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Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

When it comes to dropshipping one of the most crucial parts of setting yourself up for success is choosing the right product. The reality is to build a sustainable business you need to be providing customers with quality products that provide real value. So in this article, we're going to be featuring advice from one of the most knowledgeable and successful drop shippers and content creators working today.

Anton Kraly of Drop Ship Lifestyle

Anton Crawley has been building growing and selling online stores since 2007. In 2013, he started a drop-ship lifestyle to share his system of dropshipping high ticket products from domestic suppliers. Through his online course and annual retreats drop ship lifestyle has coached over 11 000 students from over 50 different countries on how to build real lifestyle businesses.

Anton's strategy has some strong core business principles. Evergreen products that have consistent demands. high-quality, high ticket products. Building genuine relationships with quality manufacturers and no extra long shipping times. We're really excited to be collaborating with the dropship lifestyle. So sit back with a paper and pen and get prepared for some serious value. 

I put together a presentation where I'm going to share the top 10 niches for high ticket drop shipping. So I'm going to pull that up we're going to jump into it in just a minute but before I do that I just want to cover a few bases to make sure we're all on the same page here.

The basics of high-ticket dropshipping

So first with our business model, we focus on selling high ticket products for us that means an average order value of 200 or more. So as we're going through these niches if you see one and you think well there are products in that niche that cost $100 that's fine just know we wouldn't sell those. We would focus on the products that were 200 or higher.

Another thing that's really important to note is that we only drop ship for domestic brands. Now I am based in the US that's where my companies are so we sell for brands that have inventory in the US. We have members in Australia that use suppliers in Australia. We have members in the UK that use suppliers in the UK and so on and so on.

Another thing that's important to note before we get into this is when I'm giving you these niche ideas the goal is to build a store around that niche. Not to try to find one single product within that niche and try to sell that one product. For example, if there's a niche here that you like you need to do your research and see how many brands make those products within your country or your geographical region.

And let's just say there are 20 different brands that make what you want to sell, well, then your goal should be to get approved to sell for all 20 of those brands for you to become an authorized retailer for them and for you to list all of those products on your online store. I should also note that while I'm sharing 10 different niches these are in no particular order so keep that in mind and.

One thing I decided to do to hopefully provide more value to you is include some research that we do to help validate these ideas that way if you have any of your own ideas and you kind of want to put them through a couple checks to see if they make sense for building a store. You can just follow the tools I'm about to show you they're all free and validate your ideas for yourself.

What has changed for dropshipping?

This phrase is ''non-stop the new normal'' but the truth is things have changed when it comes to human behavior and we can leverage some of that information when it comes to selecting products to sell.

1. There's a huge increase in the number of people working from home, and in my opinion, it's not changing anytime soon I think remote work is here to stay. I think it was going to happen anyway now the time frame for it to happen just accelerated.

2. Also there is a big increase in people that are concerned about their health. They're trying to make wiser decisions in case they're ever forced with a health challenge to know they're more likely to beat it and come out okay on the other side.

3. People have a massive increase in quote-unquote free time meaning instead of the normal commute to work each day. Instead of maybe having to stay late or go in early or take business trips. Now people are pretty much home and in their local areas and because of that there are just simply more hours in the day that are free for them to do whatever they please with.

Now obviously there's also a big decrease in travel. I do hope this turns around sometime soon because I love to travel but for now people again are not traveling as often.

So, what does this all lead to and what do I take as the biggest thing away from this all?

Well, the upper-middle-class which is our target demographic at dropship lifestyle that is who we prefer to sell to. Now they have more disposable income than ever before and they have more time to fill so because they're traveling less, commuting less, they have less expenses from lunches, dinners, and drinks after work and new wardrobes for meetings.

Now they are home they have extra money. Again, this is going for the people that kept their jobs. I do totally feel for everybody that didn't. With that being said, though I am speaking specifically about the people that have the ability to maintain their incomes while working from home. they have more money. Now they have more disposable income and they have more time to fill.

So, when it comes to how I selected these niches. What I'm looking towards are things that appeal to these people and that have been trending up over this past year. And also this is key they are evergreen.

So, even when life returns to as normal as it can be these aren't niches where all of sudden your revenue and sales and traffic will notice and you'll have to think about what your next store will be.

That is not how we do business the goal is to build something that can last for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years more that's what you want out of a store and these niches are things that are evergreen. So even though now there is an increase in demand. There are things that will last once this whole pandemic is over.

#1: Pet Supplies

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

Now, what do I mean when I say pet supplies, I'm not talking about dog collars right? I'm not talking about a leash that costs 15. I'm talking about the more expensive products that people are buying with the increase in how many people are buying pets.

I've been trying to get one of these guys a west highland terrier since the pandemic started and I've been on multiple waiting lists because pets dogs specifically ownership is at an all-time high because, again, people are home, people are bored, people's kids are bored, they're buying pets.

