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Top 7 Shopify Apps to Find and Source Winning Products to Sell

Top 7 Shopify Apps to Find and Source Winning Products to Sell

What are the best apps to find products to sell you can use a product sourcing app to find and sell something that already exists and be just as successful if you had designed the product from scratch? Let me show you how, i
n this article, I'll show you the 7 best product sourcing apps for finding products to sell on Shopify.

These apps will help you find, sell, and ship winning products to your customers, and if you're not exactly sure what you should sell, I'll show you how to make an informed decision about what to add to your store. So, stick around until the end of the article for that

Top 7 Shopify Apps to Find and Source Winning Products to Sell

1. Shapeways

Top 7 Shopify Apps to Find and Source Winning Products to Sell

So, Shapeways is a 3d printing and fulfillment service that lets you upload your own 3d models and bring them to life as physical products. Shapeways is free to install you don't pay any subscription fees or anything like that. You just pay for the materials and the services.

That said there are some upfront costs of 3d modeling which can get pricey but the upside is that Shapeways allows you to create truly unique high-quality products the available 3d printing materials include plastic, steel, gold, aluminum, and more.

So for example, you can design and manufacture on-demand custom jewelry pieces like rings, or if you're in the gaming industry, for example, you can make gaming miniatures that look exactly like your unique characters the possibilities are endless. Shapeways makes it easy and accessible to bring your custom ideas to life.

2. Spocket

Top 7 Shopify Apps to Find and Source Winning Products to Sell

Spocket is the top-rated product app. So Spocket is a product sourcing app that lets you add products from drop shipping suppliers in the US and the EU. If you're not already familiar with what drop shipping is, dropshipping is where a store doesn't keep the products that they sell in stock at all instead a drop shipping business will purchase the item from a third party using an app like Spocket.

For example, and the customer places an order from your store and your store will automatically send the order to your dropshipping supplier. Your dropshipping supplier prepares the customer's order and then it gets shipped directly to the customer.

As a result, the seller does not have to handle or ship the product at all drop shipping is a low-risk low cost, and low effort method in getting a business off the ground. So back to Spocket you can download Spocket for free but in order to start selling, you're going to need to sign up for a starter plan.

This plan is 19 US dollars a month and it gives you access to unlimited orders and other necessary features. You can choose from a large catalog of quality wholesale products at a 30 to 60 percent discount.

This leaves room for a great profit margin. Through Spocket you can source jewelry clothes sports equipment and more. Now a common pain point with drop shipping is the slow lead times but with Spocket. You can take advantage of fast shipping times.

3. Printful

Top 7 Shopify Apps to Find and Source Winning Products to Sell

Printful is a print-on-demand company. Print-on-demand uses the same shipping and fulfillment method of drop shipping. With print on demand, you can print custom designs onto virtually anything. This app is free to install. Printful offers customization options on popular products like t-shirts, posters, and phone cases, and pillows.

But what makes them stand out from the other print-on-demand apps is their range of unique products like bomber jackets and leggings. Most print-on-demand companies lack the ability to brand that customer experience. But with Printful you can opt-in for branded stickers package inserts and labels.

Before launching your product offering I would recommend that you order product samples first. Printful offers samples at a discounted price so that you can see what your products will look like before you start shipping them off to customers.

4. Creative Hub

Top 7 Shopify Apps to Find and Source Winning Products to Sell

Creative hub lets you sell premium art made by contemporary artists in your own online store. This UK-based marketplace allows you to sell art without having to be an artist yourself. This app is free to install. Now the way that it works is you're given a minimum price that you can sell each piece at and then from there you're free to mark it up.

This will determine your share as a vendor. Some prints are even limited edition which will command a higher price tag. Fixed international shipping costs 6 pounds and this keeps shipping logistics simple and lets you sell anywhere in the world. It's important to note that frames are not included.

Now if you decide to go with the creative hub I would recommend that you source frames with one of the other apps on this list. That way customers can shop all their needs in one place and it gives you a competitive edge.

5. Dripshipper

Top 7 Shopify Apps to Find and Source Winning Products to Sell

Drip shipper is a quality coffee drop shipper. It costs 30 a month to gain access to unlimited orders and products automatic order fulfillment and a one-click product ad. Unlike other dropshippers, you can customize the label and coffee bags with your own logo and branding.

You also get to choose the kind of coffee you want to offer from single-origin coffee, packs of single-serve coffee capsules, decaf coffee, and custom coffee products where consumers can select the origin, roast, and quantity.

You can even offer a coffee subscription to encourage repeat sales and this is also going to increase customer satisfaction as they can re-up on their coffee supply before they run out.

6. Lulu Xpress

Top 7 Shopify Apps to Find and Source Winning Products to Sell

Lulu Xpress is the number 2 pick for print-on-demand books and calendars. Lulu Xpress is free to install. You only pay for services and products once you place an order. Lulu express focuses exclusively on books and calendars making it accessible to launch your own book product or sell the work of other authors in illustrators. You can pick the size of the book and whether you want a hardcover or a softcover.

Now the customization gets pretty nitty-gritty you can even choose the color of the ink and the quality of the paper. Have an idea for a best-selling book lulu express is a low-risk way to try out your idea and prove a viable business venture before investing heavily in it.

Here are some ideas of what kinds of books that you can print.
So, you can do a hardcover photo book, you can try a novel, a comic book, poetry book, and journals and notebooks.

7. Oberlo

Top 7 Shopify Apps to Find and Source Winning Products to Sell

My personal top pick is Oberlo. Oberlo is an official Shopify app that was built to make it easy to find products, add them to your store, and dropship them directly to your customers. There is a free plan available that gives you all the basic drop shipping features you need to get started. Whether you have a side hustle passion project or a full-time career Oberlo is the tool kit to help you start and grow your own thing for free.

