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How to Block ads in Safari browser

Hello Mac users. This is an article to help you block intrusive ads in the Safari browser. First, I will show you a couple of adjustments you can make in your Safari settings, and then, I’ll quickly show you some tools that completely block ads on Mac. Let’s go.

Why block ads in the first place?

1. Well, ads slow down your browser. That alone is a good reason to get rid of them.
2. Then, advertisers follow you across the web using tracking cookies.
3. And lastly, some ads simply obscure helpful content you’re trying to read.

So, how can you block ads in Safari browser?

First, you can set it up to preemptively blocks ads from suspicious websites. Like those sites where people...hm...you know.

  • So… Open Safari preferences in the top menu.
  • Go to Security.
  • Tick a few boxes there. Make sure you’ve ticked the box that says “warn about fraudulent sites”

How to Block ads in Safari browser

Now, we’ll be blocking advertising cookies. These are small identification traces that remember each site you visited.
  • Click on the Privacy tab in the same window. Tick “Block all cookies”

How to Block ads in Safari browser

Now, advertisers will have a hard time following you around the web with their ads. Depending on your version of Safari, this menu may look a bit differently. But anyway, the settings you’re looking for, should either be in Security or Privacy tab. In one of those two.

Block ads using Safari Reader mode

The Safari Reader mode is such a cool invention. Strangely, many users never heard of it. For most articles online you can enable a reader mode in Safari. It completely blocks out all advertising content.

How to turn it on:

  • Open an article in Safari Press Shift + Command + R Well done.

How to Block ads in Safari browser

Not a single banner on the screen. But we’re not done yet. I hate to tell you that but the steps we’ve just made only partially solve the problem. To fully stop seeing ads, you’ll need to set up an adblocker.

Install an ad blocker

You can install an ad blocker either as an extension or a separate app. I’ll show you how. 

  • Open Safari Preferences
  • Click Extensions. This is your Extensions store.
  • Scroll down to find Adblock. Click Get.

Welcome to the world without ads. And here it is, in my Safari Extensions.

How to Block ads in Safari browser

  • Ad blockers are many, you may also check out Disconnect, or uBlock, or pick the one you like.

How to Block ads in Safari browser

And finally, my bonus tip to block Safari ads.

You see, many extensions themselves are the worst source of ads, even if they look harmless. Adware doesn’t always look like adware, right? So, the best thing to do is check your Mac for hidden advertising programs.

Check your Mac for hidden adware

They may disguise themselves as helpful tools, extensions, or plugins. Quite likely, you have one of those installed on your Mac. My favorite ad remover is the one that comes with CleanMyMac X. It’s the new antivirus and cleaning software for Mac, it looks great but it does find a lot of stuff that other antiviruses miss. And this app is notarized by Apple which is nice.

  • Download a free version of CleanMyMac X.
  • Install the app.
  • Click on the Malware removal.
  • Click Scan This is cool because it also removes a lot of ad-related rubbish along the way.

How to Block ads in Safari browser

  • In the same app, you can delete Extensions by clicking on Extensions.
  • Also, check out internet plugins — they may be too hijacked by ads.
  • Now, I pick items that look suspicious and press Remove. That’s all.

How to Block ads in Safari browser

Here’s how your Mac looked before. And now it’s crystal clean again. We’ve just covered how to remove ads in your Safari browser. If you followed through, your Mac should be now ad-free. Or almost. Congrats! if you found this article helpful then give it a share and comment below.

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