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Tips to Book Your First Wedding

Tips to Book Your First Wedding

So let's talk about booking your first wedding. I want to talk about 3 tips to help you book your first wedding. Now keep in mind that is geared more towards new wedding photographers. And if you're super, super new, you haven't even really started shooting weddings at all. Make sure to check out 4 places to start as a new wedding photographer. But let's go ahead and get into it. So let's say you're a new wedding photographer, you've second shot, you've done some stuff, but you haven't actually shot a wedding yourself.

3 Tips to Get Started with Booking your First Wedding

1. Starting out with online services

Now, there is a big, big asterisk mark for this one. Take this all with a grain of salt, but stuff like Thumbtack, GigSalad, other online services like that, are a great, great place to start. But you have to very careful because they will take all your money and you won't get much out of it. Now, I have a love-hate relationship with Thumbtack, but it is literally how I started my business and built my whole portfolio.

Back when I started in 2014 it was easier because they had a better system with the point system. But the way they do things now, I don't really know how I feel about Thumbtack. I might make an article on that if you want to see more. Let me know in the comments below, cause yeah, I have a love-hate relationship with them. But they're a great place to start because you have couples looking for small coverage and you can get nice gigs but have them still be paying.

It will be a low-paying wedding, but it's a great place to start if you've never really shot any weddings and you don't have a portfolio.

Cause keep in mind the biggest thing when it comes to wedding photography, it's not, Oh how much can I charge for this wedding. But how much are you worth? Do you know what I am saying? If you have a bag that like a leather bag and it's super nice, and it has a lot of clouts, the company's been around for a long time. Verses a brand new bag that looks janky, do you know what I am saying, no one wants to pay more for this jank, versus this nice established leather bag.

So just keep in mind, if you're new, you don't have the clout to charge a whole bunch of money. You need to get that clout, so it's okay taken some stuff that's cheaper. Just don't shoot for free.

2. Social media posting

So Instagram, Facebook, these are great places to constantly post your work and also to look into couples who've just gotten engaged. A great thing to do is actually, to just look around, search for engaged couples in your area and leave them a message on their page. When you see those pictures of the ring they're like, Ah, I just got engaged. Hit them up with like congrats or something like that, not just congrats though, cause you want to make it more authentic.

But, you know, get up in their DMs basically, see how they're doing, see what they're looking into, and find couples that way. Social media is like one of the best places and it's free. So make sure you're posting, make sure you let your presence known, and also hit couples up when you see that they're newly engaged and maybe looking for photos.

3. Friends, family, word of mouth

So yet again, the grain of salt with this one is, do not shoot for free. Even for family, don't shoot for free. Charge them less, but do not shoot for free. Now, you may be thinking, Swapee why you harping so much on shooting for free but it's more of a mentality type of thing. If you start shooting for free, you put the free umbrella over you, and then you will be known as the free person, forever.

And you don't want to do that. When you mentally put out that, I'm not doing work for free, then basically what's gonna happen, is those people won't come to you. So, really, really don't shoot for free. But friends, close friends, the family who are getting married, engaged, maybe ask them if you can shoot a little bit, or shoot their engagement photos. It is a great place to start, with not as much pressure.

But, literally don't shoot for free, shoot for cheap. Don't shoot for free. But it's a great way to build your portfolio. And kinda just book your first couple and get going from there.

So those would be my 3 tips for getting your first couple in the door. If you wanna see more tips on how I book my couples and my process of booking and getting them in the door and then the workflow I use afterward, let me know, and I'll definitely make an article on that. Cause that's where it starts gettin' real, how do you keep up with booking couples, how do you have 40 plus weddings? Just let me know.

I hope those tips helped you out. If you have any other tips or you're a wedding photographer yourself, leave it in the comments, let everyone know. Cause what this is really about, is helping everyone be able to do the work they love. So if you have some tips, if you want to help out someone else. Leave it in the comments for the new photographers.

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