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Which Smartwatch to Buy in India?

Which Smartwatch to Buy in India?

When I first bought the Galaxy watch or even the apple watch, I decided to make a review article. But then I didn't, you know why it's hard to recommend them. They offer way less value for money.

So what really changes? Well not much, if you're confused if you should get a smartwatch or not. Well then probably you shouldn't. However, you should only get a smartwatch for its features like a reply to notifications, calls, applications, etc...

If you're still are for getting a smartwatch, these are your options.

Noise Colorfit pro fitness, AmazeFit Bip, Ticwatch E Android watch, Galaxy Watch, an Apple watch.

1. Noise ColorFit pro

Which Smartwatch to Buy in India?

It looks like a smartwatch but it's a fitness band. I mean if you look at the box, it says fitness band. This watch doesn't have app support. Neither can it reply or pay calls. So yeah, let's not call it a smartwatch. But in general, the watch tells you the date-time, heart rate, sleep data, and steps, etc... Standard stuff. Although it is surprising that it can even measure blood pressure and blood oxygen level.

Most probably it's the algorithm but considering the price, it's quite okay. Now my point is in the market you will find a lot of smartwatches that claimed to be smartwatches but are nothing more than fitness trackers.

There are other bestsellers on Amazon. this one not only has a touch screen but also has apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. Pretty sure they don't make an application for smartwatches. But anyway that's not the end. There's even a camera and you can also insert an SD card and sim card. But don't be fooled with these gimmicks. Anything is barely usable.

Overall, Even though this looks like a smartwatch, It isn't. you're better off getting a fitness tracker instead, or even better spend a little bit extra and get an AmazeFit Bip.

2. AmazeFit Bip

Which Smartwatch to Buy in India?

We have Xiaomi's AmazeFit Bip. Now, even though this is the first generation and the second version was just launched today, the second generation isn't much different from the first one. So this review is gonna hold for both of them. Now show me back products are always interesting and this one is no exception.

The price of this device is roughly ₹5000 and for that amount, it's a decent fitness tracker. Comes smartwatch. Yes, even AmazeFit Bip is not a smartwatch as you cannot reply to notifications neither can you pick up calls. Another downside is, you won't get any applications.

So it's more like a competition to Mi band for than a real smartwatch. But there are two things in AmazeFit that you won't find in most of the smartwatches, battery, and GPS.

You get a Gps for accurate measurement. So if you go out for a long run without your phone, which most of us do, then this is going to be really handy. and to top that the battery goes on and on, it can easily pass 30 days mark on mid to heavy usage. another thing that I like about AmazeFit Bip, is that you get dozens of watch faces online. Like I was a big fan of Pebble watches. So this one looks cool.

And since it Xiaomi, you are also going to get third-party apps support and a custom firmware community, which is just crazy. So summing up this AmazeFit Bip isn't really a smartwatch, you cannot take calls, reply to notifications and it doesn't even have apps.

So, if you're looking for a budget fitness tracker that looks like a smartwatch, maybe then you can go for it. And it also has GPS so that's a bonus.

3. Ticwatch E Android 2.0 watch

Which Smartwatch to Buy in India?

Before using it as my daily travel, I was wondering how come android wear sucks so much, and now that I've used it, I know exactly why. Now before we get started with that, this one is a serious smartwatch for sure. Being an android watch, you get the wonderful google play store from where you can directly install the application.

And since it's powered by wear OS, you also get google assistant built-in. But hang on, we will come to it later on. you must be thinking, everything seems fine. So where's the problem?

1. Well, let's start with the first one. Okay, google. Okay, google. Okay, google. Okay. Goo, goo. But then again even Syrian Bigsby doesn't work all the time so I can let it go. 

2. Then it's the play store for some reason I can't seem to get it working. like the Uber app, it crashes when I enter my destination. But then looking at the reviews, I'm not the holy person who had these problems but my biggest letdown is the slow UI. Or should I say painfully slow you check this out every time I tell you to wait? It is slower compared to Galaxy and Apple Watch.

And not just that. Even the basic navigation in the watch is slow. The wash takes good 2-3 seconds to load up the application Now for once, I can ignore the google assistant and the app store problem. But when the basic function of the application is extremely slow, something that you use every day, it's hard to recommend this watch.

All in all, I agree with all the reviews out there. This android watch is not ready for primetime yet. The prices are high and the value is extremely low. that said I really want google to step in and raise the standard just like they did within accessories. Maybe a pixel watch. That's it. If you're an Android user, I'm looking for a smartwatch, try Galaxy Watch.

4. Galaxy watch

Which Smartwatch to Buy in India?

Galaxy watch, my daily driver for the past year and I have a lot to say. But first, let's start with the most impressive thing.

Now, in my opinion, the biggest attraction has to be the rotating bezel for that extremely satisfying feedback. And since it's a Samsung display, the galaxy was definitely coming with a brighter display compared to the Apple and Ticwatch.

Now, the biggest season I used, the Galaxy watch is the battery unlikely take watch, which can barely last a single day. This galaxy watch easily gets me 2 to 3 days on a full charge. I usually charge it every morning before going for a shower for like 20 minutes and that works for me for the entire day. other than you're replying to notifications or tracking my sleep, I barely use all the other features. 

It's a no-brainer for Samsung phones. But if you're using any other phone to keep in mind, you might have to install 4-5 applications just to get the same Sampson experience. Also, there are 3rd party apps but just like Ticwatch, they're half-baked and buggy. But since the pros outweigh the cons and due to the lack of a better alternative on the android ecosystem, I'm kind of sticking with this one for now.

So, if you're an Android user and looking for a good-looking, reliable smartwatch, then, unfortunately, or fortunately Galaxy Watch is your only option out there.

5. Apple watch

Which Smartwatch to Buy in India?

The Apple Watch, which I did use personally for one month and my predominant use case during that one month was audiobooks using the airports and Apple watch together delivers the best experience for audiobooks listening while you're taking a walk, also unlocking Mac and controlling apple Tv with Apple Watch is just so much easier.

And it's not just the In-built functionalities that make it great. The third-party apps work smoothly as well. Like if there is an Uber for Apple watch, it will work just as advertised. You see the problem with Google and Samsung is they push half big software on their watches the Apple ways. If you do it, do it right.

Of course, it also a few shortcomings like no sleep tracking because they want you to buy bedded and apple restrictions like no third-party watch faces, and of course, you can't use an Apple watch with an Android smartphone. But all in all, this is a great piece of tech.

Even this year at WWdC, Apple announced a couple of big updates for the Apple Watch. When was the last time Google and Samsung did something like that, frankly if I wasn't the anger enthusiast that I am, I would have switched to iPhone just to get the Apple Watch.

So finally which one should you buy?

Well, the choice is simple this time. if you really need a smartwatch and if you're an iPhone user, then Apple Watch is the best option out there. In fact, it's not just the best smartwatch for iPhone users, it's the best smartwatch for everyone. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with android. So the second-best option out there is the Galaxy Watch. Now, I'm really optimistic about the Wear OS, but at this point, unfortunately, it's a no, no.

And these cheap watches that pretend to be a smartwatch. Well, just don't think about it. Anyway, which is your favorite smartwatch, and if you think that this article brings clarity to your tach buying decisions then let me know the comment section below.

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