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Laptops vs Desktop Computers for Graphic Designers

Laptops vs Desktop Computers for Graphic Designers

Let's talk about desktops vs laptops for graphic designers. Which one should you get? What are the pros and the cons? The specs. I'm gonna tell you all that information jumping into this article right now.

What are you going to be doing on the day to day?

Are you a student? If you're a student laptop 100%, in my opinion, you can go to class, you can work in the studio, you can be at home, you can be at Starbucks wherever you may go. So that would be my number one recommendation to a student. Now if you are a very wealthy student and you can afford both a desktop computer and a laptop by all means dive in.

you think about the size you're gonna be crying around something that has a bit of a smaller screen. I for instance have the Down XPS15. This is a 15-inch screen and is a well-equipped computer. That's 32 gigs of RAM and as a solid-state hard drive, graphics processing unit, and an i7 processor. So it's a well-equipped computer. But what I sacrifice is the screen size of a large desktop computer.

I have two large 27-inch screens and I can jump back and forth. I can do design on this one. I can have my sources and my inspiration and the other one that helps out a lot. One way you can get around that is by buying an external monitor to hook in through your HDMI or your ThunderBolt if you have a Mac for your computer.

so you use your laptop. You get back to your room. We have the external monitor and it just allows more working space. And for me I had this set up personally at home. It is fantastic. It allows me to work of far greater speed here at work as a dual monitor with the tower. Now speaking of the tower the desktop computer vs the laptop. let's talk spaces.


If you're going to be getting into a lot of video editing complementing your graphic design skills, I would recommend getting the tower reason being is it is a larger housing so you're not going to darker as much heat within a larger computer box container to say the least. It's going to have more fan power to stay cooler, it's gonna run quicker, and you're not going to overheat your computer as much.

I do a lot of video editing on my dell laptop and it sounds like a jet engine trying to take off. It just gets really warm. It uses the fans a lot. It works. It works very well in fact. But you can tell the computers working a little extra hard to keep up with what I'm doing.

One downside to a laptop is everything's kind of crammed into this one space. What I like about working on a desktop computer is I can have my keyboard a little bit lower, my mouse and then my screen is kind of at eye level. A lot of times when you're working on a laptop you're kind of bent over it and your neck starts to get sore unless you can put it up on something. But then if you put it up on something then you're kind of reaching up trying to work with it.

So honestly if you're working in an office as far as posture is concerned I really prefer the desktop computer because instead of straight I can look straightforward. Rest of my hands here on the keyboard with the mouse is just a very comfortable or in position or long hours behind this desktop computer. And I rarely get a net pension or soreness because my screens are raised at a nice level, my keyboard is set, etc.

So this is more of working on the road, pulling out to work on a few things at home. But as a whole, I was definitely towards the desktop setup.


In order to get a desktop computer with the same specs as Dell XPS15, it's going to run you around 1400 dollars and that's not including the screen depending on the model 1400 to1700 let's just say that. So that would be 32 gigs of RAM, GTX 1050 graphics processing unit, solid-state hard drive, and an i7 processor. So I got this about 2900 dollars. So when you take all the technology and pack it into this little small package it's gonna cost you more. So cost-effectiveness the desktop computer will win out every time and they can be upgraded with different components far easier.

There's a lot more room within a tower box and there is within this laptop to make upgrade. So cost-effectiveness I'm going to lean towards the desktop computer just because they don't have to work so hard to get everything crammed in this small package of a laptop. 

So there you go. Best graphic Designers desktop computer vs laptop. If it has helped you at all please hit the Like button comment below and tell me what year use or what do you thinking of getting and share it out? If you think this will help anybody I would love to continue to grow the community and help others become graphic designers and get them right here again.

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