Now not telling you to drop ship dogs but I'm telling you there is an opportunity within the pet supply market for all of these new animal owners. So what I want to do now is switch screens and again show you some of the research that goes into validating this idea.

How to use Google Trends to validate a dropshipping niche

So, I am on trends.google.com. It is free and what it does is show you actual interest in keywords over time. So what I'm gonna do here is instead of searching for the specific products within the niche right. Now I'm just gonna type in dogs, okay

And then when I do that you'll see it has the united states for me because that's where I am. And if I change from the past 12 months to the past 5 years, you can see that it is trending up. So again, it's evergreen.

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

It's not going anywhere but you can see it is at an all-time high. This year since the pandemic started. Now we want to be more specific obviously, we want to find products within dog ownership that we can sell.

So, let's say we do something like ''dog bed'' the keyword that the person buying this would search. So, I'm just going to search right here and you'll see again the past 5 years in the united states it's consistent but it's at an all-time high.

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

The reason, I'm picking niches that are not just good for the pandemic is that again I want you to have a business that lasts.

If you're going to put time and energy into building something it shouldn't be for a 3-month window you could profit. It should be for decades that's what I go into thinking every time. We build a new store that's what I think you should go in with as well.

The next thing that I want to show you, again, totally free, is to check how many people are searching for these products in any given month. Now for our criteria at dropship lifestyle when we're checking demand for a niche we want to see at least 10,000 monthly searches for the main niche keyword.

How to use Google Ads Keyword Planner to validate a winning product idea

When you're in google ads you can just click on tools and when you go there you'll see under planning it says, keyword planner. If you click that it's going to take you to the keyword planner screen.

Now, I'm going to show you how to use this just to know if you do not have an active google ads account that you spend money through this is not going to give you that relevant of data. So I'll show you a couple free alternatives in just a minute.

But for now what I want to do and what I want you to do for your niches is come right here where it says get search volume and forecasts click that and again type in the main niche keyword.

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

Let's say we were thinking ''dog beds.'' we're going to search for a dog bed because that is what the buyer would search for. Click get started and click where it says historical metrics.

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

Now when we do that I'll show you the number we're looking for, it says average monthly searches because what we want to see is on average how many people are searching for these specific niche keywords. With dog beds, you can see it's 246,000.

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

Now, that's great, because the number we're looking for here is 10,000 or higher. So within the pet supply niche in order to satisfy and accommodate the demand from everybody buying pets, this is a niche that is up during the pandemic.

It's a niche that was good before it even started and it's something that has more than sufficient demand in regards to average monthly searches. Now if you do not have a google ads account that actively spends money it's not going to give you an accurate number. It's going to give you a huge wide range.

You can search alternatives to Google Keyword Planner

One of them is to use this tool called ''Ubersuggest'' from Neil Patel. I think they give you 5-free searches a day and then they want it to be paid you can use the 5-free searches and get data that way.

#2: Kitchen Equipment

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

I want you to remember where I'm coming from with all these niches. we're looking to satisfy the demand, and the needs of the people, that now have more money, and that now are home more, and that now care more about their health. What are a lot of them doing, they're cooking at home, they're going to less restaurants, they're cooking healthier. So can we sell them products that they can use in their kitchen?

For example, a pizza oven or a set of gourmet knives. These are all things that are also increasing in search volume according to google trends and also have more than sufficient demand when you check the google keyword planner. Now I'm not going to run these tests for each individual niche here because it's going to take way too long and you can do them yourselves.

Now that I just showed you how but what we'll do is continue moving forward with the rest just know again this is where this niche came from. the products are above 200 at least the ones we would sell are. There's something that sells all year regardless of the pandemic, no pandemic but are selling more than ever right now and there's something where there is more than enough monthly demand.

#3: Electric Bicycles or Adult Tricycles

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

Not just any type of bicycle because you might think, well, I could drive down to my local bike shop and get one, yeah, that's true but what is doing great right now are things like electric bikes and things like these adult tricycles. yes, bicycles themselves are also peaking but there is an opportunity within the niches that are not as easy to find locally.

When it comes to how we pick products we're trying to find a unique spin that might not be available locally at least not with a wide selection of different products, from different brands. That is why in the bicycle niche I would recommend kind of pivoting from bicycles doing something like electric bicycles or like the adult tricycles.

#4: Game room Equipment

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

We have people right now that are investing tons of money into home renovations. We talked about why people are home more, they want to enjoy their homes a lot of people that kept their jobs have a lot of extra disposable income. They're putting money into upgrades. I saw this myself last month we tried to have some work done at our home and every contractor we wanted to work with is booked out for about a year. so home renovation is booming.

