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18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

What is Korean drama?

Korean drama is also known as k-drama. K-dramas means Korean language dramas that are produced in South Korea. They are famous all over the world because of their Korean culture, attractive sense of acting, style, fashion, culture, and end of their movies and stories. If you watch at once you will get addicted to these dramas and can't sleep without watching one more episode every day.

Where to watch Kdrama for free?

Netflix subscription looks like a luxury deal. We all like to watch movies and streaming services like NetFlix or Hulu plus are good for that but these are paid applications. This article is going to be all about the apps which you need on your phone and on your computer in order to watch all your Kdramas with your native subtitles.

Some of these apps are completely free of cost or have free versions and no ads popping up but a few of them are subscriptions. But trust me, they are well worth the subscription. Each of these apps has an A+ rating on my list. So here's the list of the top 18 free & paid apps where you can watch k-drams for free and some with English subtitles.

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama


18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

Viki is the most famous company. It owns by Rakuten and it has got the popularity of its awesome service like watching, downloading, and access to Asian and Korean entertainment. It has a very simple and easy-to-navigate interface. You can give ratings to shows and your opinion by commenting on movies and sharing your review with other fans. It has another great feature if you want to chat with other users and k- drama lovers which help you to connect with k-drama fans.

Which country you live in does not matter for Viki, you can watch subtitled dramas, movies, and tv shows from Korea, China, Taiwan, Japanese, philippine dramas, telenovels, you can also enjoy NBC universal history channel, American cartoons, and original content from Indonesia and hong kong. It provides you thousand of variety shows, blockbusters, exclusive dramas, reality tv shows, music videos, and Korean movies.

It is available for both android and mac os systems. You can subscribe to your favorite shows and dramas to get notifications of newly released shows. It has also paid features that allow you to watch movies add-free with HD quality. You can watch with English subtitles and more than 200+ other supporting languages.


18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

IFLIX is the Netflix of Asia. It has a very good interface for both mobile and desktop. The interface is clean minimalistic and not cluttered with unnecessary items. Iflix is one of the best apps where you can watch these k-drama for free. Also, there are Filipino movies and shows and also Korean series and movies you can watch. You can watch Japanese and Chinese dramas and much more. It offers new shows and original content that make you feel better than other apps.

It's actually pretty good. It's got a wide variety of movies and tv series but what I did observe though is that most of the content is actually quite a bit of data. It has more updated content, selecting a movie or a tv series actually gives you a short synopsis of the story, and then you can actually see all the seasons and episodes that are available.

And, that's pretty neat really cool really straight to the point I liked it pretty much around the time I spent with the service. It didn't buffer at all. It played really quickly and really fast. You can upgrade to premium but even if you use it only for free there is still a lot to watch.

3. WeTV

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

WeTV is a popular and best app for watching movies, original tv-series, dramas, and other variety shows. It has a very easy-to-use interface and everything is well categorized which helps you to navigate and easy to find your favorite movies and drama shows. It has also some good features that will help you to use the app. One of the best features that I love in this app is "continues from where you stopped" with this feature you can watch movies from where you left or you discontinued it.

You can also adjust video quality according to your data and internet connection if you watch android and you don't have enough data you can watch at 360p quality. You can also control your screen you can slide the screen up and down with your finger. To adjust the volume and brightness of the screen and slide left and right just use your finger.

Adds can bother you while watching series if you want to watch add-free then you have to pay for a subscription. It is easy to download the app to watch series & shows that can be more convenient for you. You can watch it here for free but if you want more features then you have to pay for that.

How to install the WeTV app in India after the ban

WeTV app is currently not working in India. right now it is not available on the play store. If you search for the WeTV app on the play store, you will find a lot of other apps that are not the original WeTV app.

To install it, you need to install it from APK.

1. Search in google for WeTV APK.
2. Go to the first website APK pure.com.
3. Click on APK latest version, which is around 46 MB. Click on ok. It's an APK file so it is a common message, click on open after downloading.
4. Click on install.


18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

IQIYI is an amazing subscription-based Chinese online video streaming service with over 500 million monthly active users. They offer popular shows like the story of Banksy palace, idol producer the rap of China, and much more. In terms of the user base, it is one of the largest internet companies in china. You can access IQIYI on your PC, mobile device, or cellular device.

It's very similar to Netflix. In fact, it's super similar because they license some of the Netflix shows. It's very easy to use. It is all in Chinese. On the main screen, you'll see just a whole slew of different tv shows, cartoons, reality shows, and movies that are in Chinese with a mix of English. 

1. At the title bar click on the third set of Chinese characters across for movies what you want to do is look at the right-hand corner and as a whole bunch of characters.
2. Select the top right which is like the foreign sort of English movies selection.

