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How to Keep your Macbook from Overheating

How to Keep your Macbook from Overheating

Recently I got a lot of comments about what kind of content they want me to make. And the most requested question is that they wanted me to make was how to deal with overheating Macbooks and so judging by that. And also the many comments where people complain a lot about overheating today. so we are going to try how to reduce your mac overheating.

Top 10 Tips on How to Avoid Getting your Macbook from Overheating

Things to clarify

Okay, well, let's just jump right into this whole topic of overheating Macbooks. Now there's a couple of things we need to clarify before I go into these tips. And that is something that you have to understand about Macbooks, depth. Generally speaking, what you guys are mostly describing is actually not overheating. You see overheating is when a Macbook is running so hot that it has to turn itself off in order to not overheat.

And I'm guessing that most of you are not having that issue. Most of you are having the problem that your Macbooks are just getting too hot and the fans are getting too loud and your CPU is, are probably down, clocking on. You're not getting the speed that you want. And so this article is about how to optimize your computer. So it doesn't get too hot, so to speak.

What this heat is?

So as you can probably imagine it comes from your CPU is running extremely fast, like working really hard to serve you. And at this time, while this heat is being generated, it's not being exported from these vents out here quickly enough. So there is kind of a process to this whole thing. You have cooled air, that's flowing inside through these vents, and then it goes out here and there are these fans on the inside that basically pull in cold air and push out the hot air. And it's a process.

And sometimes there are these circumstances where it doesn't work effectively enough and your computer gets really, really hot. Now, personally, I would prefer it. If Apple could make Macbooks a bit thicker and making better fans and even bigger cooling events, but we don't have that because the majority of the people, they want really thin laptops. And so that's why we have this little issue.

Do I personally have any problems with this?

No, I actually don't, but I'm going to get into that once I start mentioning my top 10 ways of keeping your MacBook from overheating.

1. Don't put your Macbook on a soft surface

I know that people use their Mac books in very different circumstances. They sit on the couch, they have it on the laps. I mean, it's a laptop. Sometimes they can sit or lie in bed having the Macbook there, but here's the tip. Don't put your Macbook on a soft surface. And the reason is there is a huge chance that you will block the vents here and then you won't get any cold air in and you won't get the hot air out from the vents also. And you'll keep that heat basically just oozing inside of your computer.

So, my first tip is to consider what surface you put your Macbook on. Don't put it preferably, put it on something hard and then not soft. If you want to put it on your laps, have something between your laps and your computer, some kind of a plate or something, a book maybe.

2. Don't trust third-party apps

Now my second tip is to not trust third-party apps. And I'm talking about two types of apps.

1. Apps that can tell you what the temperature is inside the computer. Because most of the time, these apps, they are not giving you the right information. Most of the time, they will give you the wrong numbers, thinking that you need to do something and then you'll buy the pro version of the app. They'll say something like, Oh, your computer is at 200 degrees Fahrenheit or something like that. Most of the time, just, just flat out don't trust third-party apps when it comes to temperatures.

2. And the second type of apps that I want you to stay clear of is fan-controlling apps. And the reason why you should probably avoid fan-controlling apps is that these fans are designed to work in a certain way with this Macbook. Okay? And if you start to fiddle around making the fans work harder, you might exhaust them and you might generate more, more dust than necessary.

So, I would basically steer clear of any fan-controlling apps. I know some people like to use them. They like to be in charge of everything. And if you know what you're doing, go ahead. But for me personally, I trust the mat system to run my fans as they see fit.

3. Understand the limitations of your Macbook.

Now I've been playing around with Macbooks and computers all my life. And I know from an experience like I started out with computers that had something like 4 megabytes of memory to 110 megabytes of storage space, megabytes, not gigabytes people today.

They don't, they don't have that experience of having to, you know, work with what you have in order to get the most out of it. The thing is the same rules apply. Like you can't push your computer over the limits.

You have to know your limitations. Some people get confused. Like they go like, why is my Macbook slow? I only have my YouTube running 8K videos. And I have like 24 tabs open and find a cut pro is exporting a file in the background.

Why is my computer getting so hot?

Well, most likely is because you're pushing your computer over the limits now. Yes, it is an expensive computer. And you're thinking to yourself, it should be able to do anything I throw at it.