People are upgrading where they are living. So my advice here for a possible niche is game room supplies. Things like popcorn machines. things like pool tables. Even, things like foosball tables or the bar stools. These are all things that people are purchasing right now.

And things that people purchased last year and 5-years ago and again things that people will purchase a year from now and 5- years from now. But right now they are up. People are buying at higher levels than ever and the demand is there, the price point is right, this is a great niche to get into game room equipment.

 #5: Kids Workspace Equipment

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

I love this photo I found online of this kid doing uh at home learning so this might sound crazy but guess what there's demand. There are products. there are people buying right now and that is kid's workspace equipment. Now for anybody that has young children, I have a 3-year-old. He is back in school. so I'm grateful for that.

But when he was home it was really hard to get him to concentrate and to be able to attend his zoom classes. So what parents are doing now in terms of remodeling the houses when that includes children's rooms a lot of times it is including kids workspace equipment.

There are some great brands out there that make this stuff. The price point is right the demand is there. You can make good money in this niche if you build a legitimate store around it.

#6: Water Sports Equipment

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

People are spending more time out on the lake. They're spending more time out on their boats. And that's not just here that's all around the country all around the world. So what are some water sports equipment niches that you can get into?

Well. you can do stand-up paddleboards. You can do kayaks. You can do the huge inflatables that people tow from their boats. These are all niches that have been great that are even better now and that will still be around for years to come to make you money off of your store.

#7: Outdoor Furniture

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

We have people investing in their homes not just inside but also outside Outdoor furniture. I'll tell you on the block, I live on almost all the homes were built in the past 5-years and this past summer even going into now my neighbor's doing it now. I've seen so many homes build outdoor pools because again they have extra money they're not traveling.

So, they're putting money into their homes. With the outdoor pools comes outdoor furniture now. If you're thinking Anton outdoor furniture is saturated I could find 500 online stores that sell outdoor furniture, yeah.

I don't care because, with our model, we do not compete at the niche level we compete at the product level and I'm telling you for outdoor furniture you can find hundreds of brands to sell for and probably 10,000 plus products.

And I promise you the competition on those 10,000 products is not all through the roof there is an opportunity within every niche. And outdoor furniture is one that is booming now and that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

#8: Home Bars

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

Now, we'll take it from being healthy with being outside and you know exercising on the lake to something not as healthy but something definitely fun, and what that is, is home bars and home bar equipment. So things like kegerators. Things like the bars themselves. Things like the bar stools. Things like art for home bars.

People again are putting the money into their houses people are not going out as often but they are not quitting drinking. So a great opportunity is building a store around home bars and offering all these people that are building them the products that they need to make their home bar vision a reality.

#9: Wine Refrigerators

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

Something extremely similar but also can be extremely profitable is wine refrigerators. Same exact reasons as all the niches you probably see a trend here and it's because these niches like we mentioned, in the beginning, are based on current buying and human psychology. People are home the upper middle class, in general, has a more disposable income they're putting the money into their homes.

This is something people are buying. It is something where there are tons of different brands you could sell for something with very high price points. Something there is money to be made with.

#10: Home Fitness Equipment

Top 10 Evergreen Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping

This is probably the one everybody guessed would be here and of course, it has to be it is home gyms and home fitness equipment. Now, this is something again that has always sold well but as soon as the pandemic started, it basically, became impossible to get because gyms got closed. People weren't comfortable working out around other people.

I ordered weights and built a gym in our studio here and even that took like months to come together. Well, guess what people are still buying the demand is there like I showed you how to check for earlier the historical metrics are there that the staff sells year over year and more people than ever before are building home gyms. So home fitness equipment is a great niche to get into.

And what I love about this one as well, is there are so many related products that can help take your business to that next level by adding on what I call lead value optimization. So you can sell home gyms. Then as an affiliate. You can promote home workout classes. You can promote meal delivery services.

And you can not just build a store around home gyms. You can build a whole experience around it. provide the food provide workout lessons. Earn affiliate incomes on both of those while making your real profits off of the high ticket products that you dropship.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dropshipping 

What are some of the most common mistakes dropshippers make starting out?

It's something I think about a lot, so I can try to help best serve our students. I think the biggest thing the most common mistake, I see new drop shippers make is they don't treat it like it's a real business. Because you know drop shipping is a simple business model but it's a business. So what I try to tell people is if you're going to do this go into it with the same enthusiasm.

The same drive, same work ethic as if you were gonna build something in your local town as if you were gonna sign a lease and build out a store and hire employees. Now of course, with dropshipping, the time commitment and the capital is a lot lower in terms of investment but you need that same mindset.

So, I think something that can help people with this is to before they even pick their niche and start building a store. Think about where they want their business to be in 5-years from now.

For example, do you want to be the authority site within whatever niche you get into? Okay, Well. If that's the case then act as if you're going there. Don't try to find one product that is trending this holiday season that cost 10 that you can throw together a quick website for and see what happens. No start planning and building now focusing on that goal of being the authority site in your niche in 5-years from now.

