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Pros and Cons of Being a Graphic Designer

Pros and Cons of Being a Graphic Designer

Let's talk about the pros and the cons of being a graphic designer.


You're a creator

You're seeing things in the world bringing them together into different compositions in different creative works. That is an incredible thing because if you take something that did not exist the combination that is and you brought it into existence I think that's super cool. We do not create anything from scratch. Do not create anything in a vacuum. But what we are doing is combining things that we see in the world into our own to make the vision and that crafts our style or technique throughout our career. So creating is definitely one of the biggest pros there. 

You have the tools and the ability to create

This goes along the same things as it is awesome to create except you have the opportunity for somebody to come to you and said Hey I've been thinking about this idea. I just don't know how to do it. Well you as a graphic designer will have the tools, skills, and ability to create the things that people come to you and have in their heads. They just can't get out and that is one of the amazing pros graphic designs.

You could help bring joy to people because you are helping them, take their idea, and bring it into the world. Bring it into the tangible world something that they were not capable of doing before. So that's one of the amazing things is your building skills to be able like I said earlier to create something out of a collaboration of things.

Developing design intelligence

This one really resonates with me most because it's something I struggle with for a long time and that's developing design intelligence. Now, what I mean by that has seen problems situations in the world and making sure that you design something intelligently. Now, this reminds me of the book Designed Everyday Things. Book talks about how when you come up to a door when you approach a door and you see a handle what is your natural inclination? Your natural inclination is to pull the door.

But so many designs in this world actually would have you push that door with no indication of the fact. So design intelligence will look at that and say that is a wrong design that is designed unintelligently. So when you foster your design intelligence you're going to start to see the world through design intelligence. You're going to start to see how design can be better? how objects can be designed more creatively and more intelligently? These are just simple things that will happen as you commit yourself to become an intelligent designer.

And this benefits you in all areas of your life because you start to critically think about two things you start to problem solve and these are not skills I had when I first became and so that to me has been my number one benefit of becoming a graph designer. Design intelligence thinking critically. It's something that I still practice and my wife still helps me to foster. She's a nurse.

So she has very very strong critical thinking. But for me as a designer, I have to practice that every day and hone that skill and that's going to be the biggest benefit in the basic pro overall in your life as a graphic designer in my personal opinion.



Before you jump into the graphic design career or maybe if you already are and you're going through this right now the con that we're undervalued. People think that we just kind of slap a few things together play with a few colors and I often get a feeling that somebody thinks their little niece can do what a professional graphic designer does. I've seen that you just pick a font and pull a little graphic, and you know, that's a logo. No.

The logos need to take thoughtful action upon you hear out the client. You hear their vision, their goals, what they do, where they're going, where they want to head, what target market they want to attract. And you funnel all that down into a brand image or a logo that will represent them according to what they've told you. You don't just pick something fun in the Port of color here and just pick a picture of a random Flamingo.

If you're in Florida and you have a hotel like it's just you face being undervalued and you have to fight for your value. That's one of the cons I found being a graphic designer showing people your value. Chris Doe and his team over at the future and really help me understand how to tell people the value that I bring them as a graphic designer and how to create more value for myself as a graphic designer.

Get into and staying involved within the graphic design industry is fairly expensive.

You have online courses to take or brick-and-mortar University to attend in order to build the skills and develop the mental mindset in order to become a graphic slider. You also have to buy a computer and you don't just want to buy any cheap laptop from best buy you want to make sure you have a well-equipped graphic design computer. Ensure that you will have the performance necessary in order to use the application and the tools that rocket designer shoes. 

Now, what applications and tools do they use?

They use Creative Cloud? I use Creative Cloud and that costs 50 dollars per month. So you're already seeing expenses racket but rather quickly. Now another thing is you would be able to bring photos into your design. Now either you're going to belong to a stock Photo website that can cost 30 to 40 dollars per month or you're going to go and purchase a nice mirrorless camera or DSLR. And that can cost anywhere from 1500 to 3000 dollars depending on the set up you get and the quality of that set up.

So you just see things start to rack up rather quickly. But you do have the opportunity to make that money back started designing logos and doing branding. And even if you get this and simple website design with WordPress you can recur that money back router quickly. But it is not a cheap industry to get into by any means.

Mental exhaustion

You're going to be thinking problem-solving, critical thinking a lot. And that is mentally exhausting. So I find that I have to have ways to kind of escape from the day to day of design. I have to go out and ride my bike. I have to go out and take pictures and do photography. I have a drone and I love flying a drone on because it allows me to escape behind the desk.

Allow me to escape this drone and the thinking and just the narrowness of sitting in the graphic design program and just getting lost in the screen. There's a whole world outside of your screen that you need to partake in, in order to create foster better ideas for your designs. So mental exhaustion is some dangerous because it can push you a point where you start to not think clean clearly about your designs.

Because I would say that the big con is when you don't address mental exhaustion you tend to get overworked, overrun. As I would joke I'm overworked and underpaid and that's how it feels mentally. Many times if you don't have a good structure on having some free time and having some external creative time from a screen in your sketchbook doing personal projects to help reignite your creativity.

Identity crisis

You'll see this a lot in creative. They'll kind of lose it. They'll kind of go a little haywire. And I experienced this as a design student. I went for my bachelors and my Masters degree in graphic design for 7 years of schooling for me and once I entered into my master's degree about the 2nd year I had some mental institution stability. I remember vividly, be riding my bike and just thinking I'll just veer into traffic and It'll kind of all be over.

And I'm very serious when I say that because that was just so overwhelmed by having to solve problems. So, overwhelmed by having to critically think always refresh, always be designing. And I had to slow down. I had to sit back. I had to go to God in prayer and say okay this burden is not mine. I will refresh and then I will dive back into this problem. It's really weird to think about that because you're thinking okay you're just creating.

You're just going about your day, developing design but it's mentally taxing and it becomes where you couldn't get delusional in a sense because it's you just can't think clearly. Because you just are so consumed by that problem that you're facing.

Last words

So there's some pros and cons of graphic design. Obviously, there's many more pros and there's many more cons. And I'll address to more of these articles to come but I just wanted to give some debts came to my head and I really wanted to answer that question. Then a few weeks since he asked for this article. So I shall throw that out there. So please let me know if you appreciated this article.

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