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Things to Must do After Photographing a Wedding

Things to Must do After Photographing a Wedding

I'm a wedding photographer in Fuji film ex photographer. And in my 5 years of doing weddings, I have found that there's some absolutely important things you should always do after every single wedding and t
hings to always do before photographing a wedding. So I wanted to share those with you today. But keep in mind most of these tips are really based for while you're traveling for weddings but you can use them basically at any time. And I do believe that they're absolutely important for every single wedding.

5 Absolutely Crucial Things You Need to Do After Every Single Wedding

1. Backing up on site

Backing up on-site is hands down one of the most important things you can do to the photos you just took especially if you're a wedding photographer like myself. There's many different ways you can handle backing up on site. But my personal favorite is using something like the Gnarbox. If you're not familiar with the Gnarbox it's a portable backup device. Think basically a solid-state hard drive plus an SD card slot.

With this, you're able to back up your SD cards at any point. And the greatest thing is it's not just a portable hard drive. When you do your backups you can Select certain folders to back up your files too. It has a 5D check some on it as well. So you know that your stuff is getting backed up. And with the CF card reader that you can also get with a Gnarbox, you can backup CF cards and also micro SD cards.

I use this thing at every single wedding. Also, one place that it really comes in handy as well is when I have a 2nd photographer I can back up their photos on-site as well, and then I don't have to keep their SD cards. Now the reason we want to back up on-site is one.

  • 1. If you're shooting with the camera that only has a single card slot. Absolutely. This is a must. There is no question about it. And I know some people might think Oh the Gnarbox is Mad expensive. If you're shooting on a single card the price you pay for the Gnarbox is hands down the best investment you will ever make.

  • 2. Now if you're shooting with dual cards the reason this is important is if one of your SD cards gets corrupted or if someone steals your gear. One of my biggest fears and the main thing I never want to happen to me is to be leaving a wedding have my cameras get stolen and then have to go back to the couple and be like Sorry lost your whole wedding day because someone stole my stuff.
Having your camera stolen sucks but losing a whole wedding day is worse and you'll probably get sued. So Yeah let your cameras get stolen. That's fine. Make sure you back up on site. That leads right into my second tip which is to put one of your SD cards in your pocket.

2. Always keep SD Cards with you

Whenever I do weddings especially when they're out of state and when I'm traveling basically whenever there's a higher chance of my gear being stolen I want to have multiple backups of those photos and a backup on me so that literally something has to happen to me for me to lose the photos. So I back up on site. So I use the Gnarbox. I have a copy there. I have 2 SD cards and I take out one from each camera and put it in my pocket.

That way if someone does steal my cameras I still have the SD cards in my pocket. Again too, If someone steals my Gnarbox I still have the SD cards in my pocket. It is very very important as a wedding photographer to take extreme care of the photos that you've just taken until you have them backed up at home on your main server. When I put my SD cards in my pocket I don't have anything fancier one of those little fancy SD cardholders.

I just use the plastic that it comes with. I put them in there and drop them right in my pocket. And again this may seem crazy but seriously this is very important. You just saw a wedding. The couple paid you. You can't just be like Sorry your photos are gone. Seriously put the SD cards in your pocket until you get home. Now that you've gotten home your gear didn't get stolen you have all your SD cards.

3. Back up to multiple locations

So generally most photographers when they get home they pop their SD card into their computer then they import it into Lightroom and that's about it. But let me tell you that is not good enough. You need to do better than that especially if you're doing weddings to help out with this while you're importing inside of Lightroom there's an option that will let you back up to another location as well.

You should always turn this on and back up to an additional hard drive as well. So you can see when I'm doing an import I go to my main hard drive and also an external hard drive at the same time.

Things to Must do After Photographing a Wedding

By doing this now I have 2 copies on my computer and I still have the copy on the Gnarbox and they're still on my SD cards. Also on top of that, I have one of my external hard drives backing up to the cloud so that the external hard drive backup I just made also gets copied to a cloud. So I still have like multiple copies even if my whole computer blows up. And again I can't stress this enough.

If you're shooting weddings you have to make sure you have multiple backups. Saying I lost the photos is not good enough.

So the next couple of tips are for the long run. These are the things you want to do after a wedding that will get you more weddings in the future and help with booking.

