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Best Selling Stock Photography Agencies

Best Selling Stock Photography Agencies

I work as a photographer as a stock photographer since 2017 and in this article, I decided to share with you the top-selling stock agencies to work with based on how many sales they generated me in the last month.

There are 2 contract types stock agencies offer.
  • 1. Exclusive
  • 2. Non-exclusive.

If you sign an exclusive agreement, that means that your exclusive contributor and your photos and videos cannot be sold anywhere else. You can only sell them through that particular agency. In my case, I decided to go with the non-exclusive contract, just because it gives me the freedom to submit the very same photos and videos to all stock agencies.

Over the years I realized looking at my top five selling files on each agency that they are all different. What sells for me very well on Adobe, for example, doesn't sell for me very well on Shutterstock.

So here is a list of top-selling agencies.

1. Shutterstock

The most selling agency for me is Shutterstock and in fact, it always has been. This agency absolutely brings me the most sales. Shutterstock accepts both photos and videos.

2. Envato marketplace

This is the second most selling agency. I sell my photos there through their site Photodune and a video through Video Hive.

3. Fotolia by Adobe

The third most selling agency is former Fotolia, now Adobe stock. I always liked their site, even though when it was the original Fotolia the sales were much higher. I am finding them a bit lower now as Adobe stock.

4. Istock by Getty
Now it's iStock by Getty or Getty Images. Even I get confused by all those names. I sell both photos and videos there and over the years I've had some up and downs with the agency but you know what they are selling so all is good.

5. 123rf.com

123 royalty-free and again I sell both photos and videos there. This agency stayed the same over the years in terms of uploading. It's very simple to use and I always liked them.

So those were my top 5 selling agencies which I highly recommend to try out. Next are agencies which are not such high sellers but they brought some revenue in the last 12 months which certainly helped. 

6. Dreamstime

This agency hasn't changed much over the years. I always liked submitting process there. It's very simple and I submit both photos and videos there.

7. Deposit photos

I submit both photos and videos there. So at this point, I would say these are all stock agencies which are worth my time and maybe your time to try to submit to.

I also submit to other agencies such as Canstock photo, Big stock, Crestock, and Stockxpert. But the income is very small. I also read about other agencies which other people recommend. This camera is heavy. And I might try them out myself and that would be Photosearch, Pixta, Eye Em, and Stocksy.

If you have any questions, comments, simply want to say hello or request a topic for the next article, please do so in the article comment section below. I always read it, always respond.

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