You can choose from millions of products across almost any niche that you can think of. Think of it as the keys to a virtual warehouse packed with products from thousands of suppliers electronics, fashion, beauty, toys, you name it. You can find it. This gives you the freedom to curate products into a branded online store to serve a very specific audience like smartphone photography gear for travelers.

Test new products without running cash. You sell first and buy later. So there are no paying suppliers until your customers pay you. As with any drop shipping method you never have to worry about shipping. Your suppliers sort the inventory and ship the orders directly to your shoppers.

This eliminates the headache of stacking boxes in your living room and shipping logistics so that you can just focus on the selling. Oberlo also gives you full control of order updates so you'll know their statuses at all times. If you're still fuzzy on the drop shipping logistics Oberlo gives all their members free access to drop shipping 101 videos to walk you through what you need to know.

Best of all Oberlo gives you data about how each product performs so that you can make informed decisions about what products you should be adding to your store. Find the rising stars the high potential products and the hidden gems.

Oberlo data helps you hone your product hunting instincts and discover your winning dropshipping product formula. Alright, so that leads us to our next point. Some products will sell better than others. So let me show you how to find the right products that will fly off the shelves.

One of the biggest questions you're going to be asking yourself when you're building your online store is what to sell? How do some stores end up making 6 and 7 figures while others have trouble selling any at all?

It does come down to having winning products and fortunately, all you need to do is, find one to hit big. I know finding a product to sell online is a deep topic and requires research validation and knowing how to source and sell the products.

Here are my top 3 tools to help research winning products.

1. Amazon bestseller list

Amazon has bestseller lists for literally every industry that gets updated hourly pay attention to the unbranded products. These types of products will be easily available free to sell. Let's take a look at luggage and bags. So on the bestseller list in backpacks, I found this military hiking camping bag. This is ranked at number 4 on backpacks. It has 766 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.

I'm liking this product so once you find a product you like and one that fits within your store niche you would cross-reference with your dropshipping app to see if it has the same or a similar product available. I recommend that you don't use the name that the manufacturer has given to the product. Good copywriting is your best salesperson.

So come up with a unique name that will differentiate yourself from your competitors and entice potential customers. Giving your products unique names will also make it harder for your competition to reap the benefits of your research and easily sell the same product as you.

To properly name your products to use keywords you think people are going to be typing into google to find what it is that you're selling. Now you can validate these keywords with the google keyword planner tool. Also, I cannot stress enough how important product descriptions are in turning website visitors into customers.

So if your writing practice involves copying and pasting product features from the manufacturer's website, you should know how to write product descriptions that actually sell.

2. Koala inspector

Koala inspector is a google chrome extension that allows you to see the best sellers of any store that sells with Shopify. With a koala inspector, you can easily see your competitors, top-selling products, in descending order along with the prices. Visit a couple of your competitor's websites to get a better feel for the landscape.

This will help you identify which products have good selling potential and any market gaps you might be able to fill. For example, if you see that your competitors sell a lot of star-shaped earrings, you too could sell star-shaped earrings but you could also offer star-shaped necklaces and bracelets.

Keep in mind though the koala inspector does not indicate the volume of the best-selling products. So while star-shaped earrings might be a best-seller, it's not going to indicate whether the store is selling 50 earrings a day or 50 earrings a year.

3. Monitor high-performing ads

Monitor high-performing ads e-commerce and dropshipping expert Nicole wrote an article for Oberlo and she identified that monitoring high-performing ads is a great way to find winning products. So instead of scrolling through ads, stop to look at them for an indication of what are hot sellers.

Nicole tells about how one day she stopped to look at this ad and it was for this big colorful blanket. The ad copy was lackluster and the website design was mediocre at best. But somehow the ad engagement on this winning product was unlike anything she'd ever seen. Proving that this was one of the best items to dropship.

There was comment after comment and friend tagging like you wouldn't believe it had tens of thousands of likes. Everyone just wanted this product. It was almost hard to believe that these comments were real. But they were real she decided to look for a similar product with Oberlo trying different keywords like a beach blanket and meditation blanket.

And then after a bit of searching, she found the exact same product but the truth is just because you find a winning product doesn't mean you know how to sell it. That first month she only made 659dollars. These numbers don't really hint that success is coming up. Less than a one percent conversion rate and only 39 orders.

In this case, Nicole found a winning product but there are other considerations that contribute to a product's success. Your ad needs to target and attract the right audience. Your website needs to be designed for conversions.

You need to convince customers to buy right now before they go off and do research and find your competitor's products. A little trick to consistently trigger ads from various stores is to add best-selling products from various competitors to your cart.

Top-performing stores will usually have retargeting ads which often get triggered by abandoned carts and you can use those ads as inspiration for your own ads to give you a better chance of marketing your winning products.

So the main takeaway to finding winning products comes down to research. I know it's tempting to add random products to your store because you like them. But if your goal is to sell out like hotcakes, you're going to want to hone in on the research. So that your selection is already validated in the market.

Spend a couple of hours with those tactics that we talked about and add in research on google trends and Oberlo to get you started on the right foot. Most say that the downside to dropshipping is that everyone is selling the same product as you.

But I like to think of this in a positive light if someone else can make a six-figure business by-product sourcing that could just as easily be you. All you need is product research and an advertising strategy to help sell those winning products to the right audience.

For more information on Facebook ads. Find Facebook ads for beginners guide. Hopefully, you find this helpful then let me know in the comment section below.

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