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How to Prepare for Graphic Design School

How to Prepare for Graphic Design School

How to better prepare for graphic design school?

I will be starting my course and graphic design next year but I want to prepare for it. So is there anything I can do that doesn't involve using all the expensive software like illustrator, Photoshop? For just the time being? I'm improving my drawing skills but there's much more to graphic design than just drawing. I'm also reading a few books.

So what can I do to prepare? Are there any things other than just computer-related things that I can do?

I'm going to say that Yes there are definitely some things that you can do. And I think it's a very important question. The first thing I want to say is to develop a schedule. Now that has really nothing to do with graphic design but everything to do with getting your work done.

Develop a schedule

So I found that so many times when people first get into College or go to graphic design school whatever it may be they don't have a good schedule set up.

They don't have a certain time of day where they create a pocket of time to just work diligently on their graphic design projects. So perhaps you're a night owl perhaps you're somebody who likes to stay late. Well, then you should set up a time block from say 9:00 to 12:00 or 9:00 to 10:30 to 1:00. Whatever it may be where you just get a ton of work done. And that's something you do 6 days a week 5 days a week every day in order to get to work done.

You need perhaps like me, you're a morning person. So I wake up every morning and I work on my business from 4:00 a.m until about 6:30. And every day I have that time to get it deep amount of work done.

And so I would say the first thing you do is start to develop a schedule.

So maybe a few weeks a few months before you go start to just practice your design skills at that time of day so that your mind starts to train itself to say okay at this time of day we go hard we think hard and we just pump out some great design work. So you said you're working on some sketching. So take that time to do some sketches and just start to think through your design processes during that time frame. So get a schedule. That's huge.

And as we're going through this article keep in mind there's other resources on the website. So maybe you're interested in graphic design computers. Maybe you're interested in the best gear for students things that you're going to need when you're entering graphic design school. You can check out some of those.

And if you're a graphic designer reading this and you feel left out any details they can really help people out and preparing for Graphic Design school definitely give a comment below or submit a question on the questions submit the form. So those would be really helpful to those who read the article.

Read some books

The second thing would be to read some books and I have some book recommendations.

My first book would be Steal Like an artist.

And the reason I say that is as you're becoming a graphic designer you're going to do a lot of borrowing. There's nothing new under the sun. You'll never create anything new so to speak. Designers are always just combining life experience and objects they use and things they see into their own creative concoctions so to speak.

So feel like an artist is a great book that teaches you about how to begin to steal things from different areas of life in order to create your own original concepts and eventually become original. And so that's a really good book.

The second book would be Deep Work by counting board.

So this is a book on how to get work done, how to organize your time in order to make sure you accomplish the things that you need to accomplish. She also made another great book. You've read another great book called So Good They Can't Ignore You. That's a fantastic book. But this is his newest one. And I think this would really help you to get things accomplished. A graphic design school. Snag these books and get started.

I think this is something graphics designers in graphic design schools highly overlook is typography. So thinking with type. This is a fantastic manual so to speak on how to use type effectively and correctly.

One of the biggest complaints I have with graphic design students coming out of school is that they don't have a good grasp on typography hierarchy, line spacing, lighting which is called letting, tracking between all the letters. I just they just don't have a good grasp on. They don't gonna I for it and thinking with type fantastic resource by Ellen Lupton. So that's really good.

Get organized

Another key point you need to really start working on is to get organized. Are you an organized person?

So when you start school immediately be an organized person. So organizing a folder structure. So setting up each project for each class. So perhaps you want to do okay this your or semester 2021 fall. The class is basics and design fundamentals and then you have project 1, project 2,  project 3, and then everything sits in there. And then inside those folders, you have okay these are photos. These are design files. These are final exports. And just really begin to organize all of your file structure.

This is going to save you so much time. And you're going to see students who aren't organized losing files, getting broken links, in their in design documents just all sorts of mess. So start preparing to be organized even now. And just be thinking about that as your entering school.

Start now

This one is really key because this is something I didn't think about before entering school and I wish I would happen that is starting now. You said you have about a year until you start school. So start right now, taking your own sources. So maybe go out and do a few Photoshoots of some friends that you could use for maybe magazine covers. Maybe you're thinking okay once I get into the school I'll start to do some magazine covers and I need a really great portrait of somebody.

So go out and take a few portraits of some guys. Some girls go around town do some street-style stuff, take a bunch of pictures of textures. I found that when I was in school I would go to Texture King and they never really had what I wanted to take pictures of concrete. Take pictures on the walls is of paint and wood and graffiti. Just all kinds of different things. Having a great organized collection of textures I found was really helpful.

So start from those basic design sources that you think you would need. Otherwise, you're going to either spend money or just spend time, waste time searching for those resources. So there's a few tips you can use to get started in preparing for graphic design school. Come to hear if you have any other questions. Comment below. If you want me to answer a question on this website grab the questions. Submit a question there again.

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