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Is Wi-Fi Dangerous?

Is Wi-Fi Dangerous?

I had talked about the differences between 5 gigahertz and 2.4 gigahertz WiFi and why you should always use 5 gigahertz when you have the chance because it's got so many advantages to it. But I was completely surprised by so many comments out of nowhere talking about how 5 gigahertz is dangerous that WiFi is harmful. It's literally deadly. And I was so surprised by this absurdity that I thought I should probably address it. Now I'm not gonna do this article by just saying Oh you guys are all idiots. Hahaha.

Because I know there's a ton of misinformation out there and there are actually idiots out there spouting this nonsense and presenting it as fact. So normal people who might not have that much background information about this kind of stuff would think Oh well sounds like he knows what he's talking about even though it's totally absurd.

So this article is for anyone who has even the slightest tiniest doubt about the safety of WiFi and weather. I don't know. Maybe the long exposures with WiFi why I find my house could be doing something.

5G and 5 gigahertz

Now the first thing I need to say is that there were a lot of people mixing up 5G and 5 gigahertz. In my last article, I did not talk about 5G at all. It was exclusively about WiFi 5 gigahertz. 5G means 5th generation and it refers to cellular technologies for your phone. It's the fifth generation of wireless signal technologies for cellular. And 5 gigahertz is simply a spectrum of frequencies used by routers and other things like radar. And that simply refers to the spectrum from 5,000 megahertz up to 5,999 megahertz. That has nothing to do with 5G. It is a completely different thing.

And it's funny because the 5G technology does not even use the 5 gigahertz spectrum. So those of you who are talking about 5G before look you weren't even understanding what I was saying. So if you're gonna be trying to make these points you should at least be talking about the correct thing. Now 5G also is not dangerous. I'll kind of touch on that later or focusing on WiFi mostly.

So when it comes to WiFi 2.4 gigahertz or 5 gigahertz a common thing you hear with these kinds of worrying claims is that well it's got gigahertz and it's gigahertz microwave radiation. You know these are very harsh words. You know it's like a billion times a second. This radiation is fluctuating right into your body.

It's Harding you know without any context that might sound plausible. Like Yeah Wow these are dangerous sounds words you know sound pretty serious. But in this article what we are going to do is add context and realize you can make a lot of things sound pretty scary and serious even though it's not at all.

All light is radiation

The first thing I should clear up though and I'm sure most of you already know this hopefully. But all light is radiation. Radio waves is light. Visible light is light, gamma rays ultraviolet, Xrays it's all light it's all radiation. It's all the same stuff. So don't let the term radiation scare you. But anyway Let's get into some of these concerns. So you hear the term gigahertz and it sounds like pretty high-energy stuff, right?

Well maybe until I ask you. Well, why aren't you concerned about regular light which is on the order of hundreds of terahertz literally thousands of times more energetic than any radio waves. A regular light bulb is putting out thousands of times more energy than a WiFi antenna and you're never concerned about that.

Of course, frequency is not the entire story. And you should definitely remember this. This is gonna be an important part in the rest of the explanations because there's also wattage and you can kind of think of this as how much light at a certain frequency there is coming off of something whether it's a light bulb an antenna or just passing through the room whatever. So take an average light bulb which has a power that's the scientific term power of 40 Watts. That's a regular incandescent 40 Watt light bulb very average.

And that is putting off literally 40 Watts of hundreds of terahertz radiation if you want to think of it that way. So you're not worried about the light bulb? Hopefully not. So therefore you should not be worried about the WiFi antennas.

So you got this 40 Watt light bulb hundreds of terahertz as opposed to point 1 Watt of gigahertz. The light bulb is putting out way more energy and radiation.

Now another thing you might say or might be thinking is well what about microwave ovens?

I mean they use the same 2.4 gigahertz as my router does and they can Cook food that can't be good for you. And sure if you don't know much about all the other stuff I was talking about and I'm going to talk about that might sound concerning. But again remember the wattage is so important here. Now one quick refresher, if you're not familiar with how microwaves work, some context, Water H2O vibrates very well in resonance with 2.4 gigahertz microwave radiation.