4. Making a Slideshow Sneak Preview

So once you've gotten home and you imported all your photos and you back them up in multiple locations take a look through your photos find some of the best shots of the day 5-star them edit them real quick and then create a Slideshow of those banger shots. Now with a Slideshow using this as your sneak peek. What you can do is actually get people inside of the Gallery sooner so you can get their emails so you can push out emails to them and get more print sales. One of the hands-down easiest ways to do this is with Pic-time.

Things to Must do After Photographing a Wedding

Pic-time is a service that I use to deliver my photos to my clients but they recently just update it with a Slideshow option. The Slideshow option is built right inside of Pic-time so you don't have to go to another program to create your slideshow which is hands down amazing. Just jump right into Pic-time. Take the sneak Preview photos. You just edit it and load them up. Arrange them however you want to and basically, you have a Slideshow add music to get the fields going, and then shoot that out to your couple.

Let them know they can share it with their friends and family and have everyone registered to look at the Slideshow to create hype around the wedding while you're editing your photos. And again since you've gotten everyone's email while they went to go see the slide show when you release the photos you can let everybody know. And this is gonna raise your chances of making print sales.

So again this is absolutely important for your business in the long run. Not only is it amazing for your couples and they'll love you for it and they'll love seeing the sneak peek but this will help help you book more weddings in the future as well and also make more print sales.

5. Make Blog Posts on your Website

So after you send out the sneak peek and you start editing your photos you finish all your photos and you're ready to deliver them to your client. You also need to make a blog post on your website with a blog post on your website. What you're doing is choosing some of the best photos from the day and given kind of a short preview of the wedding day on your site.

  • 1. Now when you make this blog post on your site there's a couple of things you want to think about while you're doing it. First off don't show everything on your website. You should think about your blog post. In a tiered system, you have your top tier which is going to be your featured weddings. This I usually show on the front of my website right smack dab in the middle so people can see some of my best work.

Keep in mind you also want this to be styled and weddings that you want to get in the future. Don't show work of weddings you don't want to do.

So. For example, if you don't like ballroom weddings then don't have ballroom weddings on your website.

  • 2. Your 2nd tier of weddings are going to be good work to show in your portfolio but they're not the main banger weddings. These can go on a portfolio page where people can kind of dig through them if they want to.

  • 3. And then your third tier is going to be hidden deep down in your site where if someone's going to find it they literally have to go looking for it.

But the main thing about these weddings is they're great for your SEO. If you're not familiar with SEO is basically your search engine optimization. And what you want to do while you're creating these blog posts is make sure you use the venue name in the blog post so you can say the couple's name at whatever venue wedding in whatever state name. It like that.

And this way when someone is searching for a wedding at that venue they'll find your photos. And if they like your photos they'll get in touch with you. I can't tell you how many increases I get all the time for venues I've done weddings at just because they found me on Google because I have these blog posts on my website.

This is hands down one of the most important things you can do because again it will get you more weddings. You'll forget about some of these weddings that you put on your website but someone a year two years later will hit you up and be like Oh Hey I'm getting married at this venue. And you're like Oh Yeah I did a wedding there. They probably saw my photos. And there you go.

You get a new booking and you continue to get work. So make sure you're putting together blog posts of your weddings and getting them on your website.

And the smoothest way to build a website in to easily make blog posts like I was just talking about is by using Squarespace.

Things to Must do After Photographing a Wedding

It is an online platform that will help you build your website and also do things like post blog posts, share pictures and get more clients in the door to build your business. Having an online presence is crucial especially for a wedding photographer a place for couples to find you, see your work, learn more about you and then book you. And Squarespace has all the features you need to quickly and easily make a beautiful professional-looking website without wasting too much of your own time.

Choose a template put in some text throw in your beautiful pictures and you have a professional website. I've been using Squarespace now for 5 years.

I absolutely love how easy it is to use and how great my pictures look on the platform. Again like we were just talking about you can use Squarespace to put your blog post up so people can see all of your work. You can also easily build portfolio pages and use things like their contact form to have couples fill out and get in touch with you so that you can book more weddings.

Go ahead and build your site get some blog posts on there and get your wedding work out to the world.

So those are the 5 things I think you should absolutely always do after every single wedding. Honestly, there is no question about it. Making sure all of your stuff is backed up. Making sure that you don't lose your couple's photos and then making sure that you get more work this is the process that we always need to go through as wedding photographers to make our business sustainable.

If you have some suggestions of must-haves after a wedding leave them down in the comments below.

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