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How to remove SearchPulse on Mac?

It is a simple and easy task to remove SearchPulse on Mac. It’s easier than it seems, especially if you have the right tools at hand. I'll start by showing you a fast, automatic way. Then, we’ll head over to a detailed manual removal guide.

What is Search Pulse?

Before we start, let’s find out what Search Pulse is and how to spot it on Mac. Have you ever heard about browser hijackers? Search Pulse is one of them. Designed to generate pay-per-click revenue for its creators, this malware quickly takes control of web browsers. Trying to look legitimate, it exploits Yahoo, which is a genuine search engine with its own advertising network. Of course, it has nothing to do with the culprit.

What are the symptoms of Search Pulse hijacker?

The common symptoms of Search Pulse include:

1. Homepage and search engine are changed without your permission.
2. All search queries are redirected through search.searchpulse.net or home.searchpulse.net.
3. Suspicious adverts appear unexpectedly, and you can’t control them.
4. Pop-ups, banners, in-text links, and other ads promote fake updates. and shady software All that can drive crazy anyone who has this adware-type infection on their device.

What's worse, Search Pulse collects personal data, including IP addresses, browsing history, and unencrypted passwords. It also acts as an insecure back door on your Mac, presenting a continual security risk. So the best thing you can do is get rid of this browser hijacker as soon as you can. Here’s how you can do that automatically.

How to remove Search Pulse automatically

Checking your Mac for viruses with anti-malware software is the way to go. Luckily, lots of modern tools detect and destroy Search Pulse in a click. Notarized by Apple, CleanMyMac X can do the job smoothly. It deals with Mac-specific viruses, including adware, spyware, and miners. It has a risk-free trial. So, here’s how to eliminate Search Pulse with CleanMyMac X. 

  • Launch the app and head over to the Malware Removal tab.
  • Hit Scan to let the tool check your Mac for malicious software.
  • Once done, press Remove to eliminate all threats it found.

How to remove SearchPulse on Mac?

Now, your Mac will operate at peak performance again. As good as new!

How to remove Search Pulse Manually

First, remove malicious extensions and restore your browser settings. I'm gonna start with Safari, and then show you how to cope with Chrome and Firefox.

How to remove Search Pulse from Safari

  • To remove Search Pulse from Safari, launch it, and choose Preferences from the Safari menu.
  • From here, choose the Extensions tab.
  • Locate any extensions that look out of place, especially those related to Search Pulse.
  • Select it and press Uninstall.

How to remove SearchPulse on Mac?

  • Done! Next, click the General tab and set your preferred Homepage.

How to remove SearchPulse on Mac?

  • After all, go to the Search tab.
  • On the drop-down menu, choose the search engine you want to use. My favorite one is Google.

How to remove SearchPulse on Mac?

And what about you? Share in the comments!

How to remove Search Pulse from Chrome

  • OK. Now, open Chrome.
  • Paste this > line ( chrome://extensions/ ) into the address bar & > hit Enter. Look for any suspicious extensions that shouldn’t be there.
  • If you find one, > click Remove next to it.

How to remove SearchPulse on Mac?

  • Once done, paste another line ( chrome://settings )into the address bar. Scroll down to the Search engine section.
  • Pick the one you like the most.
  • Now, go to ‘On start-up’ and choose what you want to see as your start page.

How to remove SearchPulse on Mac?

Once done, proceed to Firefox.

How to remove Search Pulse from Firefox

  • With Firefox open, switch to (about: addons.)
  • Select Extensions & search for a questionable one.
  • Click the three-dot icon next to the extension you want to delete & select Remove.

How to remove SearchPulse on Mac?

  • Finally, go to (about: preferences.)
  • Click Home to set your homepage.
  • Finally, choose Search to select the search engine you want to use.

How to remove SearchPulse on Mac?

Remove Search Pulse from system files

The last step is to remove adware-related files from your system.

  • Click the Go menu in the Finder and choose.
  • Paste each of these locations into the box that appears, one by one.

System Library locations:
/Library/Application Support
~/Library/Application Support

Press Go after each location and look for the items with ‘search pulse’ in their name.

How to remove SearchPulse on Mac?

  • If you find any, drag them to the Trash and empty it.
  • Pay special attention to every file you delete as trashing system files by mistake can lead to a crash.

How to remove SearchPulse on Mac?

Even if you prefer to cope with malware by yourself, it’s still worth checking your computer with CleanMyMac X after that. Just to make sure that nothing is left behind. I hope this article helped you remove the Search Pulse threat for good. Make sure you give the share and comment to this article.

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