If you shine enough microwave radiation at the water it will vibrate very well compared to other frequencies. And that's why we use microwaves because it heats up food by vibrating the water in there. But microwave ovens are so many many many times more powerful than anything use or WiFi or any router. You can look at the label on your microwave oven probably. And it will say something around 1,000 Watts.

Is Wi-Fi Dangerous?

So we have light bulbs at 40 Watts a router at point 1 Watts around there. And then you have the microwave oven of a thousand Hertz. Yeah. No wonder it's able to Cook food.

Now one other conspiracy I see related to this kind of.

Now, this is really Cooky stuff is that the government is pushing WiFi and stuff because they're using it in millimeter-wave weapons which is another way of saying microwaves because when you convert the frequency to the wavelength it's about a millimeter. But to that I respond Yeah no doubt. You can weaponize almost any type of light if you shove enough walks into it. And this is a special actually.

So if you focus that light onto one spot which is what these weapons do you can look up millimeter weapons. They do exist. But you can weaponize a giant ass light bulb if you wanted to. You can make a kilowatt light bulb and put a reflector dish behind it and shine it at you standing in front of it. And Yeah you're gonna get cooked. No microwave required

So what if by now you're thinking Well you know what? I'm still not convinced. And I just don't like the idea of all this microwave radiation going around so I'm not even to get a router gonna use all wired stuff and just not deal with microwaves at all. Well sorry to break it to you but that's impossible.

Have you ever heard of the term cosmic microwave background radiation?

It's microwave radiation that is leftover from the Big Bang and it's literally everywhere and has always been there and always will. This microwave radiation it's low level again. So it's not harmful. We talked about wattage. It's almost negligible but the microwave radiation is there and has been forever. There are not many things you can say that have been around forever. Microwave background radiation is one of those things. So if you're worried about long exposure to microwaves well sorry to break it to you but you've already been exposed to microwave radiation literally every second of every day of your entire life.

And so has every other human and every other living thing that has ever existed and we seem to have gotten fine until now. You can't escape it from going to the moon. You can't escape it from going to another planet. You can't even escape it by going to another Galaxy. It's everywhere. Hell, even our own bodies reflect and emit radiation.

The form mostly of infrared and so does every other object because every object has a temperature unless it's at absolute zero which is physically impossible literally everything produces radiation in some form. Don't let that term scare you.

What is way more important than the frequency is the amount of radiation coming off.
If there's a negligible amount it doesn't matter. Even if it's gamma rays if it's one gamma Ray you probably won't have any effect on you at all. But wait a minute.

Speaking of gamma radiation why is gamma rays and ultraviolet rays and X-rays why are these considered dangerous while visible light and radio ways aren't?

If you had any doubt if you're still not convinced there is yet another reason why you should not worry about WiFi or any of other type of less powerful radio waves or anything like that. And that is because WiFi just like visible light and infrared light and even radio waves are all so-called non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation starts in the UV spectrum and goes up in more energy levels shorter wavelengths. So UV rays and gamma radiation and non-ionizing radiation is visible light down.

Is Wi-Fi Dangerous?

What is ionizing radiation?

Ionizing radiation is light that has a high enough energy level in terms of frequency so that it can actually knock an electron a bound electron off of an atom turning it into an ion by changing its charge. When you remove an electron that charge is going to be different. And that's why it's called ionizing radiation.


Non-ionizing radiation which is visible light down cannot do that. It's not energetic enough no matter how much wattage, no matter how powerful an antenna you have. And this is why we worry about UV rays getting sunburn because UV rays have enough to actually mess up the atom in your skin and cause a lot of sunburns and mess up the electrons on atoms in your DNA and potentially cause skin cancer all sorts of stuff whereas visible light cannot and nor can microwaves. Nor can infrared or radio waves.

