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How to Install New Desktop Themes on Windows 10

How to Install New Desktop Themes on Windows 10

While Windows does come with a few desktop themes built-in they may not suit your taste. If you like a theme that is better for you. I'm going to show you how to download and install new desktop themes for your windows computer, most of the themes are completely free and include new background sounds & colors. 
And later in this article. For those of you that have been asking about the background than our other articles, I'll share with you the Windows themes I've been using. Let's get started.

Download and Install

Since this article is intended for new users of Windows I'll go step by step at a slower pace than usual. First, we need to open the Settings app so we'll need the lower left of the taskbar to left-click the Start menu icon, and from the list select Settings. From the Settings menu select Personalization.

I'll now show you another way of getting here that's quicker so I'll close this out anywhere on your desktop Right-click and here at the bottom of the list select Personalized. And, we're back to the same place. In the left sidebar select Themes here in the main window under Change, Theme click the link.

How to Install New Desktop Themes on Windows 10

Get more Themes and Microsoft Store.

As you can see there's a lot to choose from. While the quality of the images is better than what was available for Windows 7 Microsoft has done a lousy job organizing them for Windows at one time. There used to be a Sidebar here on the left to select a specific category but that's no longer available.

How to Install New Desktop Themes on Windows 10

Moving on click on any theme of interest to you to get additional information. So for this example, I'll go with Beautiful Norway. It'll give you a brief description of that theme along with the number of wallpapers included and this one includes 18. Let's Scroll down the page here. You can also view a sampling of the screenshots available for this theme. Let's go back to the top to download and install the theme. Click on Get.

How to Install New Desktop Themes on Windows 10

This should take no longer than a minute. When it's finished installing you'll get the message this product is installed. If you want to use this team immediately click Apply or to apply this theme at a later time. Let's close the Store app by clicking the Close icon here in the upper right and go back to the Personalization settings. In Themes go to Change theme and click the theme you just install to apply it to your desktop to customize it the way you want it.

How to Install New Desktop Themes on Windows 10

Customization Settings

I'll show you a few of the settings I usually change when applying a new theme in the Sidebar here on the left. Let's go to the background. Leave it on the slideshow. You have the choice to have it changed the picture every minute up to one day. My preferences every hour and you have the choice to enable or disable Shuffle instead of being in order. With Shuffle enabled the wallpapers will be displayed randomly.

In the sidebar let's now go to Colors in the drop-down menu or choose the color. Your choices are light-dark and custom. These let you choose the background color for Windows apps and folders. I prefer dark for everything so I'll choose dark. Turning on transparency effects reduces the opacity for the taskbar and certain apps. Let's Scroll down here a bit. You can also choose the accent color for the taskbar in any open Windows or to have it choose a color from your desktop wallpaper.

How to Install New Desktop Themes on Windows 10

Pick the box next to automatically pick an accent color from my background. Let's Scroll down some more. You can also choose where the accent color appears. I keep both of these checked for Start Task Bar and Action Center along with title bars and Windows borders. 

Change Desktop Background

Let's close out the Settings app if at any time you want to quickly change your desktop wallpaper right-click anywhere on your desktop and Select next desktop background. This will change to another image available within the theme.

How to Install New Desktop Themes on Windows 10

My Favorite Themes

Now take a quick look at the Windows themes many of you asked about that were previously featured in some of our other articles. To find these easily in the Microsoft Store go to search in the upper right type the name of the theme mentioned and selected. Let's do the first one together which is Aerial Beaches Premium. Select it when it shows up. Don't let the premium in the name throw you.

How to Install New Desktop Themes on Windows 10

They're still free and include 4K Images with 18 themes remain. You'll go through the rest of these. This one is Amazon Rainforest and no it's not owned by Jeff Bezos.

How to Install New Desktop Themes on Windows 10

Bridging the Gap, Circuit overload, Cosmic Beauty, Desert Beauty Premium, Illusions by Josh Summers, Night Skies Premium, Panoramic Cityscapes Premium, Cases Premium, Swimming Holes, Take a hike, the Grand Canyon National Park, The Northern Lights, Under Sea Life, Us National Parks, Waterfall Tour, One of the most unique themes is Windows Throwback and the final theme is World National Parks.

If this article is useful then share it with others and what is your favorite theme available in the Microsoft Store? Let me know about it in the comments.

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