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How to Boost your Instagram engagement

How to Boost your Instagram engagement

Today we're talking about getting more comments on your Instagram photos, that's just generally more engagement on your Instagram posts.

1. Replay back to comments

This is something I truly believe in. It's replying back to every single comment, obviously within a reasonable amount of time.

  • 1. This will double your comments if you get two hundred comments from friends and family and fans, you're gonna have four hundred comments in total cause you responded back to every single one.
  • 2. This increases your chance with algorithms so if you respond back to every comment it's gonna be like "oh this is a popular post". You're more likely to have your post seen.
  • 3. This is more of like a tip.
  • Actually, respond back with a genuine comment. If someone wrote a comment on your page, actually respond back. I remember seeing on Mango Street's Youtube video recently that they stated specifically that a genuine comment was something that was longer than four words and hadn't been repeated in the past.

So you can't just keep saying (Thank you for commenting), (Thank you for commenting), (Thank you for commenting), appreciate it. Actually write back a genuine comment, if somebody writes something meaningful, well write something meaningful back. They took the time to write on yours so share the love.

2. Captivating captions & ask questions within those captions

So now you have your photo you also have to write a caption. And don't waste this opportunity by just putting emojis. Ps, any time someone just puts emojis with their photo, I'm always like, "uh such a wasted opportunity". This is your chance to share a story, share something emotional, ask questions to spark a conversation. Instagram is a social app, it's meant for sharing photos as well as sharing experiences.

So take this opportunity to write a good caption that will actually get people to want to comment and tag their friends and like and engage with it. This is what this whole app is about. So make sure you're spending the time writing a good caption, that's what will get you more comments.

3. Instagram Stories

This is a great opportunity that if you post a photo to Instagram, use the audience that's checking out your Instagram Stories to direct them to your Instagram post. This is kind of like a no-brainer, this is something that I do almost all the time.

I use pretty much every time I post a new photo is that I go to my main bio page, I hold down on the latest picture and screenshot it right away, and then that's a photo I can upload to Instagram Stories and use to funnel those people to my Instagram post. From there a few other little tips that you guys can do is either make the photo black and white and be like "click on the main page and go check out my bio if you guys wanna see the color version of it". Or grab one of the little penguin faces or the little heart faces that Instagram allows you to use on Instagram Stories.

Put that over someone's face in there, cover some sorta spot on the actual image itself, and then people will be like more compelled to go check out the image. These are little incentives that when people see this they're more likely to go from Instagram Stories to your Instagram post and actually go and comment it at that point.

4. Do an Instagram Live

Now the cool thing about Instagram is it will prop your fan base or your audience that you're doing an Instagram Live. So post your photo and then jump right onto live. This is your chance to share a behind-the-scenes or emotional response to that photo so that people are more likely to engage with that piece of content because they know the story behind it. So, try out Instagram Live.

5. Relevant hashtags

Now the whole idea of hashtags is that it groups photos together. So click on those hashtags in the groups of photos that you wanna be a part of and go on comment on other ones and this will increase your chances of finding other creators. And if you go and comment on a photo that's similar they're more likely to comment back so if you wanna get more comments go and comment on similar content.

Cause you're gonna most likely receive that in return. As an example let's say somebody had a photo in person and you were like "hey that's a great photo", well they're probably gonna respond back by saying "hey that's a great photo". It's the same thing on Instagram so treat it like an actual human interaction and you're more likely to get more comments.

6. Incentive or contest

Now obviously you don't have to be giving away iPhone X's to get a lot of comments. You can start with something small. In my case, I like to use digital products. So I have lightroom presets that I'll often post on my Instagram Story being like, "whoever comments on my latest Instagram post has the chance to win some lightroom presets". There's different incentives for different audiences so whatever incentive works for your audience, try that.

7. Post at the right time

No one's gonna comment if they're not actually on the app. So look at your analytics or at least just post at a regular time and find out whatever time is best when your audience is actually using the app. So posting at the right time.

8. Pick the right photos to post

The ones that will get the most amount of likes and comments the ones that'll spark a conversation. Now if you're anything like me, you go out and you take a thousand photos and then you pick ten to edit, and then you just start bugging everybody which photo should I post.

So I found this app, it's called Cinnac.
And essentially they have solved my problem as for figuring out which photo I should post to my Instagram from certain photoshoots. And essentially what it allows you to do is upload up to twenty photos to a set. And then what it will do is the people who are on the app can click on your set of photos, they'll start randomly presenting photos to you from that set.

And you can just pick your favorites by swiping along with them. And essentially the app will tell you this photo was the most-liked photo. And you'll find out probably which photo is gonna perform the best on Instagram.

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