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How to remove SafeFinder (redirect virus) on Mac

What is SafeFinder?

The SafeFinder virus is malware known as a ‘potentially unwanted program’ or PUP. PUPs usually come bundled with other seemingly legitimate software. Thus, you have no idea that you installed a bunch of extra apps you don’t need at all. SafeFinder is also categorized as adware and browser hijacker for changes it makes to the browsers.

How to spot SafeFinder on your Mac?

As a browser hijacker, SafeFinder tends to redirect your preferred homepage and all your search queries to its search engines. To look legitimate, the parasite exploits Yahoo. Yet, this genuine search engine has nothing to do with SafeFinder. So, how to identify the culprit?

Here are the main symptoms to consider:

  • Suspicious ads, including pop-ups and banners, show up in unexpected places
  • Lots of sponsored content on the search results page
  • The link you click in search results redirects to suspicious or possibly malicious websites
  • Unwanted extensions appearing in your browser

As you can see, SafeFinder turns the browsing experience into a nightmare. Overloaded with aggressive ads, your browser glitches & runs slower and slower than usual. The adware might also be the reason for decreased computer performance. But the main hazards of having it are web tracking and data leak. So, if SafeFinder found its way to your Mac, get rid of it right away. Luckily, that’s not too tricky. I’ll start with showing you the automatic way to remove SafeFinder from your Mac.

How to remove SafeFinder automatically

To get rid of the SafeFinder once and for all, scan your Mac with a reliable anti-malware tool. CleanMyMac X can do the job. It deals with Mac-specific viruses and regularly updates its database of malware. CleanMyMac X is notarized by Apple. That means it’s safe to use on your Mac. So, how to remove SafeFinder with CleanMyMac X.

  • First, grab your copy of the app. download it.
  • Once done, install and launch the CleanMyMac X.
  • Then, go to the Malware Removal tab and hit Scan to let the tool check your Mac for viruses.

How to remove SafeFinder (redirect virus) on Mac

  • If anything malicious is detected, hit Remove.
As easy as pie! As you can see, removing malware with CleanMyMac X is quick and easy. Even if you tried to eliminate the threat by yourself, it’s still worth scanning your Mac with Malware Removal after that.
  • Just to make sure that nothing is left unnoticed.

Next, I’ll show you the manual step-by-step removal guide.

Manual removal: remove malicious profiles

Browser hijackers use profiles to prevent users from getting compromised browsers back to their default settings.

  • To check whether there are any profiles on your Mac
  • Go to the Apple menu and choose System Preferences.
  • Click Profiles and look for questionable ones.

How to remove SafeFinder (redirect virus) on Mac

  • Click the ‘minus’ button to delete it.
  • Note that the Profiles icon won’t display if you have no configuration profiles installed on your computer.

How to remove SafeFinder (redirect virus) on Mac

Now that we removed the malicious Profiles, it’s time to delete the SafeFinder app.

Delete SafeFinder from Applications

  • Go to the Applications folder and trash anything related to SafeFinder.
  • It might hide under other names, so delete everything that you don’t remember downloading.
  • Finally, go to the Trash and empty it.

How to remove SafeFinder (redirect virus) on Mac

Well done! Let’s go ahead and check your Mac for malicious login items.

Check your login items

The malware can use them to start up every time your Mac reboots.

  • To clean up your login items, go to System Preferences, and choose Users & Groups.
  • Then, select the Login Items tab.

How to remove SafeFinder (redirect virus) on Mac

  • If you find anything that looks like it might be SafeFinder, select it and hit the ‘minus’ button.

How to remove SafeFinder (redirect virus) on Mac

Great! Finally, let’s get your browsers back on track. I'm gonna start with Safari, and then show you how to do that on Chrome. What is your favorite browser and why? Share in the comments!

Remove SafeFinder from Safari

  • Launch Safari & > select Preferences from the Safari menu.
  • From here, choose the Extensions tab.
  • Look for any suspicious extensions, especially those related to SafeFinder.
  • Select it and press Uninstall.

How to remove SafeFinder (redirect virus) on Mac

  • Then, go to the General tab and change the Homepage to your preferred one.

How to remove SafeFinder (redirect virus) on Mac

  • Next, navigate to the Search tab.
  • Pick the search engine you want to use.
  • As you can see, I opt for Google

How to remove SafeFinder (redirect virus) on Mac

  • Now, restore your Chrome browser.

Remove SafeFinder from Chrome

  • With Chrome open, paste this line ''chrome://extensions'' into the address bar.
  • Hit Enter to navigate to the Extensions page.
  • Look for one you don’t remember installing and click Remove next to it.

How to remove SafeFinder (redirect virus) on Mac

Super simple!

  • Once done, paste another line ''chrome://settings'' into the address bar. Now, you see your browser settings.
  • From here, you can change the search engine and homepage.
  • Go to the Search engine tab and pick the one you like the most.
  • After that, Choose ‘On start-up’ in the sidebar to set your start page.

How to remove SafeFinder (redirect virus) on Mac

Now, your browsers should work as usual. I hope it was helpful then give it a share and comment below.

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