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How to Learn to Fall Asleep in 2 Minutes

How to Learn to Fall Asleep in 2 Minutes

Being tired of going to bed trying to sleep. Nothing. That has been my routine for the last 2 weeks and I desperately need to change. So I did some research and I found plenty of different methods that in theory can help you fall asleep faster? I divided these methods in 2 categories habits and practices to follow during the day and specific methods for when you're about to sleep.

To really understand the effectiveness of these techniques I run an experiment for days. My plan was to write each night at the time I was going to bed and compare it with the time I actually fell asleep. Measured with a smart band and I sleep monitoring up. I thought it took me 20 to30 minutes to fall asleep. But when the first morning I saw the results of the monitoring up I was pretty shocked. Here it says that I was still awake Literally away between 12.32 and 1.27. I don't remember

That the next 2 days, I tried all the practices contained in the first category.

How to Learn to Fall Asleep in 2 Minutes

1. Exercise Get tired

Condition your body scattered by spending time outside during the day at least 30 minutes and avoid the artificial lights coming from smartphones and computers during the night. Avoid caffeine in every form coffee, tea, chocolate, at least 8 hours before sleep.

Take a shower or warm bath before going to bed. During the shower, your skin will get warm but as soon as you get out you'd cause a dropping temperature of your body. The tricks the brain into thinking it's time to sleep.

2. Sleep in a cold environment

Your room should be at a temperature of about 18'C = 65'F degrees. Applying these practices has been relatively easy except for avoiding artificial lies but I tried and read the book instead. These habits allowed me to feel much more tired & sleepy when it was time to sleep. But with this only I really couldn't sleep faster. Thank you too much. Instead of sleeping, that's my real problem.

So I wanted to try two techniques that should make you fall asleep really fast starting from the military method.

3. Military method

The technique consists in relaxing each part of your body. Take a deep breath and focus on all the muscles of your face including mouth and tongue. Tight the muscles by squeezing your face and then let them relax for a few seconds while breathing out. After that, you can make your way down your body tight your shoulders, your arms, your fingers, and then let them job to release tension. Do the same thing with your legs, tights, and calves.

Now the hardest step is clearing your mind. (thoughts)

When I try to fall asleep I always think about many different weird things and if you're like me try to slowly repeat. Don't think over and over this helps triggering your subconscious. A technique is similar to what I used to Lucid dream. I started trying right away. I lay on my bed. And instead of relaxing my body then I repeat it. Don't think for 10 seconds and it wasn't working. So I imagine myself laid down in the shot of the palms on a Beach.

I read online that it should take you weeks of practice to see the first results. So I wasn't expecting anything. But after about 1.40 seconds, this happened. I swear I was about to fall asleep. I swear, I read online stories of people literally passing out with this method and that's not what happened to me. I was simply really relaxed.

But really the thing is that I usually need a completely dark environment fell asleep is that this time I had light. The same evening, I put on the band to repeat the measurement once again and I fell asleep at 1.25 a.m. here it says that I fell asleep in 4 minutes.

How to Learn to Fall Asleep in 2 Minutes

I don't know if they're accurate but from what I can remember it was pretty fast.

The first 4-7-8 technique claims to be even more effective than the military methods. This technique forces the mind and the body to focus on regulating the breath rather than thinking.

First of all, you need to rest the tip of the tongue against the roof of your mouth. That your lips part slightly and excite completely through your mouth and close your lips and it has slowly through your nose who are counting to 4 in your head.

Next, hold your breath for 7 seconds. And after that exhale with a whoosh sound for 8 seconds. By nailing again you start a new cycle. I should repeat this process for 28 times. I tried this technique during the day and a night and it really made me feel extremely relaxed every single time.

But for some reason, it doesn't make me feel asleep. Like not at all. The goal of both techniques is to focus on a relaxing activity rather than whatever thoughts you have at night. My plan was to make a 14 days experiment, in the end, it last is way less than that. But I'm gonna keep using the military method. That's really great. It's fast. So that's about to fall asleep in 2 minutes. I hope you found this helpful then share this article with others and also share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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