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How to Get Ready for a Photoshoot

How to Get Ready for a Photoshoot

How to get ready for a photoshoot? In this article, I’ll talk about body care, clothing, what or who to bring with you, and how you can help photographers to get the best results.

6 Tips to Get Ready for a Photoshoot

1. Body care

You know you are doing the shoot you’ve been always planning on doing for a while so you want to look the best to get the best. Do a quick check head to toe. How is your hair, do you need to shave anywhere? How are your nails? A lot of people forget about the nails part. Unfortunately, old peeling off nail polish or even chipped nails are very difficult to retouch.

If you are doing your own makeup and hair, this doesn’t apply to you... if you are getting professional makeup and hair done at the shoot, please wash your hair 24 - 48 hours prior to shoot, blow-dry and style as usual. It is difficult to work with freshly washed hair or even still wet hair. Wear no makeup but moisturize your face really well before you go.

2. Clothing

If you are bringing your own wardrobe, please make sure it is washed, steamed, or ironed. What is the worst is an amazing model, great makeup and hair, awesome scene and your outfit is full of cats’ hair or wrinkled all over. That is hard to retouch too. Spend the extra time preparing your outfit. If you don’t have a suit cover or bag simply hang it on the hanger, grab a large garbage bag and throw it over the clothing. I do have a steamer in the studio in the worst-case scenario and other photographers might as well but it takes time to do it.

Make sure you bring matching shoes and accessories in case you want them in the shots.

For shoes, please wash the bottom or if you know they are leaving marks, tape them. Nothing is worse than shooting on white background, leaving muddy marks so the photographer has to cut off the paper and then goes. And if you are not sure what outfits to bring, bring more, we’ll simply go through it together.

3. Being on time

First of all, try to get a good night's sleep. I know that sometimes it is impossible. You get excited or really nervous. I am the same way. There are nights I just keep staring to the ceiling. Speaking of time, try to come on time. When I say try... I mean please come on time. When the photographer books a time slot for you, especially if a makeup artist is required, the time booked is to ensure you are relaxed, you get enough time and attention to get the results.

Make-up artists usually book few jobs during a day which is common these days so if they say they have to leave, they will leave.

4. Alone or bring a friend

I don’t mind at all if you bring a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, or family member to a shoot. The only thing I ask is please don’t bring the whole family though! The more people, the more pressure for you. You want to be relaxed as possible and concentrate. The guest can watch me what I am doing so I have the guest sitting around the corner. I want full attention from the model, so I need her or him to listen to what I say. The more focus I get from the model the better results will be.

5. Bringing samples

This advice is not for models hired to do jobs as usually photographers or clients will have a vision of what to shoot. This is mainly for models which hired a photographer to do a shoot. Everyone has a different vision, some people express it greatly, others not. When someone wants to send me or show me samples of what they want I look at the overall feel, I look at the overall result of what type of photos they like.

Please don’t expect to show up with Pinterest or Instagram photos and say I exactly want to copy these. Every photographer has a different style, different lighting techniques, you might not look good in a particular pose, but you might look better in a very similar one. Pinterest and Instagram is full of best photos chosen from hundreds if not thousands of photos. Use it as a general guide.

If you leave the creativity up to the photographer, you might be pleasantly surprised that he or she can come with even better photos. All you need to do is to give a photographer the overall result feel. If you give me free hands, I can do magic. If you tie me up, I’ll get you ok results, Pinterest copies, but you will not get the uniqueness I am known for.

6. Snacks & food

Before the shoot EAT! I am serious! Models fear in the morning that they will have bloated bellies. I was one of them. To be honest, it is all in your head. When the model tells me she has a bloated belly, I am usually like where? What is worse to come hungry, throughout the shoot get even hungrier, irritated, your face will get white as a ghost and you will get tired eyes. So come fed well to a shoot.

Fitness models always bring their food in containers and I think they eat about every 2 hours and I gladly warm it up for them. Most of the studios provide coffee, water, tea, juice, and other stuff.. however, if you know you get hungry often, bring snacks, or food. I know how I get when I get hungry... How to make anyone Smile Naturally in photos.

So that is it for today’s article on how to get ready for a photoshoot. I hope you found this article helpful. leave a comment below in case you have any questions, or would like to see an article on a certain topic. I would actually love to hear from you what photoshoots you are getting ready for, so comment below. 

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