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How to Use MSN Messenger on Windows 10

MSN Messenger. Most of you have used it at some point in your life, or have at least heard of it. What used to be one of the most popular instant messaging clients out there is now just a memory from years ago. In its heyday, MSN Messenger connected millions of people around the world and by 2009 had over 330,000,000 users.

MSN Messenger is without a doubt an iconic piece of software. During its 15-year of existence, it connected millions of users from around the world and held a substantial portion of IM client market share. You may also know the program by its second name Windows Live Messenger when it was rebranded in 2005.

Whatever you might call it it's very likely that you have at least heard of this application. And maybe it was the very first IM client that you used. But 3 years after Microsoft's acquisition of Skype in MSN Messenger was discontinued for all users and people were encouraged to begin using Skype. And while most of us today probably used discord for instant communication.

Today I'll be showing you how to re-experience MSN Messenger as it was before it was discontinued. It's all made possible through escargot which is an unofficial server that patched versions of MSN Messenger can connect to.

Since this is an entirely separate server you have to create a new account by clicking on the Signup button. You can use any email address that you want. It does not have to be tied to a Microsoft account.

Now escargots currently support versions 1.0 to 8.0 of MSN Messenger but version 8 is what the developers recommend that you use Windows Live Messenger. Versions from 2009 to 2012 are currently not supported but according to the website support for nine is coming soon. If you want to try out a version 1, 2, 3, or 4 you should create an account with a throwaway password as these clients do not have secure login capabilities.

To create an account with old MSN support check the box on the Signup page.

How to Use MSN Messenger on Windows 10

1. Once you signed up for an account return to the main page and click on the Download Messenger link select your language
2. Select the version of Messenger that you want to download.

How to Use MSN Messenger on Windows 10

escargot provides pre-patched versions of Messenger 5.0 to 8.5 but 8.5 is recommended. If you prefer to patch the client yourself download one of the unpatched versions and follow the respective guide.

How to Use MSN Messenger on Windows 10

Versions 1.0 do not have a patch version available as you have to modify a key in the Windows Registry to use the custom server. If you choose to patch versions 5.0 to 8.5 yourself a Hex editor is recommended as you have to edit Messengers executable file.

To make things simple, For this demo, I'll download the patched version of Messenger 8.5 to my Windows machine.
Yes, this version works just fine with Windows. If you have Smart screen enabled you'll get a warning message.

3. Since the installer is unsigned just choose to run the program and then let it install.

How to Use MSN Messenger on Windows 10

4. Once it's finished open up the program and sign in with your escargot account and boom.

Welcome back to the 2000s. Now the program works just like you remember it. You can add contacts by their email address and open up a chat window to send messages. Emoticons and Nudges.

How to Use MSN Messenger on Windows 10

escargot also provides a couple of additional programs on the download page. One of them is Messenger Plus. This program is not anything new as it was first released back in 2001.

How to Use MSN Messenger on Windows 10

What it does is provide some additional functionality to Messenger like tabbed conversations, custom status messages, and the ability to search through chat logs. There's also a tool to install multiple versions of Messenger on one computer create your own Emoticons and even download a mobile version of Messenger for Android devices.

It's obviously not official but it's still pretty cool and that's how simple it is to get MSN Messenger up and running on Windows 10 in 2021.

How to Use MSN Messenger on Windows 10

I have to say it's pretty awesome that there are developers out there who created the service and allow us to use it completely free.

How to Add Yahoo Contacts to MSN Messenger

How to add contacts from your yahoo messenger service to MSN messenger or as it's currently known Microsoft windows live messenger.

Fortunately, it's not like even just a couple of years ago when you would have to add have multiple accounts, you would need an aim account to talk on aim and yahoo to talk on yahoo and MSN to talk on MSN. Now it's a lot simpler you can directly add a yahoo account to MSN and vice versa if you like.

1. See current status online and mobile and offline friends.
2. You just press the add a contact button and then simply go in and put in an address in the instant messaging address.
3. Put in a yahoo address. Enter one of your addresses. There are other examples, live.Com, yahoo.Com, lots of different kinds of instant messenger.

If you like, you can add a personal invitation when you add someone so on the other side they can have a courtesy notification that you've added them. Also, send it via email. If you want, you can subscribe to updates and the contact goes online. I prefer not to generally but that's a personal choice add a contact and that's it you're done.

How to Chat on MSN Messenger

To chat on MSN messenger is a very simple process.

1. sign up with an account.
2. It's going to show you that you're offline. It says offline but if you double click on this it'll bring up a notice here saying welcome to offline instant messaging.

Any messages you send offline contacts they'll be received the next time they sign in. So the next time I sign in to my other email the messages will automatically pop up for me. So, click ok.

How to Use MSN Messenger on Windows 10

At the bottom underneath smiley faces, this is where your textbook goes. Say hi and send this to yourself or to another person depending on who you've chosen to instant chat with.

3. Come down to where it says send and click send.

How to Use MSN Messenger on Windows 10

If you were instant messaging someone right now when they responded their name would pop up here and give us the message in either red or blue and then it would tell us and then we could respond accurately.

4. So every time we type a message down here, we can then just click hit enter or click send and automatically send the message to that person who we want to send the message to.

There you can also invite friends. You can invite other people to join current conversations that you're currently in.

How to Block MSN Messenger

Let's say you've got MSN messenger on your computer and you've got a family member that you don't want accessing it. We're going to show you a couple ways that you can block MSN messenger from your computer.

Say you have a child, you don't want to access it anymore or you just want to control it. Here are some easy ways to do it.

Now it's a little bit tricky because there's no direct way inside the messenger itself. You have to access the live mail account that's connected to it.

1. Click your email address.
2. View your account you go into account view mode put in your password and then immediately it will come up in the account summary. You'll see where you can change the password and changing the password is the easiest and most basic way of blocking access to whoever you don't want using MSN messenger.

So the other method is to just get rid of the program altogether that will definitely keep it blocked from whoever you want using the program.

1. Hit programs in windows vista this is what the uninstaller change program list.
2. Look for windows live messenger and then we go ahead and hit uninstall because we want to get rid of it. Say yes.
It will go ahead and get rid of a windowsill messenger and no one else will be able to use it.

That's gonna wrap it up for this article. I hope you found this article helpful. Give it a share and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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