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How To Set Up Family Sharing On iPhone

How To Set Up Family Sharing On iPhone

We're going to show you how to set up family sharing on your iPhone. Family sharing is a great feature for parents because it allows you to share purchases that you've made. So it saves families a lot of money and also allows you a new level of control over what your child does with their iPhone. It used to be that you had to take your child's iPhone, set up passcodes.

Now everything can be administered remotely from a parent or two parents iPhones. You can set up multiple parents and you can also find lost devices and keep track of where your kids are so you can see if they made it to band practice and you could help them find their iPhone if they dropped it behind the couch. So family sharing has a lot of great features.

How to set it up?

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and then tap on your name at the top. Then just a little way down is set up Family Sharing tap on that and get started at the bottom. And it says choose the first feature you'd like to share with your family so you can start anywhere here. But we're just going to start at the top with share iTunes and App Store purchases. This is a great idea.

If you want to save some money on games or other things that you purchase especially books and just bear in mind that with family sharing you can also hide those purchases later. So if you don't want everybody in your family to know that you downloaded something they don't have to know tap on that. And then and tap Confirm account. You will share purchases made with my Apple ID. I'm the family organizer.

How To Set Up Family Sharing On iPhone

2. Tap continue shared Payment as the family organizer your payment method will be shared with your family members. This is going to just bring up your default payment method that's associated with your iTunes account. Mine is a PayPal account so brought that up. And if you wanted to you could choose a different payment at the bottom.

How To Set Up Family Sharing On iPhone

3. Now we're going to invite family members using the Messages app. So this is really easy to do. Just tap invite family members at the bottom.

Then you have to verify that you are the family organizer. It's going to send you a text message. See enter the code might spin for a couple minutes. That's normal. After that, you'll be all set.

How To Set Up Family Sharing On iPhone

4. In the main family sharing menu. The first thing we want to do is add a family member. I want to add Swapee and I'm going to invite via iMessage. Let's just say that the kid isn't around. Got to enter a security code. A new message to Swapee dee. Just send that off.

5. Now Swapee should get a message and he'll open the messages out. Tap on Swapee dee you've been invited to join Swapee dee's family so you can share music, movies, apps, iCloud storage, and more.

5. Welcome to the family. He should tap to view the invitation. He is invited. He should click on joint the family then share my purchases.

How To Set Up Family Sharing On iPhone

We should mention that parents can set this up so that their child has to ask for permission every time they want to buy something in the App Store or inside of a game. People used to come to the Apple Store all the time with these giant bills because they didn't realize that their kid was buying gems and a clash of clans or something. And it's really easy to spend hundreds of dollars when you don't want your kid to.

6. Tap done and because Swapee is older than a child he is added as an adult. But I could also add him as a Parent or Guardian if I wanted to. Before we mentioned that you can add Apple IDs for children under the age of 13 and you couldn't do that before.

How To Set Up Family Sharing On iPhone

7. So the way to do that is to tap add a family member at the top and then tap Create a child account. This will automatically add the child's account to your family until the child is at least and then you can turn on Ask to Buy and then to get started you need to provide parental consent. You might have to go on Apple's website to do this and you can just tap next. And then we have to set their birthday. And I said Harry was how 12 old? . So he was born in 2007, October 24th. Parent Privacy Disclosure I'm just gonna agree to that. I read that whole thing.

8. He's going to need an email address. We'll just say it's harry.webspot@icloud.com and then he needs a password. never bolt to both you and your child. It's hard to remember our own password. your child. I remember it. Now we need to do security questions. Best friend in high school. Tap next and Ask to Buy is a great feature to have on it just requires approval for all purchases. As we mentioned before no surprise bills.

9. Tap Next and then more terms and conditions to agree to and then more terms and conditions to agree to
How To Set Up Family Sharing On iPhone

10. Screen time. See what apps you use the most. And you will get a notification that Harry has been added and what may be leading to distractions or distractions throughout the day.

Screen Time is a great feature that allows you to keep track of both how much you're using your iPhone and how much your kids are using their iPhone. it's pretty much the iPhone's built-in parental controls. Part of that is downtime which is the schedule for time away from the screen.

11. So you need to give your child permission to be able to use their phone at night. And we'll say 10.00: p.m to 7:00 a.m. That's going to be some downtime and then app limits so we can set daily time limits. So if we wanted to give them the ability to play games for only one hour a day we could do that and just say set app limit. Then we get to the content in Privacy settings. You can customize this more in the screen time settings but you could restrict content which includes websites and Privacy settings. We need to set a screen time passcode.

Now, this is for Harry's phone and then family sharing. Harry has been added to your family.

How To Set Up Family Sharing On iPhone

12. And we could go through and add another child. Just got a tap on. So now we've got myself added. Swapee has added, Harry age is added.

13. Go to location sharing next because this is a really cool feature. I can share my location with my family just by tapping on share your location and you can send them messages to let them know that now you're sharing your location with them. We're not gonna do that right now. Location sharing will be on and we can see that find my iPhone is on.

How To Set Up Family Sharing On iPhone

14. We're going to share my location from this device. And Swapee and Harry can also see where I am. Tap back to family sharing. Tap screen time. You can really get in here and customize a lot of screen time options and I can do it remotely for Harry's iPhone but not for Swapee. Because Swapee is an adult. I can go in here to choose what content I want him to be able to view. For instance, I have to enter his passcode and then I could do all sorts of cool things like restricting the types of apps that he's able to use.

15. And I can also say that he's not allowed to change his passcode here under passcode changes. I can make sure that he doesn't turn off. Do not disturb all driving when he turns. I guess we have a lot of control over what he could do with content restrictions in here. This is where you're gonna find the web content restrictions. So if you want to protect your child against certain websites you just tap on that then tap on unrestricted access. Tap on limit adult websites. And you could also choose to do allow websites only. You could pick a number of websites but that could be kind of tedious. So we've set up Harry.

How To Set Up Family Sharing On iPhone

Then you can also set up Apple Music, TV channels, Apple Arcade, and Apple News Plus. And soon Apple TV Plus subscriptions are here to share with your entire family. So that's how to set up family sharing on iPhone. There are a ton of things you can do with family sharing. We might not have covered everything in this article. Feel free to leave us a comment down below. If you have any other questions or if there's something we should know about and talk about more in the future.

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