You will see all of these different English movies. First, off you should notice that some say VIP and some say that don't have VIP. Vip is the charge service you can select the button that's the next VIP and all of these movies that will appear will be free for you. 

Just stream however you want it's not that great of a selection of the free ones but they've got some decent movies on there. A vip account is very cheap it's about 10 RMB a month. You will get a lot more access to different shows. You can look by different genres, but they're all in Chinese characters or you can look by different decades like the 80s or 90s or the 2000s or even and early 60s, 50s sort of movies. So, that's a good way to navigate. 

Tv shows are the second option and there's no particular genre for English shows, but if you go into the results and select the 1, 2, 3, and 4th options across from the second row then you will find all the tv shows are in English. You can browse through the different genres and see what tv shows they have. Some more options you've got the time button which is your history of stuff that you've watched. 

You've got a download button you can download these movies with your app. You can go over how your day and don't have to worry about being connected to the internet or wi-fi or whatever. How we navigate this because we've got the VIP. You have to generally go to the VIP section. Start clicking on movies and it will bring you straight into that results tab or tv. Vip also gains you access to music so you can listen to some Chinese music.

They've also got the English as well and there's also the option for getting access to some documentaries as well that are in Chinese in English. If you so wish to listen to them or watch them.

How to watch IQIYI outside of china

If you try and access a key from anywhere other than China you'll see this error message the only solution to access Geo blocked content is a VPN. So, to unblock a key you need a VPN called pure VPN which is super fast and affordable. Download pureVPN and launch pureVPN app.

Select the China server and there you are connected. It's as simple as that go to a key website. you will see it works fine to click on a title and enjoys any video. If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative you can go for "surfshark". It is fast and probably the cheapest VPN in the market take a look at its features.

5. Kdrama

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

If you are searching for an app where you just want to watch Asian dramas then I will recommend the Kdrama app is just for you. On this app, you are not only able to watch Asian dramas but also you can watch Korean dramas. Kdrama is a very good option for you if you want to watch online with English subtitles on your android devices. This app is very easy to navigate with a good interface. You will see different kinds of categories on this app like on air, search, and completed.

One of the best features is the app is whenever they publish new drama and content on the app, you will be notified which helps you to enjoy new drama and you will not miss it. They always upload new content on weekly basis on their app which appears on the top. Another good feature of this app is you can connect with other drama fans.

You can also search for content created by other users. You do not need much space on your phone because it takes very little memory and ram. If you are looking for an app where you just want to watch the latest and full k-dramas and Asian dramas then I will highly recommend downloading this wonderful application.

6. VIU

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

You could get content of VIU on "vuclip.com" but the website has shut down in some countries. The website is very popular for its amazing videos. Viu is another good app and it is very easy to negative for all users you can get this app for android. It offers you Asian dramas, Korean dramas, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian movies, action movies, horror, sports, comedy, romance, thriller, family drama types, and other variety shows with English subtitles for free.

You can also watch Indian native language content like Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Panjabi. This app is great because it provides you fresh content which is not available on any other app. You can play video resolution sd or HD according to your need, device, data, and internet connection. You can also upgrade to premium for access more but even if you use a free account there is still a lot o watch.

7. OnDemandKorea

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

You have probably heard about this app called Ondemandkorea. This is another popular streaming option for you and you also have used their website on your computer but it also offers an android application that will be more convenient for you. This app offers you thousands of variety shows and k-drams where you can watch and download them with HD quality, at high speed anytime, anywhere. It does not buffer.

Not only can you find Korean dramas on OnDemand Korea, but you will also have access to a variety of music videos, news, sports, variety shows, and movies. Some programs do not have subtitles. If you have a subtitle preference, you can filter through the shows to find your preferred subtitles. You can watch most of OnDemand Korea's dramatic options for free.

This app always uploads new, fresh and original content for you on a weekly basis. This is a completely legal app and you will find also old movies and shows by year. You will find most of the content on this app is in English and Korean language. It has a great feature is if you left watching anything and if you enter the app again after some time you will be able to watch where you left it.

Something unique about OnDemand Korea is the subtitle options that they offer you. Another great thing is that most of all the programs on OnDemand Korea are free. There are a few programs that require a premium membership though, but like I said, most of them are free.

You can run this app on your pc, on your phone, apple tv, Chromecast, and Roku. This app is free on regular basis but if you want to watch exclusive content then you have to purchase a premium version.

