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This Accessory May Not Be Supported on iPhone, iPad, or iPod? The Fix

I'm going to explain why your iPhone says this accessory may not be supported. And real quick I'll just show you what that looks like. A little pop-up. This accessory may not be supported. You can tap the mist to make it go away.

This Accessory May Not Be Supported on iPhone, iPad, or iPod? The Fix

Why is this happening?

This happens because the accessory is not MFI-certified. Usually, there are other reasons but this is the main one. So MFI-certification. And it stands for Made for it for iPhone iPad and iPod. And Yes by Apple to certain companies that produce very high-quality iPhone accessories. As you can imagine a poorly made accessory will damage your iPhone. Apple shuts off the ability for those accessories to work with your iPhone.

So how do we know if the accessory is MFI?

It's a great question because if you go to your gas stage you can see a bunch of lighting cables for 4 dollars a piece. probably not MFI certified. But if you find cables in the shop, this little thing that says made for iPhone iPad iPod you'll see this logo on every MFI- certified device. You might have to look for it but it's usually on the back or in this case it's right in the front. A lot of iPhone cables are not MFI certified. Look for this. If you don't see this on an accessory that you're going to buy for your iPhone don't buy that accessory because even if it works for today it's not going to work in a month because software updates have a lot to do with MFI certification.

So before I jump into the other reasons why this could happen I just recommend restarting your iPhone real quick could be a minor software issue.

iPhone 6s

The restart could fix that iPhone 6s or earlier. Press and hold the power button swipe slide to power off across the screen.

iPhone 7 & 8

iPhone 7 just pressing all the power button thing slide across the top of the screen.

iPhone X

The Iphone's hand side button and either volume button hold it slide to power off.

So it gives the other reasons why your iPhone may say this accessory may not be supported.
First of all, maybe there's something wrong with your charging Port? So as I said before the MFI certification is only detected. If the authentication chip is able to be read by your iPhone so the Port can't be dirty you have to brush out debris a lot of times. Debris gunk lint can accumulate in there. Use an Anti-static brush or an unused toothbrush. An unused toothbrush probably is the best bet for most people.

A third reason could be the accessory itself.

Maybe that's right. If the end of your accessory is crowded or if there's some dirt on it and one of these little tiny pins can't be right by you if you have one of the Apple Lightning cables and it gets frayed. Well, then even the Apple cables may say the ''This accessory may not be supported'' because it's really damaged.

Update iOS

How do we do it?

Well, open these settings. Scroll down to have General a software update. And if it updates available? Tap download it and Install. So if you updated iOS and this is still happening or if an update isn't available it's time to explore your repair options. If it's a problem with your accessory go to that manufacturer. And we're saying repair it.

But generally, these types of manufacturers aren't exactly the most reputable.
I mean if you did get an accessory that is definitely MFI certified for a good company definitely go to them and say Hey it's not working. They probably need to give you a new one. But it's the gas station trying to return it to the gas station because the person at the gas station I could have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

If it's an issue with the charge or the lightning Port.

We recommend the Apple Store or Pulse and not a manner pair service then tech to you fix the Port on the spot. And I used to work at a gas station so it's not that I'm saying the guest people they don't know what they're talking about because I would have known but most people in the world don't know sorry gas station employees. 

That's what to do with your iPhone Says ''This accessory may not be supported'' and how to fix the problem. Usually, it's just an MFI certification issue. I hope you found this article helpful then give it a share. Leave a comment down below with another question. 

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