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MagSafe Charger Not Working On iPhone? Here's The Fix!

What to do when your MagSafe charger is not working?

MagSafe Charger Not Working On iPhone? Here's The Fix!

MagSafe sounds like a proprietary Apple crazy voodoo thing, but really it's just Qi, regular old Qi wireless charging, plus magnets. It is a little bit more complicated though than regular old Qi charging, or just plugging a cable into the bottom of your iPhone.

1. Try charging your iPhone with a lightning cable

I think the first thing we should check, is does your iPhone charge regularly, with just a regular old cable? So, get a regular old cable, lightning cable. Just gonna plug this in. If it doesn't charge, what should you do?
Well, yours is charging. If it doesn't charge, it might be indicative of a software problem.

2. Hard reset

So, on an iPhone 8 or newer?

1. You quickly press the volume up button, then the volume down button, then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on your iPhone screen.

2. If you have an iPhone 7, it's volume down plus the power button, iPhone 6s, or earlier home button plus the power button. Hold them together until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

The mistake that everybody makes, is that they don't hold the buttons for long enough, the last step of this. So, this will reboot.

3. Clean off MagSafe charger and iPhone

So let's assume that your iPhone is charging. It's just the MagSafe charger. Clean off your MagSafe charger. There could be dirt, or gunk, or lint, or whatever interrupting that connection between the charger and the back of your iPhone. just take a microfiber cloth. it could be a little gunky. I think that it's more likely that the phone, itself, is gonna be dirty. You can wipe out the back of your phone.

4. Try charging another iPhone with your MagSafe charger

Maybe there's an issue with your cable if it works on one phone, but not yours. You might've identified an issue there. let's try your phone now. I don't have an iPhone 12, but I have an iPhone 11 pro, which is a Qi-compatible phone. It's not a great idea to use a MagSafe charger on a Qi phone. Even though it does work, it will work slower than other Qi chargers, according to Apple.

5. Take your phone out of the case

Maybe your case is too thick, and it's causing a connectivity issue. This is one of those expensive Apple MagSafe cases. But, if you don't have a MagSafe case, it might not work, even if it works with other Qi chargers. So wipe this off, definitely take it out of your case, even if you do have the Apple case, because maybe there's something going on with the case itself, which can always happen.

You know, it gets more and more complicated. Magnets and magnets and magnets. one of the other things to check, is it plugged in? That's important. So you cleaned it off, tested other cables.

6. Check your MagSafe charger's cable for damage

Sometimes these Apple cables can fray quite easily, especially near the ends around here, on that side. Just be careful. You know, you see wires starting to poke out, probably time for a new cable. could be. And just remember that these are under warranty too, through Apple. So if you do see a problem, just go to the Apple Store, and hopefully, they'll just swap it out for a new one.

They have a year's warranty. A lot of people don't realize that. You buy an iPhone, and then all the accessories are also covered by the warranty. Then again, they're including fewer and fewer accessories with the iPhone. so let's talk about how to address maybe a software issue that might be causing this problem.

1. restart your iPhone. Just do the hard reset step that we talked about earlier. If you've done that, try updating your iPhone.

7. Update  your iPhone

So I will swipe up to unlock. My passcode is required, when iPhone restarts.

1. Tap settings, then go down to general, tap software update, and if an update is available, tap, download, and install.

2. Or, come down here to whatever it says down there, if you're a developer, and you could tap, download, and install.

This can fix problems with MagSafe. 

8. Repair your MagSafe charger with an apple

If you've made it this far, and your MagSafe charger's still not working, time to go to the Apple store. And make sure you bring everything: your phone, your charger, your MagSafe cable, itself. If you're using your laptop to charge it, bring the laptop. People would do that all the time when I was at Apple. And it was really hard to diagnose things that weren't there, in the store. It's just one of those things. Bring everything.

That's what to do when your MagSafe charger's not working. Leave a comment down below with any other questions and share with others.

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