8. Disney movies anywhere

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

Disney movies anywhere offer all types of content for children, adults, iphone, and iPad users with English subtitles. Disney movies anywhere that add a new element to the conversation. The makers of mini-movie classics and hits are here with their own app. Disney movies anywhere like the title suggest users can now access a huge library of Disney movies instantly. It's easy and automatic and the app gifts all users a free digital copy of Pixar's incredible. 

You can find your movies and keep track of all your favorites. You find while in the app tap one and find a synopsis bonus clips and so much more than hit play to enjoy. It's actually pretty cool being able to have one go-to place for all your Disney movies. You can even download them and favorite them at any time in the future section is where users can look for all the latest and greatest from Disney. Look at more info about the movie or simply tap to buy and watch or tap to see a preview.

First, it's all up to you and there's plenty to explore through. Disney has a ton of movies, so many options and so many great options on it and under the movies tab, you can easily see what you want through different categories and genres. Every discovered tab is where you will see cool extra videos behind Disney's movies.

There are some pretty cool ones you can check out actually lastly the more tab is where you can further personalize your experience and even redeem your Disney movie rewards for cool prizes which are nice.

9. Tubi TV

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

Tubi tv is a free television app that offers both tv shows and movies for free. Tubi is the best movie streaming app for iPhone and iPad users. You can watch thousands of movies and hit tv shows and you don't have to pay for that there is no subscription and no credit. This is a very great app for any kind of age people because you can watch here comedy,  Korean drama, classical drama, kids cartoons, British series, and anime.

You can be on any kind of device Roku, android tv device. Tubi tv is one of the top free television and movie apps. You have to register and if you registered it'll let you have some extra stuff. You can make a watch list so it'll keep track of what you've already watched and it'll keep that from device to device as long as you're logged in. Also, you can set up a queue which is a playlist. 

So if you go through the app pick out movies or television shows you want to watch.

1. Click them and then they're all waiting for you in your queue. You can continue as a guest you don't have to sign in.
2. Go ahead and click next through this it's not going to cost you a thing. Available on all your devices just go ahead and start watching.

10. Within VR

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

Within VR is the best choice for your favorite and original Korean drama and it's very easy to use. You can watch all videos, dramas, and old programs in high quality. On this app, you will see they always upload new content that will fulfill your need. You can also request for Korean drama series that is not currently available on Within VR. On this app, you will get a very clean interface.

You can choose a version of the app according to your need. It is available for phones, tablets, and TV. It supports all android phones like Sony, Vivo, Google, Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola. Selecting the right version can help you to work on the apps faster, and better. Just go to the google play store and type within VR you will see results up click on it and install.

11.TrueID TV

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

True id tv is the app for tv shows, movies, and sports. You can enjoy live channels on it. It offers a huge collection of moves and a ton of entertainment completely free. It is easy to use and it has interesting features that help you to navigate the app more conveniently. One of the great features of this app is you can watch 5 premium movies per month.

It does not buffer. You can download this app and connect to the tv using your true movie mobile number, id card, or your email id for a true id account. You will get a live channel via the app and you can watch channels like cartoon network HD, warner tv, national geography HD true sports, BBC world news, and CNN.

12. YouTube

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

YouTube can be the best platform for you because k- drama lovers and YouTubers upload full episodes of k-dramas on youtube but one issue you will face is you won't get good video quality on it. So if you want to watch them with decent quality, try to watch them on apps. You can watch these dramas on channels like - Webdrams and Cheezefilm. The length of the episodes is about 10-15 minutes.

Some of the YouTube material will definitely appear and disappear due to copyright issues, but if you do a search, you are sure to find some Korean shows lurking at any moment. To find them, you can search for "Korean Dramas" or "Complete Series of Korean Dramas." Otherwise, read up on Korean dramas, see which show you find the most appealing, and try looking up their name on YouTube.

You have to go to youtube.com and simply type the channel name on the search bar. You will see the channel name on the top go into the channel and you will see the movie playlist just click on it and enjoy. KBS world tv is the best youtube channel where you can watch thousands of variety shows for free with English subtitles.

Best 5 YouTube Channels to watch Korean Web Dramas

1. Playlist studio
2. KokTV
3. tvN D story
4. Lululala story lab
5. Beautiology

13. FluentU

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

Have you ever wanted to learn Korean with enthusiastic content such as movies, music videos, and Korean dramas?
Well, with FluentU now you can. FluentU hosts clips from many popular Korean dramas that you can binge right on your smartphone or pc. Simply log on to the app and search for required dramas and you have so many options at your fingertips. Best of all, the fun doesn't stop here.

FluentU has built-in Korean subtitles and English translations so that you will understand everything that's going on. After watching the Korean drama, you can convert unknown Korean words into flashcards for related reviews and use the handy progress to know when each word is learned.

