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Chrome Alternative Browsers that beat Chrome

You're probably looking for a web browser that's not going to track you, show you ads, and sell your data to the highest bidder. If that's the case, I wanna show you three awesome web browsers that will get you off of google chrome and onto something better. It's no secret that google's chrome the uncontested juggernaut of the web browsing space has been absolutely crushing the competition in terms of user base globally for a very long time.

However, all of that domination has come at a cost to people who use google chrome for convenience, for the user experience. Because it is a great browser and it has also abandoned its privacy. They have given up their security many times. They have given up many of the benefits that other browsers offer over google chrome.

1. brave

Chrome Alternative Browsers that beat Chrome

So the very first browser that I want to share with you is one that I'm a huge fan of and that's a brave browser. Without all the ads trackers and extra stuff, a brave browser provides the aesthetic and user experience of google chrome. A brave browser is tailor-made to protect your privacy to allow you to take control of your browsing experience, and while it's still a relatively new browser. It offers a ton of features that a lot of other browsers do not offer. The first and foremost brave browser offers a built-in tour browsing plug-in that allows you to browse the internet with a little bit more privacy and open your very own private tour browsing window.

The brave browser also has a custom ad-blocking engine that is super fast, and buttery smooth which will greatly improve your internet browsing experience. However, I think the major feature that sets a brave browser apart from the rest is that it presents the entire basic focus token ecosystem. In a sense, it means that you can choose to watch advertisements on your brave browser that are targeted to you anonymously.

So you're not sacrificing your personal information, to earn a cryptocurrency token called basic attention token in turn you can then use that to pave your favorite content creators online, or in the future to withdraw all of that and earn money yourself by watching online advertisements. However, instead of google taking all the revenue you have to take the revenue and you have to use it how you want. I highly recommend you to use it.

2. Opera

Chrome Alternative Browsers that beat Chrome

Now moving on to number two which is actually a backup web browser. You should install it on all of your machines and that is opera. Opera is a web browser that's been around for a long time and it's gone through several iterations over the years. It's been a very amazing browser for a long time. It was a web browser that most people used almost exclusively on mobile. I use it on my desktops as well as a backup to a brave browser. Opera has an amazing user experience and user interface.

They have a collection of cool little tools and features like a built-in notepad and a bunch of little other widgets that you can use while you're browsing the web, but the thing that really sets opera apart is that the user experience and the user interface is second to none in my opinion you can customize all sorts of things. You can do all sorts of cool stuff on the UI to make the browser really your own. For people who spend their full-time job pretty much exclusively doing things related to cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Opera is the very best for you because they offer a built-in cryptocurrency wallet application that lets you interact with decentralized applications on the ethereum blockchain natively inside the browser. Opera has always been a very future-friendly and forward-looking browser and it really shows in this feature. They're really looking to integrate what they call web 3.0 or what the world calls web 3.0 and that's blockchain the move towards peer-to-peer may be decentralized file storage.

They are thinking about integrating into the browser, so you should use opera quite a bit, especially when developing applications because you want to make sure it works there because I think a lot of people are going to be using opera in the future. However one of my favorite features of opera is the awesome connectivity between multiple devices. If you have opera on two computers, or two computers and a mobile device syncing across devices is amazing and that's called opera flow.

It's super smooth as the flow would probably denote and they've done their best to make it as secure and private as possible by adding encryption into the mix. I highly recommend you give it a chance even as your secondary browser if you want to try it out and see if it's for you definitely give it a try.

3. Vivaldi

Chrome Alternative Browsers that beat Chrome

Vivaldi is the best alternative to google chrome. In terms of comparison to google chrome Vivaldi is a super amazing web browser. It has a great user experience, great user interface, and it's very similar to chrome in its overall aesthetic. However, it's extremely lightweight and great for the battery life of your devices. It has such great features and a lightweight, sleek package that a lot of people just seem to miss it.

Vivaldi is the inspiration from a user interface experience perspective and a user experience perspective for the latest version of opera. Vivaldi is really into the basics of navigation. They don't offer native ad-blocking or some of the other creature features that you get with brave and opera. Has the basics up to date and if you want a minimalist browser that does all the things you want it to do and does them well, then Vivaldi is a great option. If you are a person who likes to use a web browser every day but doesn't need a ton of extra things, Vivaldi is for you. You should definitely use it.

Before someone says you're pretty stupid, cuz all these browsers use the chromium architecture which is designed by Google so you're just stupid. It is not better than chrome it is wrong. It's actually not true that you are right that many browsers now use the chromium architecture, which is the kind of open-source framework google chrome is based on and actually uses the blink rendering protocols. It's also designed by so it gives you that normal google chrome look and feel that is where a lot of us are really used to and the main reason why google chrome is so popular it's because of that UX and UI.  

Now just because all these browsers do use the chromium architecture does not mean that they are google chrome. These are not the same things so I hear the argument in much the same way that any chrome browser is just rubbish because it is the exact same thing as chrome which is actually just about everyone in the chrome community that uses the chrome-like base architecture, including the brave ones, including opera, including Vivaldi, everyone has spoken out against google's recent moves to introduce its new web request format that is breaking ad blocker extensions from left to right.

They're all saying we're not going to integrate this new feature into our browser, if we have to we're going to build something else, and we're gonna fix it, and we're not going to ship it to our users. So google does not control the chromium architecture once it enters the arena with the people that are building these new browsers. So keep that in mind don't stress out too much.

If you see something is made with chromium it generally means that the company that's building a new browser is doing the smart thing and they're taking what's really good about google chrome, and they're taking that, and then they're building their own features on top of it and removing the stuff that isn't so good about google chrome.

So I personally use brave as my daily driver browser that's what I do most of my stuff on, and then I also use opera on some of my work computers, etc. Also, I think Vivaldi is a fantastic option if you're a minimalist web browser that wants to have something that just works and works really well.

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