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How Much Data Does Online Gaming Use?

How Much Data Does Online Gaming Use?

Bland parties used to be awesome. You and your friends would get all your pcs all settled in one person's house and enjoy playing some state-of-the-art multiplayer games like warcraft 3 or counter strike 1.6 And these were bulky old pcs with CRT monitors so you know the experience was worth it when those kinds of setups had to be lugged around just for a weekend gaming session.

With internet connection growing speedier and more stable by the day and the advent of online multiplayer games the lan party phenomenon has all but died out. But despite all these technological advancements, not every gamer has access to high bandwidth internet. Whether it's only temporary or not many gamers still have to rely on a metered connection in order to play online games.

Not really this begs the question of just how much data do modern multiplayer games gobble up. Thankfully, the answer is not much but not all games are the same so let's get into specifics.

Online Gaming Data Usage

On average playing online multiplayer games uses about as much internet as streaming music does which means somewhere between 40 and 100 megabytes per hour. This is just an approximation of course there are modern games that require way more data than this and some that require way less of it. But 40 to 100 megabytes is somewhere in the ballpark of what you should expect with most games. Is this a lot? Well to answer this question we need some context.

And there's nothing better we could compare this to than video streaming. On average streaming HD video uses up anywhere between 1 and 3 gigabytes of data per hour. And if we're talking 4k an hour of streaming could easily require a whopping 7 gigabytes of data. So compared to video streaming online gaming deals with rookie numbers.

With the data, it would take to watch a single HD movie assuming an average time of about an hour and a half and at a low data usage rate of one gigabyte per hour. You could game for about 15 hours provided the game charges 100 megabytes per hour, so things could definitely be worse. Now we're about to drop some more statistics on you. All of which are approximations by the way so buckle up.

We're assuming many of you here are interested in how much data Fortnite uses up, so we'll start with that. On average Fortnite requires 100 megabytes of data per hour same as battlefield 5 league of legends and smite. Few games on the list require more data per hour than this. DotA 2 for example, is rated at 120 megabytes per hour.

This is a bit more but it's still relatively close to 100 megabytes. But some games exceed that 100 megabytes average by a huge margin. Counter strike global offensive and destiny 2 use up 250 megabytes and 300 megabytes per hour respectively. With exceptions like these, you should definitely check what the average for every game is before making any assumptions.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have card games like hearthstone and Gwent that require only a mere 3 and 3 megabytes of data per hour. You could likely play these games 24/7 even with a metered connection and never run out of data.

Stability and Latency

I should mention that just having access to ample data does not guarantee you'll be able to play these games smoothly. Stability and latency tend to be more important in these cases than bandwidth and connection speed. If the internet connection isn't stable your gameplay experience will be erratic and laden with latency.

And even if your connection speed is stable sometimes you'll simply have high latency due to some external factors like being situated rather far away from the server. When latency gets too high you'll experience lag and a fast internet connection simply won't help with this. Regardless of whether you're playing Destiny 2 or hearthstone so don't confuse metered connections with lag.

These two are sometimes linked but they don't necessarily have to be. In any case, lag is never the result of not having enough data left when the data runs out your internet connection will die on you together.


And that about does it for this article. there is no single data usage per hour we can assign to all video games. As I've said Fortnite uses 100 megabytes per hour, destiny 2 uses 300 megabytes per hour, while hearthstone only uses about 3 megabytes per hour, but in any case, online gaming is not as data costly as video streaming so it's not something you'll have to swear off of in case you do have to make the switch to a metered collection.

Just remember to turn off updates if you don't want all of your data disappearing overnight. In any case, we hope you found this article helpful you can let me know if you have by it sharing it with friends and comment below.

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