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How to Set any Song as iPhone Ringtone for Free

How to Set any Song as iPhone Ringtone for Free

Many of you want to set a song as your default ringtone on your iPhone. So how you can set any song as a ringtone on your iPhone without needing any computer of Mac or iTunes.


The first is required a Garageband. Yes, you need to install a Garageband on your iPhone running iOS 13, or ios 14.

You have to have a song in MP3 format and store it in the Files app. 

So these are the two basic requirements and a little bit of a lengthy process. I must say by following a couple of steps in a garage band and you can create your desire ring tone from your favorite song.

How to set it up?

  1. So as I have shared earlier that we will require our song in an MP3 format. Download one random song tap on download and here you go.
  2. Now tap on the search icon and find the location. And this song has will be stored in the iCloud Drive Downloads folder.
  3. Okay so now we need to take the help of the Garagebent app Navigate to App Store and search for the Garageband app. This is a free application so download and install.
  4. Open this app and over here you will find multiple options like keyboard, drums, amp, and we need to pick this option audio recorder.
  5. From the top left corner tap on the third icon to switch from audio recording to editing mode. Okay, so we all know that iPhone supports a ring tone for up to 30 seconds. And to change it just tap on the tiny little plus icon.
  6. Select section A and change the manual number from 8 to 30. It's done. So now the bar has moved from 8 to 30. Now the timeline is set for 30 seconds.
  7. Now tap on the loop icon. from here select the Files app. so the downloaded song won't appear over here. So tap on the browse item from the Files app, select the song, and drag and drop this song into this timeline.
  8. And now we can Prime it to create a perfect ring tone. Tap and hold the bar to train the song. once you create a 30-second ringtone so now you need to export it.
  9. So tap on the down arrow from the top left corner select my song. And boom. The garage band created a ringtone. Not really it has created a clip off to 30 seconds. We can rename it from my song to any just tap and hold and select rename. Tap on done.
  10. Now to set this clip as a ring tone tap and hold on the music file select share, select ring tone. And this will warn you like your ring tone needs to be 30 seconds or less.
  11. Okay, now you have just created this file for 30 seconds. Tap on continue. Tap on Exports. It is exporting as a ring tone. And boom ringtone export is successfully done. Tap Ok.
  12. Now navigate to settings app sounds and haptics. Select ringtone. And now you have just created and added a clip of 30 seconds as a ring tone on my iPhone.


Let's set it. Tap on the back. So now I have set this ringtone named Swapee as my default ring tone on my iPhone. So I can set such a ringtone, as a text tone, new voicemail, new mail. So you will see if you tap on it, you can see an option. Swapee is available over here. And text tone again there is a swapee. So you can use this hack to create multiple custom ring tones and you can set as for ringtone, text tone, voicemail, new mail anything. So this is really great.

You have just created a ring tone from the song that you have downloaded from the internet. And now you can set that song as a ring tone on my iPhone. you can use this one as well as the default ringtone, text tone, mail anything. So this is it. And I hope you found this helpful.

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