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What Is A Signal Booster & Do They Work?

What Is A Signal Booster & Do They Work?

What are cell phone signal boosters?

Well, I'm an expert now because I actually talked to a lot of experts in the industry and I'll sprinkle in some of their quotes and what they told us. But a cell phone signal booster is basically just a device that improves your phone's connection to your wireless carrier's network. And they all have 3 main components.

1. The booster
2. The internal antenna
3. The external antenna

So about those 3 components real quick there's the external antenna which you put outside your house. And then there's the internal antenna which goes inside your house and makes it signal stronger inside. And then that booster piece is that amplifier that takes the external signal and makes it stronger inside your house.

So we should also mention that it's not just for homes. You can also get it for your office or your RVs lot of people who travel across the country and RVs get a lot out of signal boosters. And even homes that live in densely populated areas sometimes the materials that are used on roofs and other building materials can really block cell phone signals.

Metal roofs and also thick concrete walls can interfere with your signal. You're living in a nuclear missile silo. You don't need one of these. Absolutely.

Do they work?

Yes, They do. That's why people are still selling them. And a lot of people are still buying them especially now with the Coronavirus. A lot of people are working from home and they need a backup connection. Maybe their WiFi isn't super reliable. They need a solid data connection to do video calls, surf the Web.

Well, you're probably not doing that way. You're working. Use the Internet while you're working. I stay inside with their family members who might be having an emergency for instance. There's a lot going on. We need access to the outside world. This is one of the ways to improve that access.

So according to Jonathan Bacon the VP of marketing at SureCall and SureCall is one of these cell phone signal booster manufacturers. He says that signal boosters wrote by capturing a nearby cellar signal amplifying it and then broadcasting that signal inside the space that needs a better cell phone signal. Well, put. It's a delicious answer by Mr. Bacon. Yes.

So there are other things that say that their cell phone signal boosters right? But they're not.
So there are some signal booster apps and they claim that they're going to improve your cell phone signal don't trust them. They don't even have anything to do with your cell phone signal. What these apps do is they try to clear up Ram on your phone which may have a positive impact on your cell phone signal. Like for Ram is full and we might have some issues.

So it's not going to affect the actual signal itself. It's going to have a positive effect on your phone software. So if your phone software is overloaded and you're dropping calls because the phone app keeps crashing which is certainly a possibility like if you had a great signal inside your house and then all of a sudden you don't have a great signal and your phone's also really sluggish or it's getting hot might be a software problem. If that's not the case one of these cell phone signal booster apps is not going to work at all.

There are also better ways to free up Ram on your phone then installing one of these sketchy third-party apps that may or may not actually work. And they come loaded with ads. A lot of the time phones have gotten better and better at managing that stuff themselves just like they manage the single power output that they put out all the time. Cell phones don't always put out full power. That's why if you're in an area with low coverage you're going to use more battery quicker.

Then if you're in a highly-populated area with really good coverage because the cell phone doesn't have to do as much work to stay connected to the network signal boosters come into play. And actually for that reason having a signal booster will save your iPhone battery life or enter a battery life because it won't have to put out as much power to connect to signals. But that's the reason for them.

Are cell phone signal boosters legal?

They are legal in the United States and most other countries. However, cell phone signal boosters do need to be certified by the FCC. So when you're buying a signal booster make sure it says FCC certified. If it's not you might run into some issues but they're not legal everywhere. In some countries, you can only buy a signal booster if they're sold directly from your wireless carrier.

That's because the carriers have purchased that spectrum to transmit signals on and they don't want other companies coming in and try to amplify that signal. Wow. Interesting.

So every company that we're going to recommend and I assume we're going to drop some links to some. We have an article called The Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters. We'll link to that in the description section below and a card above. It has a ton of background information some of the stuff we talked about here in this video and some recommendations whether you need one for your home or your apartment or your car your RV.

And just keep in mind that everything we recommend is already If you could buy it in the store it's FCC certified. If you're buying it out of Uncle Joe's pickup truck it might not be FCC certified.

But then again none of Uncle Joe's things are. And you're not going to get in trouble for that. Or maybe you will technically. So this is not legal advice. That's our article about cell phone single boosters. I hope you found this information helpful. Give it a share. If you have any questions please leave us a comment down below.

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