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Should you Post Everyday on Instagram?

Should you Post Everyday on Instagram?

Does anyone else get the feeling that Instagram is dying? I can't be the only one. Comment if you are with me right now. Part of the reason I feel like we're feeling this way is that TikTok is doing something super, super sneaky right now. They are literally promoting content that talks negatively about Instagram.

Do you wanna know how I know this? It's because my most popular TikTok is one where I talk negatively about Instagram, and it's like 250,000 views.

It literally feels like this right now, TikTok vs Instagram. TikTok used a sneak attack, Instagram fainted. But, I have hope for Instagram. They're doing a lot of amazing things. And I've noticed this after posting for 90 days straight on Instagram, I have a lot to share with you.


So starting off with growth, let's just use that as a giant umbrella, cause I have a lot of data that I wanna talk about.

The most fascinating data point that I collected through all of this, is that I reached over 12.8 million accounts and impressions. This was all organic and free 12.8 million impressions. You know what that means? That means that this platform is still important. Okay, so let's talk about my following. I actually gained 50,000 new followers in a 90 day period. In the previous 90 days, I only gained 21,000.

Now I know those numbers sound very big. So here's another example. Our intern Sean, who works at this website, posted for 30 days straight, and he grew by 25%. So he started at 200 and by the end of it was at 250. So that just shows you by showing up every single day, you will grow.

Now I do wanna just relate to you for a quick second here because I felt this way too. I was like, but what about the grid that consistency, the colors, all the captions. You just have to stop overthinking it so much.

Create different ways to make it easier to post more often and you will grow. So again, don't overthink it. Just start posting.

Reels are becoming a very important part of Instagram. Instagram is slowly becoming more of a video platform than a photo-sharing platform. And this is because they're trying to compete with TikTok like I mentioned at the beginning of this article. So one of the interesting things that I wanna point out here is that when I was posting every day in January, numbers were high in February, numbers were high, but right around March, is when things started to decline in terms of my reach in impressions.

And this is mainly because, I wasn't posting as much video content, and Instagram is pushing even more video content right now. They're actually giving you less organic reach on your photos, and more organic reach on your reels.

My most popular reel has over 400,000 views. And my most popular photo actually only reached 350,000 people in terms of impressions. So right there that just proves an organic reach, video is becoming much more important.

Okay, so I have some strategies for you to stay consistent when posting every single day on Instagram.

So my growth over the last 7 days. I grew by 1,393 followers. Let's take a deeper look at follows and unfollows. Now I got 4,023 follows in the week, and I got 2,630 unfollows in the last week, which means that yes you are growing, but your audience is always changing. And here's the main tip that I want you to take away. It's okay to repurpose old content or post it again because your audience is constantly changing.

Mindset shift

People are coming and leaving all the time. All right so here's another strategy that I noticed that worked really really well. And this is a bit more of like a mindset shift. And the main thing is that every time you're about to post, think about how you can serve your audience or the person on the opposite end, that's actually viewing your content. For example here, a couple of weeks ago, I posted this really cool photo of a Mercedes. 

As I was sitting on the couch, this was like the first thought for the caption. Like I miss driving cars and going around the world and road trips. Do you guys remember road trips? Can't wait to get back to road tripping.

What is the best road trip you have ever been on? Comment your favorite road trip with a car emoji. Like just you know, you know those captions, we've all seen them, cause I've also done them a couple of times, but whatever. But instead of that, what I thought was that maybe there's an opportunity here to teach a lesson, to add value to my audience of photographers. So what I did instead is let me read the caption to you.

Welcome to caption stories, by Swapee. When shooting chase photos of cars, you don't need to be going fast to make the car look like it's going fast. The rule of thumb, or what I like to do, "is to match the shutter speed of the car. "So if you're going 50 miles per hour, "shoot one over 50 shutter speed, "save this for future reference." Now that caption served the audience.

It got a ton of engagement. People commented. People liked it, but most importantly, by the power of suggestion saying, save this for future reference, I got 906 saves, which if you read my previous article about the Instagram algorithm, saves and shares are the most important thing for getting high organic reach. This is one of my top-performing posts in the last month.

I want to reiterate the fact that by just posting and showing up every single day, you're increasing your chances of success on this platform. You never know what piece of content is going to do well. So just post it anyways. And the last thing I kind of noticed is more of like a human thing. The more that you can show your true authentic self on this platform, you're gonna see more success. For example, my best-performing story was something I just shot very very quickly.

Literally, it's me like making a homemade vocal booth, and I'm like having fun and laughing and just being myself. And it's my best-performing story. People have very good BS radar these days, but if you're just you and you're just showing who you are, you're gonna see more success because the more that I show my authentic self, the more that I see success in terms of marketing and numbers and views or whatever, if that's even important, I guess it's important cause we're talking about Instagram.

Last words

All right, so in this article, we talked a lot about the results from a marketing perspective when posting every single day on Instagram. It's how many impressions did I get? What was my engagement? What colors performed well on Instagram to be optimized for all the people to love me. Those are all the things that we kind of talked about, and they are important, but what's really important, and I'm gonna quote Macklemore here.

Yes, the rapper Macklemore and his song 10,000 hours. "The greats weren't great because at birth they could paint. "The greats were great because they paint a lot." And the results of posting every day are important but not as important as actually developing your creative skill set, becoming a better photographer, a better editor, a better writer. Those are the things that are important because if Instagram died tomorrow, you would be left being a better creative and that's what's important. I hope you guys found this article helpful.

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