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What is Computer Science?

What is Computer Science?

What is a computer science its scope and its classification. We will also discuss some important fields of study in computer science. 
Today's computers are an integral part of the human world and the human world is critically dependent on the computing power of today's modern computers.

The computing has also evolved over the period of the last decades in both the hardware and software domain. Many computer scientists describe and practice computer science as a creativity tool which enables them to create something meaningful using the phenomenal computing power of computers.

What is computer science?

Computer science can be defined as a branch of engineering sciences that studies technology & the principles of design & applications of the computer system.

In various fields the computer science is inherently an interdisciplinary science. That means the study of computer science involves more than one field of study. The scope of computer science includes the study of computation computer technology hardware and software. The computer science is an interdisciplinary science that spans in both theory and practice. The scope of computer science is quite broad and therefore it is important for computer science student to have absolute clarity about the classification of computer science and the knowledge of various fields that exist within computer science.

The computer science can be broadly get into two streams.

These two streams include:
  • Theoretical computer science
  • Applied computer Science

Theoretical computer science is primarily deals with fundamental theoretical principles & design concepts, while applied computer science deals with the practical implementation of these theoretical principles & design concepts. In computer science.

The applied computer science can be further split into three sub-streams and that includes:
  • Operating systems
  • Intelligent systems
  • Software application development.

The computer science also has strong connections with other disciplines. Many problems in science engineering healthcare business and other areas can be solved effectively with the help of computers. However finding a solution requires both computer science expertise and the knowledge of that particular domain such as health care insurance banking and therefore computer scientists working on these projects often become proficient in other subjects as well.

Finally computer science has a wide range of specialties. These include:
  • Computer system architecture
  • Software systems
  • Computer graphics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computational science
  • Data science

The computer science is practiced not only by mathematicians scientists and engineers but also by many other professionals including musicians. Today the applications of computer science is an indispensable part of every industry we can possibly think of. And therefore computer science has emerged as one of the fastest growing and the most sought out of profession.

So if you're a College student who is trying to pick a major that will maximize your career prospects then it's no secret that computer science is a great choice. There's no shortage of data reports and surveys which find that students with computer science and computer engineering degrees can expect some of the highest starting salaries as compared to any other industry.

Computer science careers also have one of the lowest unemployment rates compared to any other field. All studies and reports suggest a huge surge in the demand for qualified computer science professionals in years to come.

That means computer science will continue to offer the best career opportunity that brings to the end of this article an introduction to computer science. i hope you found this helpful then give it a share and also comment below.

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