So nonionizing radiation cannot affect your body in any real way. Doesn't affect the makeup of your atoms at all. The only thing it can do is heat things up which is pretty obvious. If you ever hold your hand next to a light bulb typically that infrared radiation specifically is gonna be warming up your hand. And what's happening here is the photons from that light source are shining onto your hand and jiggling the atoms in your skin warming them up a bit raising the temperature which temperature is literally just how much something is vibrating. And when it gets absorbed it makes the vibrate more.

So Yes, with enough power any kind of light bulb would be able to hurt someone but it would just be from the heat and only the heat, and going back to microwave ovens you know they use enough radiation in terms of microwave radiation to heat up food. And we use that specific frequency just because water happens to absorb more of that frequency than others. So it's more convenient.

But you still need a ton of it and you need to focus it all on the food in one place for it to even work. The thing to remember is if you are being harmed by heat or any radiation causing heat on you you will feel it. You can't just invisibly be hurt by non-ionizing radiation. You will know it. And that's unlike ionizing radiation like Xrays or gamma rays you can have a ton of gamma rays and going through you and you won't even feel it. But you're gonna get radiation sickness. And that's why we need things like Geiger counters and radiation detectors.

On the other hand, if microwaves or radio waves or anything else we're hurting you, you would know. And remember that the lower the frequency the more energy you're going to need to put into something to heat it up. So already we have visible light where you need a ton of it to heat someone up to the point of hurting them. And then you have lower frequency lower energy WiFi. That is harder to heat things up. And you would also need a ton more power to do it. So it just doesn't make sense to be worried about a WiFi antenna.

Now, remember back when we were talking about 5G I kind of mentioned it with cellular technologies, not 5 gigahertz 5G 5th generation. Well Here's a fun fact cell phones use a lot lower frequency even than WiFi. So WiFi uses about 2.4 gigahertz or 5 gigahertz. Cell phones use the band about 6,00 megahertz or 8,00 megahertz about a third of what you would get with WiFi or even less. And that is because lower frequencies can travel further and travel through more things without interacting with them.

And that's why you can get cell reception from a cell tower miles away when sometimes you can barely get a WiFi signal from across your own house. So 5G cellular is not anything to worry about. It's still gonna be using extremely low frequencies because it has to travel any real distance.

One thing that a lot of people are getting confused about there's two different forms of 5G.

  • One is the cellular which is gonna be using again like probably megahertz.
  • The other one is fixed wireless which is gonna be very short range and that's gonna be about 60 gigahertz again nothing close to visible light.

And that's gonna be basically field of view signal. So it'll be like if you're in a restaurant or something you can have your cell phone out. And if it's within view of the transmitter you're gonna get very very very fast speeds and 60 gigahertz can't even pass through as many things. It's a higher frequency relatively. So it can't pass through walls. It can barely pass through your skin. It can't pass through you. It's all line of sight. And not that even if it is the invisible side of you that it is dangerous or whatever it's still nowhere close to visible light. It's just negligible.

And even if you're still worried about cell phones and 6,00 megahertz frequency radio waves and putting that next to your head to make a phone call again going back to the visible light thing you're worried about that. But again why would you then not be worried about looking at the phone screen which is putting out a higher wattage higher amount of visible light which is thousands of times or more energetic and that's shining right into your face.


So I think I've talked about it enough guys. Radio waves, Wifi is not harmful at all. It's completely harmless. Hopefully, with the way, I explained in this article that should be pretty obvious. And if you were worrying before you shouldn't anymore. And look I know there's still gonna be people out there who are still going to come up with some absurd explanation of how it's dangerous.

You know what? This is not a debate. I'm not gonna talk about this anymore. Not gonna be responding to comments. If you don't believe me go on using wired Internet for everything. Be my guest. But don't go spouting all this nonsense that is completely untrue. But hopefully, you guys did enjoy this article. Let me know what you think down in the comments.

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