And for some of you, you may even have the Macbook pro 16 inch and, you cannot really push the limits pretty hard on this thing, but it's still the same rules that are being applied here. You have to consider the limitations of your computer. So if you're editing 4k videos, Turn off Chrome. If you're browsing the web, do you really need to have like 24 tabs open? Think about it.

4. Avoid using Chrome as much

This is very difficult to avoid using Chrome as much. This is difficult for me because I like to use Chrome a lot, especially when I'm on YouTube. And I want to watch 4K videos because when you watch YouTube videos on Safari, you can't watch in 4K. And it really bugs me, especially when I know I have a computer that can handle 4K it's a long and boring story.

Why Safari doesn't support 4K videos. It has something to do with codex support and Safari just flat out will not work with certain codex because Apple will not work with certain companies. Let's just leave it at that. So I usually try to use Safari or everything. And when I want to watch 4K videos, then I go to Chrome.

But the thing about Chrome is that it takes a lot of resources compared to Safari. And I'm not just talking about your CPU and GPU. I'm also talking about battery life. So if you want to preserve battery life, use Safari, as much as you can.

5. Clean your fans

So, if you have the Macbook pro 16 inch, you have two fans on the inside and you can actually use compressed air to give those fans a little cleaning. Now I have to say, this is not for everyone. Don't open up your computer unless you feel comfortable cleaning your phone. For me personally, I'm not very worried, opening up my Macbook. You know, you just need a Phillips screw diver and you can unscrew this bottom plate and you can buy compressed air and basically just spray out the old dust that stuck your fans. And you will definitely notice an improvement in that area.

6. Clean your Mac OS system from the malware

Basically, apps that you don't really want to use anymore, or apps that have found a way to take in the background. They draw extra resources and there are many apps that you can use to clean it out. But for me personally, I think it's so simple to reinstall the entire system or macOS as said, I actually prefer to every 3 or 4 months just clean the system just re-install every app.

It just feels better. This will clean out your hard drive space from unnecessary files that you have, you know, you can do it anywhere where you want to. Me personally, I like to, we install everything, but there is software that you could use to just clean your Macbooks altogether.

7. Reset your SMC

This is a very cool tip that works for a lot of people. You can basically reset your SMC. And it's short for ''system management controller''. And this is actually a chip in your computer that handles everything like physical, the fans, and everything. As sometimes it needs a reset. Something is off. And once you reset your SMC things, go back to normal SMC. It's very easy. It takes about a minute. Just shut down your Macbook and plug it into the power adapter, which puts your Macbook and charge mode. Then whole shift control option on your keyboard and press the power button at the same time. After a few seconds, release the keys and turn on your Mac.

8. Avoid opening too many tabs

I've sort of mentioned it before, but the number of tabs that you have open is usually overkilling and it makes your computer work extra hard, will no apparent reason. I get it. Trust me. I've had my days when I like having like 24 tabs open in Safari or Chrome, but the problem is the more tabs you have open the harder computer has to work because each of those tabs is actually working in the background. 


You can actually go into your Chrome settings and you can actually see how much resources each tab is actually running. And then you'll know why you shouldn't have too many tabs open at the same time.

9. Cooling pads

A lot of people have been asking me about cooling pads. Do they actually work?

And the answer is, yeah, they actually do, but you don't need to go all fancy. You don't need to buy something with like a spinning fan or anything like that. Just to leave something beneath that set that can make sure that your events are free and open. So for instance, a stack of books is actually very useful.

10. Use the original charger

I know that the original charger is disgustingly expensive. I don't know what it costs in your country, but here in Australia, it costs like 100 bucks or so. It's crazy. A charger should not cost that much, but unfortunately, the original Apple charger is the best. And I would stay clear of every third-party manufacturer because you just don't know the quality of those chargers and this charger can actually damage your MacBook and it can cause it to generate excessive heat. So don't use third-party chargers.


If you've tried all of these 10 steps and you understand my explanation, why your MacBook is getting hard and you still feel that your computer is getting just too hot, then I seriously just suggest that you go to the Apple store, talk to one of their geniuses and let them take a look. I'm sure they help you. That's all I had for today. Hope you found this article helpful and if you did, then share it with your friends and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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