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Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

So recently switched to Microsoft Edge browser that's based on chromium on my pc and the overall experience has been great. I mean the fresh UI and overall less load on my resources is a great tool. But the fact that all my extensions from chrome directly work on Microsoft edge is an added plus point, which is why I decided to actually make an article about it because all those extensions can really boost up and enhance your overall web browsing experience. I'll be talking about 7 super cool Microsoft edge extensions that you should install right now to enhance your daily web browsing.

1. URL Render

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

So we've all been there when we're searching for something on google or bing if one of those guys and when the source results come you right, click on it, open it in a new tab, see whether it's what you want or not. If it's not, you close it, go back to the source results and the cycle continues on and on and on. But what if there was an easier way around it enter URL render. So the way this extension works is by showing you the website on the search results page itself, thus eliminating the need to open new tabs.

All you have to do is search for your stuff and just our on top of the leg and like magic, the website will load in a smaller dialogue. Now you can use the controls on top to change the size, reposition or docket in the corner. It's so simple and it makes every day we're browsing super easy. 

2. Panic button

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

Okay, now this next extension is for those of you guys working in the office, see it's fine towards something that's not related to your work, to relax yourself be it a comedy video or a funny video or just reading something that cheers you up or comes you down. Well, the thing is your boss might not agree with that and for that, we have the panic button. So what this extension does is that it hides away all your currently open tabs at one click another click and you can restore them like nothing happened.

The way it works is that it saves all the tabs open in a separate bookmark folder and then re-launches them Also instead of clicking, you can just press the f4 key on your keyboard to do this process as well.

3. Go Fucking Work

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

Speaking of extensions to use at work, this next one is super handy and it's easily targeted at people like me who can get distracted super easily. So my colleagues know that whenever I get a new notification on Twitter I just look at it, opened my Twitter, and just lose myself over there, losing all focus. That's where go fucking work comes in. At its core, it's a simple extension to help you focus on work. You nest on domains that you want to block and turn it on when you get to work.

It will ultimately block out all those websites. But the way it does, it is what makes it so done. It's kind of aggressive, but you gotta do what you gotta do to push yourself. You know.

4. Momentum

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

So right off the bat Microsoft edge actually present you with some pretty cool options to customize that new tab page which is great. But for someone like me, well I prefer a balance between focus and minimalism and that's where momentum comes in. It's a super simple extension. All it does is replace the new tab page with a soothing background that changes frequently. A nice code to motivate you along with a daily focus to do below it. There's also a weather widget in the corner as well and the whole setup actually looks pretty calming.

Now I'm serious. There have been times when I've been super pissed off and I just opened a new tab on my Microsoft edge browser and this moment of the page really calms me down. Call me moody but that works for me and it should make for an easy recommendation.

5. Pushbullet

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

I have to say that this next extension is absolutely critical for me. You already know about it and if you don't you should, it's called Pushbullet and it's truly awesome. So you install the extension on your browser, sign into it, and then do the same on your smartphone as well. Now you can easily share links, send messages, even share files to and throw without any hassles. And not only that push bullet will also mirror all your smartphone notifications inside your browser for you.

So you know when to access your phone and when to just stay focused on the screen in front of you. Add to that, you can actually communicate with other systems using possibility as well. Which is super great.

6. Nimbus

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

Now we've all been there when you want to capture what's in front of us on our screen and while Microsoft office and native screenshot tool in Windows it's not actually that good. I mean it cannot capture the full page. Right? That's where nimbus comes in. So nimbus is an all-in-one screen capture tool that you can use to take screenshots as well as record your screen. You can take the entire page or a custom selection and then annotated easily, as for screen recordings, you can record a page or even record your webcam if you want to.

While there are certain features resolved behind a paywall I feel that the free version should be more than enough for anyone out there.

7. Grammarly

Best Microsoft Edge Extensions

So lastly is an extension that I use super extensively and not just for work but for daily web browsing as well and it's called Grammarly. Setting it up is simply log into it and select the language of typing thereafter family will automatically check whatever you're typing. It exceeds the normal dictionary check function inside your browser since it checks the entire sentence for tenses and other grammatical mistakes too.

Add to that, the extension recently got the autocorrect feature as well. The saving your time and swiftly fixing all your errors. And if that's not all, there is another option in the settings that you can enable to just double click on a word and let Grammarly show you its meaning now. Isn't that amazing?

And well with that, we come to an end of this article. Also, some of these extensions like momentum might get disabled even after installing because Edge does not want other extensions to interfere with its basic interface. But then again you can easily enable them from the settings.

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