14. CB Korean Series

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

CB Korean Series is a great source for watching your favorite Korean dramas. It's easy to use and it has a clear interface. The CB Korean Series app is the perfect way to keep up with the latest Korean drama series. With the CB Korean Series app, you can watch all of the latest episodes, explore the different shows, and find new series to watch.

You can also view cast bios, show schedules, and more. CB Korean Series offers both programs that are still in process of being produced. So you'll have plenty of material. They are adding new content continually. On this app, You can even request a Korean drama series if it is not already in the app. Most of the content on the app is actually hosted on YouTube or Dailymotion.

15. MX player

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

MX Player was made in India and it has various dramas from American to Japanese to Korean. Now in my drama, the main thing is you can find Korean drama Hindi dub and this is really very cool because if you do not understand or cannot read subtitles fastly, you can opt-in from MX player and watch the drama in Hindi for absolutely free. Also, the quality of the print is always 720 and 480p. So if you have less internet you can opt for 480p or you can go for 720p. MX Player is also free and really reliable.

16. Netflix

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

Netflix used to suck when it comes to K-dramas but within the past few years, they have up their K-drama game so much. Every day I check Netflix and it's like a new K-drama on there. Of course, Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service but you can take advantage of the free trial. you get a subscription to Netflix. But honestly, I feel like most people do have that, so just get on your Netflix, search up Korean dramas and you may be surprised at how many Korean dramas actually show up.

I also love that Netflix they've been coming out with their own K-dramas that are actually so good like crash landing on you. These are Netflix exclusives and they're so good. The basic subscription plan starts from $ 9.99, for standard $15.99, and $19.99 for premium for a month.

17. Hulu

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

You do need to have a subscription to access these no ads K-dramas, but Hulu is just so good guys. The monthly subscription cost is $6.99. But you can take advantage of a free trial and access Hulu content. It has so many good K-dramas with really good quality so easy to search them up. It has a whole section just for K-dramas, It's really good. Also, Hulu is the best app for watching tv shows legally. So in the search box, type up is a Korean drama, and then all of them will show up.

What I also love about Hulu is that it works on so many different devices, So you can really watch on the go, which is so fun, I love doing that when I'm just going somewhere on a bus to watch K-dramas, it's the best So yeah, that's another plus for you.

18. Kocowa

18 Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama for Free

Kocowa is all about Korean television, from music-related programming to athletic contests to your favorite Korean dramas. It has a large selection and a wide range of programs. Kocowa features a pretty appealing, while some content required a subscription. Kocowa is a premium streaming service that you may have already verified on your PC, but you can use it on your favorite Android device.

You can purchase Kocowa monthly subscription for $6.99. But if you don't want to pay then it offers a 14-days free trial. You can watch shows for free for 24 hours after they have been added in Korea. The apps save you pause between devices so you don't have to fast forward to find where you left off.

So that's about the 12 best apps to watch Korean drama for free and some bonus and paid apps. If you know some other Kdrama apps that you would like to recommend to us then leave them in the comments section below. Which one you would prefer? If I missed any app then let me know in the comment section.

20 Websites to Watch Korean Dramas with English Subtitles for Free


Q. Why Korean dramas are so popular?

A. The popularity of Korean dramas is due to the appeal of their plotlines and the relationships that the characters have with one another. These dramas are a great way to escape from reality and take in a new story. Korean dramas are unique because they often feature actors who are not as well known outside of Asia.

Many people love Korean dramas because they are full of romance, drama, pretty actors, action, and for their entertainment value. These dramas can range from comedic to dramatic and have a cast of actors who are well-known for their acting.

These dramas are very popular in many countries but are especially popular in South Korea. The dramas are filmed in a beautiful country with amazing landscapes and the people are gorgeous.

Q. What is the best app to watch Kdramas on?

A. According to rating, reviews, and popularity Viki, Netflix, Hulu, Kocowa, and Amazon prime video are the best apps to watch Kdramas.

Q. How can I watch Kdramas for free?

A. To watch Kdramas for free, install the free apps that I have mentioned above like Viki, Tubi, Kocowa, iQiyi, etc.

Q. What is the best app to watch Korean drama with subtitles?

A. To access all your favorite Kdrams, Viki, Netflix, and WeTV are the best apps to watch Korean drama with subtitles in different languages like English, Indonesian, Thai, etc.

Q. What is better, VIU or Viki?

A. VIU & Viki both are free to use for Android and iOS devices. Viki frequently updates their drama playlist that VIU. Viki offers a wide selection of Korean dramas, music videos, and other content than VIU. So compared to both sites' specifications, Viki is better than VIU.

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