A couple other quick things that relate to not treating it like a real business is being afraid to pick up the phone and call suppliers when you want to get approved to sell their products like some people will send an email out.

you know to email a supplier like hey can I sell your stuff then 3- weeks later they don't hear back and they're like, oh, well. They don't want to do business with me it's like no pick up the phone it's a business talk to them they want to work with you.

The last thing when it comes to common mistakes and again treating like a real business is customer service. You want to be in a position where you actually want to hear from your customers and far too many people that get into this are thinking of it as like a quick cash grab.

So, they don't respond to emails. They don't accurately represent their products. They get chargebacks. They have unhappy customers. Their business is burnt out in a few months. So put yourself in a position by using apps like ''aftership'' that will keep customers informed of shipping times by keeping your website up to date with availability and estimated delivery windows.

Be sure that you actually ask customers via automated emails for things like reviews and photos of the products that will get you excited when they're actually responding. So take care of those things and I think you'll be in a great position and from what I've seen a much better position than the majority of people that are trying to get into dropshipping.

What are some best practices for dropshippers looking to achieve profitability?

I'll just take you through an actual example. So with our businesses, our goal is to maintain a 30 net profit margin but we have to work for that right? it's not just easy to have a 30 net margin. Now when i say that though a lot of times people think like, okay. If a supplier tells me that the wholesale cost is 1000, I'll sell it for 1300 and I'll make a 30 margin, and no... That's not what you want to do.

So, the thing that's going to happen is if you follow what we do and become authorized retailers to sell for the suppliers you want to work with. When you get approved they're going to send you price lists and it's going to include the wholesale price which is what you pay for the product, it's going to include a map which is the minimum advertised price.

And typically what you're going to sell to your customers for and then MSRP which is ''manufacturer's suggested retail price'' which is like the strikethrough price you see online, basically, nobody sells at MSRP, okay.

So, let's say you wanted to sell these standup desks. You got approved with supplier ABC. They sent you the price list and wholesale was $500, again, your cost to the supplier was $500. You would want the map minimum advertised price to be at least $1000. And you might be thinking, wow.

So, you make 500 every time you get a sale well not really because you have to pay for shipping. We offer free shipping. You have to pay for credit card fees for processing and you have to spend money on ads at least that's what we do.

So, what we like to do is figure out the spread that's what I call it the difference between wholesale our cost and map what we're going to sell for and then figure out how much money we can spend to acquire customers profitably and maintain a 30 net margin. So that's how we do it.

There are you know some extra steps I guess as you're evaluating different supplier price lists but if you ever get approved with supplier b and they send you their price list and you see that wholesale is 500 and map is 600 then just don't even list their products you're not going to make any money. So it all starts by looking at that spread between wholesale and map.

What are some ways to increase conversions and automate fulfillment?

I could probably speak on conversion rate optimization for an entire week. just a few like I guess main things I would recommend focusing on for everybody that's new, that's just picking what type of product they're gonna sell. The easiest way to have a very high conversion rate is to have very targeted traffic. Meaning website visitors that actually want to buy the products that you're selling.

In my opinion, the best traffic source for highly targeted traffic is google shopping ads. They are showing to people that search for the products you're selling when the people click the ads. They're seeing an image of the product, price, seeing your store name. So use an extremely targeted traffic source like google shopping ads.

And on top of that you know I know it's just going to be you, in the beginning, you're not going to have a team or anything but make sure when you're getting inquiries on your website. Whether that be live chat, phone calls, or emails. Be sure to be as responsive as possible because if you're selling products with let's just say a thousand dollar average order value.

I mean one sale is a potential $100 net profit and don't just think like, I'll respond to my emails tonight at 7 p.m or I'll call this person back in the morning just do it yourself in the beginning. Get all of those conversions then use that money to bring on team members that can handle it for you.

When it comes to ordering fulfillment we use a zap-in zapier that we built that basically connects to Shopify then connects to our email and automatically routes orders to different suppliers. You know the the zap that we use is paid I think it's on a paid tier of zapier. In my opinion, any beginner shouldn't do that anyway when the first orders come through from different suppliers. Do it manually.

figure out the workflow and the logistics with each supplier that way you can document how everything works and then when you're ready to automate it. You can do it in zapier.

Last words

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas for drop shipping niches and products. Now, this is by no means an exhaustive list but rather a carefully curated one. Meant to give you ideas of products that provide customers with genuine value and will help you build a solid foundation for your business.

So, that's going to do it for the top 10 high ticket niches for dropshipping. I really do hope everybody got value from this article. If you did please let us know in the comments and of course if you have any questions feel free to ask. I'll do my best to hop down there and get them answered as well.

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