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How to Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password in 2 Minutes

How to Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password in 2 Minutes

What the hell was that password? I can't remember it. Why it's happening to me. Are you facing all these questions right now? Well, In this article, I will show you how to unlock a password or reset a password of any Windows including Windows 10. In this article, I am using a software called Windows Password Key. This software allows you to reset your password using a USB drive. So Let's see how this software performs.

Download Windows Password Key 4WinKey application & select versions

How to Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password in 2 Minutes

1. First, log into a working computer nearby you then open your browser. Open the dashboard page. This is the Windows Password Key website.

You will see there are two options Free download and buy now for 20 dollars. The difference between them is with the free download you can reset your Windows password using a CD or DVD and if you buy it for 20 dollars you can reset your password using a USB flash drive.

2. Just Select your versions and continue. I have a pro version provided by the Windows Password Key team.

3. Once you downloaded that application just installs it on your PC then just click next > I accept and then install.

4. Once the application is installed. Now plug an empty USB drive into your computer of any size.

Now open the Windows Password Key application.

1. This software uses that ISO file to make bootable media.

2. Select CD/DVD if you have a free version.

Select a USB drive, if you have a full version.

3. I have the pro version so I just selected my USB drive.

4. Make sure to back up all your files from your USB before doing this.

5. After that make sure that your USB is selected and click on the burn.
Do you want to go on now?
Then wait for a few seconds. Now you will see the pop-up burning process is successful.

10. Now click on OK and close this application.

11. Now reject your USB drive, password recovery USB drive is ready.

Open the file explorer, click on this pc, and your USB will show up there in this devices and drive section.

1. Now plug the USB drive into your laptop and restart your laptop. While restarting get ready to press the boot menu key on your laptop or your PC to open the boot menu.

2. In the boot menu, you have to select your USB drive and hit enter. Now it will start the Windows password Key program.

3. Select your Windows ID.

4. Here you will find a list of user accounts. Select the user account which from you want to remove the password.

5. Just select your user account using the ID number. Press Y to continue.

6. Now you will see reset off Trick is successful which means now your window is unlocked.

Now it will ask if you have to reset another account. Press N to No. Then press any key to restart your laptop or PC.

7. Now Windows will not be asking you for a password.

So that was about how to reset Windows 10 forgotten password in 2 minutes. If it is worked or not let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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