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Best Free No Copyright Music for YouTube Videos

Best Free No Copyright Music for YouTube Videos

No matter what type of videos you make, the music you use is extremely important. Whether you're making action films, gaming videos, or vlogs, the songs that you pay can either make or break your video. And thankfully, there are a ton of places where you can find royalty-free music for absolutely free.

In this article, I'm going to be going over the top five best places to find royalty-free music for your videos for absolutely free. I'm going to be going over what makes each platform unique as well as the copyright rules surrounding each platform.

Best Free No Copyright Music for YouTube Videos – Top 5 Sites

1. Free Music Archive

Best Free No Copyright Music for YouTube Videos

This is by far the largest library of music available. They have both background tracks as well as music that has vocals, and they have a ton of songs that you can also access across a bunch of different languages if you use their Pro Search.

Now, like I said, this is the best site if you're looking for quantity as they have over 10,000 instrumentals alone, and you can sort music by all the different genres they have. Although I did find it a little bit harder to find a certain type of song because they don't have as many filtering options as the other websites on this list.

And because this is an archive and a lot of people submit music on their own, the licensing actually varies from song to song. But if you go on to Free Music Archive FAQ, they do a really great job of explaining the different types of licenses, and when you have to give credit. So if you're looking for the largest library of music, I would recommend the Free Music Archive.

2. YouTube

YouTube is a site that I personally use a lot, and there's a bunch of different ways that you can find royalty-free music. First of all, you can look up no copyright music and royalty-free music and find a bunch of options in the search, but make sure you're sorting by the Creative Commons license filter, as well as looking in the actual descriptions to see that none of the videos are claimed or those songs will be copyrighted.

Now, there are also a ton of channels that I would recommend that you use.

Now the top five channels that I would recommend.

1. Vlog No Copyright music, if you're looking for background music for your vlogs. No Copyright Sounds if you're looking for house music for gaming videos.

2. Ross Bugden
It is really good if you're looking for dramatic music. Whether there you're making a movie trailer or a skit, he has a lot of great tracks as well.

3. Lukrembo
I use his songs a lot, but he has a lot of great lo-fi background music that you can use.

5. Chill Out Records, which have a great variety of chill songs.

YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library, which is YouTube's own mini platform within the website where you can find a bunch of tracks there as well. But overall, YouTube is a great place, and you can find music in a ton of different places, but once again, because anybody can upload to YouTube, there's a far greater focus on quantity over quality, so you really have to find the right channels and the right songs if you're going to be using YouTube.

3. Free-stock-music.com

Best Free No Copyright Music for YouTube Videos

They have about 2,700 tracks available. And in my opinion, they do a great job on having very high-quality tracks. A lot of the songs I was looking for I was really impressed with and you should definitely use them in your videos, so it's great if you're looking for quality.

On top of that, they also have some of the best filters. You can sort songs by mood, length, tempo, as well as different types of licenses. And so because everyone can upload their music to this website, licensing can vary, but they have a great number of tracks that you can use for free.

However, along with this, one con is that because they have both free tracks and paid tracks, it can be hard to find just the free ones, so you're going to wanna use the filters to find them, and that also drives down the total amount of songs that are available that you can use for absolutely free.

4. Mixkit

Best Free No Copyright Music for YouTube Videos

Mixkit is the easiest site to use in my opinion. They only have a few thousand songs, but once again, a few thousand is quite a lot, and you can easily sort the songs by the genres, certain tags, as well as moods, so it's really easy to find a song that I was envisioning in my head, and then I could just use that for my YouTube videos. Now, one thing to keep in mind with Mixkit is that I noticed that their songs were shorter on average.

Each song or background track was about one to two minutes, so if you have a longer video, you're going to have to use multiple tracks. And I also couldn't find any information on what kind of copyright license they use, so I would say that you should give credit just to be safe.

5. Incompetech

Best Free No Copyright Music for YouTube Videos

incompetech is like the OG music site. If you've watched vlogs or skits in the past, you'll definitely recognize some of the songs that they have because a ton of YouTubers would use their music. With incompetech, you can also find songs the fastest because you can sort by the length, the speed, the key, the genre, and much more.

And what a lot of sites don't have is the ability to sort by likes and plays, but with incompetech, you can literally find the most popular songs on their website. So if you do that, you're going to find a ton of tracks that you probably have heard before, but it's a great filtering option available. 

And this is definitely the site that you wanna bookmark if you are a vlogger or YouTuber because they have a ton of tracks that you can use in your videos that would fit perfectly. But that's about it for this article. Hopefully, you guys did enjoy it. If you did, be sure to give it a comment and also share it with your friends.

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