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How to remove Bing redirect from Mac

Let’s see how to remove Bing redirect from Mac. I’ll share everything you need to know about this virus and show you the easiest way to get rid of it.

What is Bing redirect?

Technically, Bing redirect is not a virus as it doesn’t replicate itself. It’s rather a form of malware known as a potentially unwanted program or PUP. Specifically, it’s a browser hijacker, which means it changes your browser settings, including the homepage and default search engine.

It turns using a browser into a nightmare by redirecting searches from your preferred search engine to Bing and displaying intrusive pop-ups. There's also a risk that it'll steal your personal data. So remove Bing redirect as soon as you detect it.

Fortunately, it’s a piece of cake, and I’m going to show you how to do it step by step!

How did Bing get on your Mac?

Have you downloaded any suspicious apps recently? If so, that might be the way your computer got infected. Bing redirect bundles itself with other software. So be careful about which apps you download! Make sure they are safe.

And avoid getting software from sites that use proprietary download managers. Did you find out where your Bing redirect came from? Let me know in the comments below! Your answer might help others to catch the culprit faster.

How to remove Bing redirect automatically

Now, it’s time to get rid of Bing redirect. You can do that manually or automatically.

Method 1

I'm going to start by showing you the faster, automatic way. Then, we’ll head over to the manual step-by-step removal guide. Luckily, in 2020 many apps can recognize the Bing virus. CleanMyMac X can do the job easily. CleanMyMac X is a Mac cleaner notarized by Apple. It can detect many PUPs as well as keyloggers and adware extensions. You can try CleanMyMac X for free.

  • Once you download and install it, launch the app and go to the Malware Removal in the sidebar.

How to remove Bing redirect from Mac

  • Hit the Scan button to kickstart the detection process.
  • The app will scan your Mac for malware and show you the results. As you can see, removing malware with CleanMyMac X is quick and easy.

Method 2

If you’d rather remove Bing redirect manually, here’s how to do that.

First, get rid of any suspicious apps on your Mac.

Check the Applications folder and remove anything related to Bing. Bing might hide under other names, so trash everything that you don’t remember downloading.

Remove unneeded login items

Now that you've deleted all suspicious applications, check and remove unneeded login items. The malware can use them to start up every time your Mac reboots.

  • To clean up your login items, go to System Preferences and choose Users & Groups.

How to remove Bing redirect from Mac

  • Then, select the Login Items tab.
  • Look for any suspicious items.
  • If you notice any, check the box next to it and click the ‘minus’ button.

How to remove Bing redirect from Mac

Well done! Finally, you should bring your browser back to the default settings. What browser is your favorite one?

Reset your browser (Safari)

I'm gonna start with Safari, and then show you how to do that on Chrome.

  • Launch Safari, go to the Safari menu & > select Preferences.
  • Then, choose the Extensions tab.

How to remove Bing redirect from Mac

  • Look for an extension that you haven’t installed, especially those related to Bing.
  • Select it and press Uninstall.
  • Now go to the General tab and change the Homepage to your preferred one.

How to remove Bing redirect from Mac

  • After all, navigate to the Search tab and choose the search engine you want to use. As you can see, I opt for Google.

How to remove Bing redirect from Mac

Now, it’s time to review and remove suspicious extensions from Chrome.


Reset your browser (Chrome)

  • First, launch Chrome.
  • Type this line into the address bar and hit Enter. ''chrome://extensions'' 
  • Also, you can click the three-dot icon at the top right of your browser and go to More Tools, then select Extensions.

How to remove Bing redirect from Mac

  • Now, you can see all the Chrome extensions you have.
  • Look for one that you don’t remember downloading and click Remove next to it.

How to remove Bing redirect from Mac

Super simple!

  • Then, type another line into the address bar. It leads you to your browser settings where you can change the homepage and search engine.
  • Choose > ‘On start-up’ in the sidebar to set your preferred start page. After that, go to the Search engine tab and pick the one you want to use.

How to remove Bing redirect from Mac

Once you complete all these steps, the Bing redirect will be removed, and your browser will work as usual.

Though manual removal is possible, some malicious elements could easily fall through the cracks. So, even if you try to eliminate the threat by yourself, it’s still worth scanning your Mac with Malware Removal from CleanMyMac X after that.

Just to make sure that nothing is left unnoticed. Hope this article will help you remove Bing redirect from your Mac. If you found this helpful give it a share and comment below.

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