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Best Apps for Social Media Managing: Save Time

Best Apps for Social Media Managing: Save Time

Let's talk about my 5 favorite apps for social media planning, managing, and posting. If you're a creative entrepreneur like myself, wasting time on social media is something you're not looking to do. So let's talk about 5 apps that will help you save time and not have to be all up on Instagram and Facebook all day just to get your name out there.

5  Best Apps for Social Media Managing

1. Planoly

Best Apps for Social Media Managing: Save Time

This is my hands-down favorite app for Instagram. Planoly is an awesome Instagram planner that basically lets you upload your pictures right into its online interface and post automatically to Instagram. The automatic posting by itself is worth $9.00 a month. Basically, what I do at the beginning of the week is I'll sit down, load some new pictures into Planoly, and I can do this all on my computer, write out descriptions, write out my hashtag's, put it in the date, and then just hit 'autosend' and basically, it just shoots my stuff to Instagram. I don't even have to do anything, I barely open Instagram at this point and I absolutely love it.

Some of the posts might not go out automatically but for those what happens is your phone gives you a notification and basically you just post it from there but all you have to do is copy the text and paste it so it makes posting on Instagram super, super fast. Definitely check out Planoly you don't feel like being on Instagram all day just to make one post. I can't stand it, I have other things to do like editing photos than sit there on Instagram like "let me make this post". Definitely sign up for it, it's awesome.

2. Unfold

Best Apps for Social Media Managing: Save Time

Next up, to keep your Instagram story on point, there's Unfold. Unfold is really cool for taking your photos and making really nice-looking Instagram stories. You can get different layouts for your photos so it's not the same vertical photo and that's it. You can have different layouts, different looks, text, and everything and it really makes for a nice presentation for your Instagram stories. You can find Unfold in the AppStore. Definitely check it out if you want really cool-looking Instagram stories.

3. ToDoist

Best Apps for Social Media Managing: Save Time

It is a really nice-to-do app. So, when you have all this stuff going on, social media stuff, people hitting you up, emails going down, and you're doing something like I'm doing like YouTube videos or something, being able to brain dump all that information and get it out of your head and not have to stress over everything, is huge. ToDoist is a really nice-to-do app and it just lets you plan everything out.

You can assign to-do's to your friends or someone else working with you and it's a really nice layout. It does cost money to get all the features, but it is definitely worth all the features.

I highly recommend ToDoist to anyone who needs to just get the stuff off your head and have it in a nice place where you can go back, see it and finish your to-do's and actually finish them, unlike me cause you see all these (laughs) all these unfinished to-do's, I'm the worst.

4. Moment

Best Apps for Social Media Managing: Save Time

Now, this is mainly for taking photos and the reason why I love it so much is not only are the Moment lenses nice but the fact that you can shoot in raw, and when you shoot in raw, that means you can edit better photos. You can edit it on your computer, you can edit it on your Ipad in Lightroom CC. It's just really, really awesome.

So Moment gives you a lot of options to really control your phone and use it more like a DSLR. You can control the exposure, the white balance, where the focus is, and really get in there and nit-pick your photo. I have the old lenses, so they don't really work with my phone anymore, I need to get the new one. I want that new 58 mil so bad! Someone buy it for me, seriously. Buy it for me for Christmas (laughs) But in all seriousness, I need to update my lenses 'cause the old ones don't work on the new phones as well.

But if you're looking for one of these old ones, I have the 60 mil and if you have an older iPhone I mean seriously hit me up we can exchange a little bit of something. But the Moment lenses are awesome. I highly recommend them and the app even by itself, without the lenses is really great to control your phone and get the picture the way you want it to look.

So the Moment app for taking your photos, for taking dope, dope photos for your Instagram. And that's a perfect segue for the next one which I've been over the moon about the last couple of weeks which is Lightroom CC.

5. Lightroom CC

Best Apps for Social Media Managing: Save Time

So take something like the Moment app and being able to shoot in raw. Take something awesome like Lightroom CC and the fact that you can have your personal pre-sets in there and now you have the perfect solution to keep all your photos looking the same. So I know there's other apps like VSCO and the one by Mastin Lab's Filmborn, but I always hated it because my photos, when I would edit them for my clients, looked totally different from what I did I would do on Instagram or something.

So what's cool now with LightRoom CC, since I can bring my pre-sets over, now I can shoot in the Moment app in raw, import it into LightRoom CC and edit it there, and have it looking all the same. It's really, really cool.

Just check out this cool little Brooklyn sky-line I took when I was staying there a while ago and it's just like the photo looks good, here's the before and after, and it was edited in LightRoom.

Best Apps for Social Media Managing: Save Time

It's cool stuff I really like it! So Lightroom CC, I'm about it.

So those are my top 5 apps. I use them all the time, they're great for social media, and you definitely should check them out. Definitely go get them as soon as you can and streamline your life for 2021 'cause we don't want to have 2021 be all over the place like 2018 was. I hope this information helped out.

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