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Why HoneyBook is Best for All Business Owners & Freelancers

Why HoneyBook is Best for All Business Owners & Freelancers

What's up, folks? Today we're gonna talk about 3 reasons why Honeybook is for all service-based business owners and freelancers. So if you don't know about HoneyBook make sure you check it out. 'Cause, it is the best system I've ever used. But, if you don't know about it, it's a client-based management system that's mainly advertised towards wedding professionals. So you're talking cake designers, event planners, florists, videographers, or photographers like myself. But, I wanna tell you the 3 top reasons why I believe anyone in a service-based industry could use HoneyBook.

1. Consistent professional communication

So we all use email, we all use texts. We talk to our clients that way, whatever's easiest. But stuff can get lost in the cracks. And one thing I found myself dealing with in Gmail, is the fact that you start a thread with someone and you have this long stack of emails, and then maybe they reply to something else or send you a new email.

So now you had your original thread and you have this new thread, and you're like, what am I lookin' at? Where am I searching? What am I doing? And it just drove me insane. So when I found HoneyBook, the best thing about it is that your communication is consistent, it's easy for everyone to see, and it looks professional.

You get a nice project area that you can use. And basically, your whole thread is right in the one place. You can see every message that's sent, there's gonna be no replying back and forth, and different threads and stuff getting lost. And you can even reply to it, and your client can reply to it from their email in this whole workspace, you can also make new workspaces with any other people you're working with.

So in my case as a photographer, if I'm working with a second photographer, I can basically have a separate section in my main project with my second photographer, and we can chat with each other. So basically you have this one huge space where you can keep all your communication, and always find whatever you need to. The communication is real.

2. Contracts and payments

So this honestly should be the main reason the number one reason you switch to HoneyBook if you don't have a client management system now. But your contracts are easy to make, easy to send, they all can be eSigned, and the payments all come through Stripe. So basically if you have your own contracts now, you can just load them into HoneyBook, and you can cut the paper, just get the paper out get it out.

No more paper. Once everything's online, you can set yourself some templates, easily send your contracts to your clients. And basically, they can just sign it online and make their payments. They can add gratuity, you can do all your tax and stuff on there. It's just so quick and easy.

I'm able to send proposals out to my couples in like I wanna say 5-10 minutes after we talk about whatever they would like on their stuff. And mind you this works for anyone. If let's say you're a logo designer and you need to send a contract to your client. Boom right there in HoneyBook, send it out, and they can sign it and pay you. You can make payment dates, you can just basically do whatever you need to.

What other fields? If you're a plumber and you have a contract. If you're a personal trainer. If you're a copywriter. Basically, anybody who has a service and you need contracts, and you're trying to get paid which I'm sure you all are, it's super easy in HoneyBook.

3. Reports and tracking

So HoneyBook has built into it its own reports and tracking. You can see how many clients you've had for the year.

Why HoneyBook is Best for All Business Owners & Freelancers

You can see how much money you've booked overall. You can see how much money you've been paid so far, and you can also connect all this stuff to QuickBooks.

'Cause I'm sure I know what y'all are thinking. Is well I already have QuickBooks I'm already tracking stuff like that. But that stuff will just tie into QuickBooks. So everything is all a normal cycle for you.

Why HoneyBook is Best for All Business Owners & Freelancers

The tracking has been able to show me where most of my clients are coming from. As well as how I'm doing year over year, and how much money I'm making year over year. It's hands down probably some of the best stuff I've seen. And you can export a whole bunch of CSVs, and really dig into the data if you want to. So your reports and tracking is a key.

I hope that information was helpful. Share this article with others and share your opinions in the comment below If you're interested in HoneyBook make sure to use it. It is definitely worth the money. More than worth the money honestly. I'll be doing a review on HoneyBook soon. To give you y'all a better idea of everything it is capable of and the success I've seen since I've used it. 

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