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How To Create An Email Account On iPhone

How To Create An Email Account On iPhone

We're going to show you how to create an email account on your iPhone. If you already have an email account check out our other article called How to Set up an Email Account on Your iPhone. And this article specifically we're going to show how to create an account directly on your iPhone. And we'll be using Gmail.

The first choice you have to make when you set up an email account on your iPhone is which email service you're going to use. Gmail is great because it gives you 15 gigabytes of free inbox storage. Other service providers might offer more but Gmail stands apart in other ways. So for instance Gmail has the best spam filter online and you get no inbox ads.

They also have a great file size attachment limit and it's completely free. So a lot of people also have email addresses that they might get through their Internet service provider. But the problem with those is that if you move your email address doesn't move with you. So you want to have a service that is free and is going to work on all your devices which Gmail does. And it's going to work wherever you are in the world.

And if you move or change your Internet plan it'll still work. We're not going to use iCloud. So although iCloud is Apple's email solution it counts against your iCloud storage. So it's not free. You have to pay for it after 5 gigabytes and it's just not as good as Gmail in terms of the other features. So that's enough about why we're using Gmail. That's why we're using Gmail. Just use it. Use Gmail. What is iPhone Dual SIM & How to Set Up?

How to set it up?

1. So to set it up on your iPhone create the Gmail account open iPhone open settings. Scroll down to passwords and accounts and tap add account. Tap Google G and Google does Gmail. So continue.

How To Create An Email Account On iPhone

2. And then normally this is how you sign in but we need to create an account to tap create an account in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Just say your first name is Swapee and your last name is dee. Enter a verification code. Just enter your phone number here.

3. You don't have to enter your phone number. Google can send you a bazillion text messages every day. It's just so you can verify that it's you. No one's impersonating you in that way. You're not creating 10,000 spam Gmail accounts. So you get a code, enter this tap next.

How To Create An Email Account On iPhone

4. Now I have to enter your birthday in gender, Month, Day. Go with a nail and I'll tap done. And then I'll tap next Gmail has some ideas like Swapee 57, Swapee74. But I could also say create a different Gmail address. I'll say like swapeerider. For example, Swapeeridwe74@Gmail. Tap next. There you go. Nobody had that. No one has a Swapeerider74 a lot of people care about that.

5. Create a strong password. You can either use the one that's suggested here which is a good idea or tap choose your own password. Use the one that they suggest. Perfect the strong password and tap next. Your iPhone will save this. Add a phone number. Reset your password if you forget it receives video calls and messages. say Yes.

How To Create An Email Account On iPhone

6. Enter the code. We got another code coming in next. So Google says that I already have an account because I've already associated this phone number with another account. Go to the bottom and choose to continue creating a new account. Now can Scroll to the bottom install the Privacy in terms of services and stuff. Tap I agree. So we've got Swapeerider74@Gmail com.

How To Create An Email Account On iPhone

Now Gmail is set up on this iPhone. This is an important step. Don't hit cancel mail. It's going to synchronize your mail app with your email box. Definitely leave this one on contacts, calendars, notes. You might want to turn these off especially if you're already using iCloud to synchronize your contacts. How to Make iPhone More Safe and Secure

Because what can happen is if you have multiple contacts or calendar providers turn out on your iPhone because contact can sync to Gmail they can sync to iCloud they can sync to AOL. You can end up not knowing where your contacts actually live. So if you already have an iCloud charge on for contacts which a lot of people will I would say turn this off. Just leave mail on for now and then you can always go back here and turn on contacts later or turn on calendars later if you want to. So if you want to get mail tap save here. It's going to add the account to your iPhone.

Now you will get a Gmail under accounts. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and then open the mail up to see your new mail. And you see an email from Google that says security alert. And an email from Andy from Google who personally wrote this email welcoming you to your new Gmail. That is really really kind of him. That's how to create an email account on your iPhone. Leave us a comment down below if you have any other questions.

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