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Best Audiobook Apps For iPhone

Best Audiobook Apps For iPhone

We are going to tell you about the best audiobook apps for your iPhone. What makes a good audiobook app? I think integration. So how easy is it to use on your other devices? Like, listen to it in your car? I think the prices pretty big and the selection of books. So let's dive in and talk about our favorite audiobook apps for iPhone.

1. Audible by Amazon

Best Audiobook Apps For iPhone

Audible is amazon's audiobook app. If you have a Kindle audible syncs perfectly with your Kindle. Sometimes with amazon, you can actually pick up with an audiobook exactly where you left off. If you're reading the book, they all sink. It's very cool. But if you're not an amazon user Audible has a free trial, but it's not free forever. You get a free audiobook with that trial. But after 30 days you're gonna start charging you, I'm not sure exactly. It's 14.99 months. And then you get an audiobook credit for that.

So you're paying $15 bucks a book essentially. Not necessarily the best deal in the, but it could also be some of these apple books are 30 bucks. So, not all audiobook costs the same amount of money. That's for sure.

Again, every audiobook you can imagine is audible. And it also hooks up to car play. It works well with the car play, you can install the audible app on your iPhone, iPad, not sure about the Mac. And this is your audiobooks. And go there too. So, audible is a great option, definitely the best selection. I mean, the free trial is great too. If there's a book that you've been wanting to read or listen to get the free trial, get the free book, and then just cancel it.

You can keep the free book, make sure you cancel it though, because man, they make it difficult to cancel because you go to cancel, and then they're like, are you sure you want to cancel? And we'll give you half off and free credit. And then you say no. And then there's another thing they try to give you takes a while.

2. Apple Books

Best Audiobook Apps For iPhone

So this book is built right into your iPhone. If you got car play syncs up easily, your books will connect all your devices on your Apple ID. Probably the best option. In terms of integration, Apple makes the app. Apple has a bookstore. Not free though.

Slipover to app library IOS 14 feature will be available to the general public probably about a month or so.

Open that and you will get a couple of audiobooks. Explore the audiobooks, you just tap on the audiobooks tab down at the bottom, browse around whatever you want. Kids, top charts. Oprah's Bookclub is in there. That's great. But if you have a specific audiobook in mind, search to have type in whatever you want. It's kind of expensive. These aren't cheap. It is unabridged $30. It's a 45-hour audiobook.

So it's a lot of it's still $30 expensive 66 cents an hour. You can get part one and part two on DVD for, you know, $2 a red box. It's not as good, but exactly the audiobook, not quite buy yourself a DVD player. Apple books. Great integration, not cheap, no free trials here.

3. Library apps

So finally we want to talk about library apps. You can use your library card to get free access to audiobooks and movies, tv shows etcetera and regular books. Imagine how much you can download with your library card for free. So there are a couple apps. Not every library supports the same apps but there are a couple that is really popular. We're gonna walk you through one called Libby by overdrive. Yes, this is the best audiobook apps for the iPhone. 

4. Libby

Best Audiobook Apps For iPhone

We downloaded the elevation by Stephen King which costs $13 I think on Apple books and $15 on Amazon. If you don't have the audible. $0 through Libby. Tap placehold and that it should say you'll be able to listen to it in five weeks, two copies, and use four people waiting in total two people waiting per copy. So in five weeks, you'll definitely be able to listen to this for free. Can you wait five weeks? Is it worth 30 bucks? I'd say so.

I mean there's a lot of other books to choose from. If you know this one on your list and grab another one with the library apps, they're free, you borrow it for two weeks. You can listen to it the same thing with books. Maybe it's a little bit different time frame but the most popular ones might already be checked out. You have to wait a little bit, but put yourself in for holds. You can hold up to 10 items with these apps. those are the best audiobook apps for iPhone. Leave a comment down below. Let us know what you are reading.

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