when you have Wi-Fi turned off.

4. To disable this feature tap on Wi-Fi and Select Wi-Fi Preferences where it says to turn on Wi-Fi automatically toggle the switch to turn it off. With the disabled, your Wi-Fi won't automatically turn on near your saved networks.


2. Wi-Fi

Let's head back and below Wi-Fi.
  • Let's go into the mobile network.
  • If you're in an area with a strong Wi-Fi signal like your home or office where you have no need for mobile data turn it off and back on the previous screen when you truly need to disconnect from your phone.

Turning on Airplane mode will disable your Wi-Fi, cellular, and Bluetooth reducing the drain on your battery.

3. Apps & Notifications

  1. There are many apps that are actively running in the background when you're not using them to restrict specific apps tap on Apps and Notifications.
  2. To find the app you want to restrict. You may need to Select sell apps find and tap on the app. Go to Advanced then battery and Select Background Restriction. Then tap on Restrict to stop that app from using your battery in the background. You can also eliminate an app's ability to use mobile data in the background.
  3. Let's go back and Select Data Usage where it says background data toggle the switch off to disable background data. Access for that app. Moving right along.

4. Connected Devices

For disabling your Bluetooth and NFC Let's go into connected devices. Tap on Connection Preferences. If you don't use Android Pay, Samsung Pay, or share data with other NSC-enabled phones turn off NSC completely.
  1. Now, let's go into Bluetooth. Make sure to disable it when you're not using it.
  2. Having both of these turned off when you have no need for them will help to extend your battery life.

5. Display brightness

1. Back in the main Settings menu just below Battery Tap on Display. The brightness of your screen can have a major impact on battery life.
2. Go into brightness level and adjust the slider down to the lowest possible level where everything is still easily visible to you.

In addition to saving your eyes, Nightlight will have an impact on saving your battery as well. Although the impact on battery life is minimal it's good to enable this feature to make your screen easier to look at and they claim it may help you sleep better.

3. Mine is set to turn on from sunset to Sunrise. Tap it on schedule gives you other options including turning it off and turning it on at a custom time.

6. Wallpaper

Let's go back and head into wallpaper.
  1. If your phone has an OLED screen using black wallpaper will extend your battery life. Let screen only light up colored pixels. Using a black or darker colored wallpaper requires less power from your battery. You could download a black wallpaper and add it to your Gallery to be installed here from your Pictures folder. Or you may have the option if you Scroll down a bit to make a solid color your background.
  2. If you do go into it and Select Black.
  3. Then at the top tap on Set Wallpaper, you have the option to set it on your home screen lock screen or both.

7. Battery

Let's jump into Battery.

  1. Tap on Battery Saver This is a cool feature that will conserve battery power by restricting device features and apps toggling the switch on you can adjust the slider to have Battery Saver turn on automatically when the charge drops below the percentage you select.
  2. Let's go back and Select Adaptive Battery. Having this feature turned on will limit the battery usage for those apps you rarely use or don't use at all.
  3. back on the battery screen. If you want to find those battery-hugging apps like Facebook in the upper right tap on the menu button and Select Battery Usage.

This is not a good example. You would want to check this at the end of the day or when your charge is low to find the culprits. If you can live without those misbehaving apps you might want to get rid of them for good.

8. Display

Back on the display page.

  1. If you're running Android Pi and you want to give your phone a dark theme that helps reduce battery power resources select Advanced.
  2. Scroll down Tap on Device them and choose Dark. Making the change to a dark theme won't affect the Settings menu or any of your apps. Here are the places on your phone where the change gets applied to the Google News Feed, the Quick Settings pull-down, the App drawer, the Power menu, and the Volume menu.

9. Security & Location

  1. For those times when you don't need GPS enabled for navigation turning off location will extend your phone's battery life.
  2. Go to security and location under the heading for Privacy.
  3. Tap on location for most of you toggling the location. Switch off will be enough. If you're on Android Pie there are two more options you need to turn off since the location is a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth scanning.
  4. Go to Advanced Tap on Scanning and toggle the switches off for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning.

10. Lite Apps

Another option to consider if you want to extend your phone's battery life is to install lighter versions of your favorite apps. They use less of your phone's resources including less power from your battery and you just might find that you can live without some of the useless features available in their normal apps.

Light alternatives to popular apps include Facebook Light, Facebook's Messenger Light, Opera Mini, Skype Light, and there are many others available in the Google Play Store. If this article was useful for you then share it with others. If you have a tip that would help others to extend their Android phones battery life let us know about it in the comments.

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