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Multimedia Designers vs Digital Designers- What's the Difference?

Multimedia Designers vs Digital Designers- What's the Difference?

Let's talk about the difference between a digital media designer and a multimedia designer.

Multimedia Designers Vs Digital Designers

There's no difference. This is the exact same thing. So just even looking at glassdoor job descriptions after I thought okay there's got to be a difference. There really isn't digital designers and multimedia designers in the same facet of design work. They're going to be dealing with video, audio. They're going to be designing for maybe Instagram ads or Facebook ads possibly animating within After Effects or Premiere Pro.

They're also going to have some basic skills within graphic design. They're going to understand the principles and the fundamentals of graphic design. So you want to make sure you study out those things even if you're heading to digital or multimedia design because it's going to help you understand how to build out compositions. how to make sure your layouts are good within your digital design as you're creating possibly some basic motion graphics.

You want to make sure that they still hold to strong fundamental design principles that will pack a punch and build an audience for either yourself or the client that you're working for. So that's Super important.

Also, another thing with digital designers and multimedia designers is the fact that you'll be working with websites perhaps you're working in HTML or CSS maybe even WordPress web design. So there's really a multi-faceted role here with digital designers in multimedia designers. Now you're going to want to make sure you have a computer that is up to the test to make sure a computer that is matched out with the ability to video editing graphic design animations similar animation of course. And all those things.

Now, as far as the technology to maybe the applications software you'll be using.

You'll be working within Adobe Premiere Pro, after effects, possibly even an InDesign Photoshop illustrators all those basic graph design tools but also working with some of the Adobe audition which is the audio stuff to make sure you have really crisp clear audio which is really important.

Now how do you handle your HTML your CSS and your WordPress is really up to you but just know that you should brush up on those skills and definitely ready to dive into that. A lot of the job descriptions I was finding on glassdoor. We're really calling out for HTML and CSS experience. So don't forget to get that one on your resume and your skill sets. That's super important, right?

How much you're gonna make as a digital media multimedia designer?

Really. The average starting price for a lot of the design positions are going to be around 40,000 to 50,000 dollars. Now senior designers move up to the 60 to 80 level but getting started you're really gonna pay the dues. You're really gonna have to get in there and hustle to build your resume build your skillset and get to those higher-paying jobs. But I am a graphic designer and I don't make 80, 90,000 dollars a year. But I love what I do. I'm Super fulfilled in what I do. And so making a little bit less to have a job that you love has always been a huge benefit to me.

You just got to figure out the ways to supplement if you need to. If your family's growing. But as far as work and loving it, it's a great job. So definitely consider diving into it. Now, where do you get educated?

Where do you start to build the skill set?

There are some great online resources you get kind of your gears turning on how to really get started in this industry. What schooling you need etc. I hope this article has helped you. And comment below. If you have any questions or just want to give me a shout out love to talk with you there.

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