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Why You Should Apply For Apple's Credit Card

Why You Should Apply For Apple's Credit Card

What is Apple Card? and how to apply for one?

So Apple Card is surprised. It's Apple's new credit card and it's great in 3 main ways.

1. Great security feature

So every time you make a purchase that purchase shows up on a map and you say Hey I wasn't in Bangladesh. How could I have ordered a new car? That didn't happen. You can just report that easily.

Second, if you get the physical card there are no numbers on it so nobody can easily steal your credit card information and type it into a website and make purchases using your card.

Thirdly there is the Apple ID or Face ID a touch ID layer of security that keeps you safe.

2. Categorizes purchases

We love Apple Card is that it really categorizes your purchases and a nice easy to read way so you can see. I spent 700 dollars on Dunkin donuts not condone us this month. Maybe I should cut back on that. It's a really great way to budget and we love it for that reason. The third reason is the Cash Back program called Daily Cash.

3. Daily Cash

Daily Cash is just simple. 3 % cashback with Uber and everything you buy from Apple including Apple Music and their subscription services 2%. When you use Apple Pay with your phone 1%. When you use the physical card if you choose to order one through the Apple Card app.

How to apply for an Apple card?

1. Let's open up the Wallet app
2. Just press the Plus button in the upper right-hand corner. Apple Pay I'm going to say continue here. 
3. Card type, choose the type of card we got to choose. Apple Card Card a new kind of credit card design for the iPhone and a healthier financial life. Isn't that nice? Issued by Goldman Sachs Bank USA. No thanks.
4. Continue. Look at that. Enter your information.

This is really easy to sign up for this credit card. Next look at that in next. Applying for a credit card has never been so easy.

4. Verify your identity with the last four of your social annual income terms and conditions. Let's take a quick look at the interest rate. All right 12.99 to 23.99 %. I'm not sure if that is because of my creditworthiness as this says or just that's a standard thing. Let us know in the comment section below.

How to avoid paying interest on Purchases Your due date is days. Just pay your bill on time. There you go. Pay it off. No interest and credit card or another great reason to love Apple Card is like no fees no hidden fees. You're not going to get surprised by Apple is pretty straightforward.

5. I'm gonna say agree with all this. Submitting a moment of truth. Submitting your application to Goldman Sachs Bank USA.

6. A driver's license or a state-issued Photo ID is required to verify my identity. tap continue, Scan front of ID, Scan back of ID. Submit.

7. Let's look at the offer. Terms and conditions. I can see my credit score. There you guys go on a free credit check.

8. Sign up for an Apple card. Let's tap back. Tap Done. And I'm going to accept my Apple card. Do it uses a default card.

9. Your card will be at its wallet Safari auto-fill and your Apple ID for purchasing everything. And I'll say uses default card. Adding the card added. That was really easy. More ways to pay.

10 Do you want to get a titanium Apple card?
Yes. Confirm address. Confirm. You'll receive your physical card at this address in 6 to 8 days. It's got my name out. And there we go. We just signed up for a new credit card. That was so easy.

One last thing we want to mention about the Apple card and what makes it different from other credit cards is that you can actually text customer support instead of having to call someone and wait on hold all day.

If you're interested in your credit card?
It seems like a great deal. I guess we are now fans of the Apple card. That's what an Apple card is and how you can easily sign up for one right from your iPhone. I hope it was helpful. Leave me a comment down below.

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