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Is Fiverr Worth it for Graphic Designers?

Is Fiverr Worth it for Graphic Designers?

I think as a graphic designer I have a lot of feelings and emotions towards Fiverr.com. And I know it's a very great tool for many graphic designers looking to get into the industry but I just want to unpack some concepts and some ideas that I think people are missing out on when they see something like Upwork or Fiverr.com or freelancer.

And some thoughts that I don't know if they've pursued in their head and they've understood what Fiverr is or what Upwork is or what the platforms are and if they're really beneficial to making money online as a graphic designer. And so I'm going to unpack a few ideas.

Is Fiverr or really effective or different platforms along those lines or can you do some other things that can make you money online as a graphic designer?

I have nothing against Fiverr. I don't a lot of people say I hate Fiverr. It's ruining the graph design in Street. I don't think so. I think there's a market for Fiverr for people looking for affordable design. It's a nice way to say cheap design. So they're looking for an affordable design. And so they go to Fiverr and they get what they pay for. They get basically kind of box logos that come out and they just do a little bit of tweaking these big guys that are winning on Fiverr.

And then people get their logo and they just feel that okay that's great. That works for me. I think the clients that are on Fiverr are people who are not looking for a true identity that fixes them. I think they know they need a logo. They don't have the budget to really get a logo. So they go to Fiverr to get a quick fix. If you're a designer who wants to get quick fixes and not really do any big conceptual work then Fiverr might be for you.

I know that there are a lot of international designers people from India, people from Thailand, people from the Philippines. So I'm just naming a few countries. There's many other countries that do a lot of work on Fiverr.com. But those are kind of the main ones that I hear a lot about. And they can work on a lower budget because they have a lower cost of living.

If you're here in America trying to make you know a thousand dollars every other week dollars a week perhaps. Maybe your budget to live is 2,000 dollars a month or 3 or 4. I don't know where you're at but that'd be really difficult to do on Fiverr. 

So Here's really something that I want to emphasize about using Fiverr and something you may have not thought of. If you ask the average business owner what Fiverr is this is what you're going to hear in return. Did you hear that? It's called nothing. They don't know what it is. They don't know Fiverr or Upwork, freelancer.com. They have no idea. So why are you on the platform? That's my first question. You're on the platform? I think because of advertising.

I thought of using fiverr.com because they have such great advertising.

They have advertising towards designers though. That's what I think is the niche for Fiverr is they advertise towards the industry itself. So they'll advertise towards digital marketers towards other graphic designers. Basically, they're hedging graphic designers against each other which is not what we need to be doing. There's enough work to go around for everybody. So what I find is there's this great influx of designers heading towards a platform with a lack of influx from the market.

What I mean by that is there's more designers flooding Fiverr than there are people who know what Fiverr is. If you simply spent your time rather than setting up a Fiverr account trying to get your account looking really nice and really professional and Fiverr ASX and going on Upwork and setting up an Upwork account going on freelancer and setting up a freelance account and doing all these things.

And you just simply went out and went to local businesses and said Hey I'll produce a logo for you for 100 dollars what do you say and do that to 50 locations in a couple of hours? Chances are you're gonna get a few businesses you're gonna get a few connections and then you own that relationship. What a lot of people don't realize is you don't own the relationship on Fiverr. Somebody's coming for a one-off logo. They get the logo from you and they're gone. Chances are they may never use you again.

Where if you go and you do a discounted logo a preliminary offer get in the door with my services offer. Chances are you can come back to them after producing a logo for them and say Hey I'd love to help you get this logo on some digital marketing assets. I'd love to help you get this on social media. I'd love to collaborate with a Facebook ads expert and start getting you some ads out there.

Think about strategy more than a quick buck. Think about long-term client potential. Another thing you could do quick social media hack. Get on Instagram and search a bunch of different companies in a certain niche. The example I always use is construction companies or Church logos. So go in and type Church logo on Instagram or type Church design on Instagram or type Church needs design or just whatever hashtags you can think of and go through and search going through and seeing these churches and checking out their design.

If they have okay design but it's not great. Reach out to them. Say Hey I like your design. But is there anything you're in need of? Is there anything that you're finding you're struggling at the moment? I'd love to assist you in that way. Go online check out how much Fiverr offers for a logo see how much you would get if it's 100 Bucks started 100 Bucks. But then say Hey this is a preliminary offer just to get our services and just to show you that I really want to work with you and then we're going to have to increase to my normal rate for as a desire.

Don't cheap in the pot for other designers by giving out sheep designs. Give them preliminary offers so that they know they're not getting the standard rate for a design. One of my biggest frustrations is that I was really undervalued as a designer when I was being a full-time freelancer in a graphic designer. In the past job standing, I was working for a full-time designer and I was being a freelancer on the side.

And a lot of times people just didn't see the value in it because they feel like it can be done anywhere. So what you want to do is you can come in and a preliminary offer but say Hey I don't want to let you know that this is a culinary offer because I want to work with we're you going to increase later. So wrap your mind around the idea right now.

Fiverr is a place where many designers are flooding to because they feel like it's a great opportunity to make a quick buck. Could you make a quick buck on Fiverr?

Yes. What is the long-term value of a relationship of somebody you know in town or a relationship of somebody you built on social media or writing some blog articles to start to bring in traffic to your website? These are some things you don't think about or I didn't think about. Excuse me when I was getting on Fiverr and considering signing up for a profile it works for some people. Some people found great success. Some people make a full-time income on Fiverr.

I'm nothing against Fiverr what I'm saying is if you think is to answer your quick money to your problem you could have other options. So think about that. Head around some businesses around town, getting on social media and just starting to have conversations with people about the work that you're doing. Oftentimes, the reason we think these platforms can help us as we think it'll be an immediate foot up into getting in front of people.

We forget that just because we get on a platform doesn't mean our work is going to get in front of people. You might have 10, 15, 20 dollars in your account gets the reputation of being somebody who's not just here and gone.

So that's why when you go to a company in your local area where you get online and start searching for companies to start having conversations start bringing value to that company. You can build a long-term and sustainable business because the best customer is a repeat customer. The best client acquisition is the one that you've already had. And you're working with me again. I hope this article has helped you share it out. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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