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How to Share Files Between Two Computers

How to Share Files Between Two Computers

Let's say you want to share a few files with someone sitting right beside me and you don’t have a USB flash drive but fortunately, both the computers are connected to the same wifi network so, what’s the simplest way to do it that?

I will show you a simple way to transfer files between two computers. And today we will see how to transfer files wireless now, I know there are many articles on this but the beauty of this workaround is you don’t have to play with network settings simply install software on both computers and drag and drop files there and it will magically appear on the other computer but before that, let’s explore all the other options that we have so, now that we know the crystal clear idea of everything.

Ok so, there are a couple of ways to share files between 2 computers over wifi like the popular share it app from Lenovo but the problem with that is, although it’s free, it collects anon data and doesn’t respect your privacy also, it’s only let you share data between 2 Pc, Pc to smartphone no support for pc to mac OS other alternatives are folder transfer and file transfer for windows but they have a similar problem, either they are paid or only support Pc to Pc.

But for this instance, we’ll use Anysend it’s free and completely cross-platform. I.E. You can share data between Pc, Mac, Android, iOS everything over your wifi, no internet connection needed. So, let see how it works.

For this instance, I’ll share data between my ThinkPad laptop and iMac running win and mac on dual boot. Btw, I just brought this ThinkPad yesterday and so far it has been pretty good. Kind of like the windows version of MacBook pro. Ok, now let’s come back to the topic.

1. Download Anysend from its official website now, there are two versions of Anysend and both of them do the same thing but differently, you need to download from the website getanysend.Com the other software needs the internet to share files.

2. So, go ahead and install the software for your OS I’m using a windows computer, so, I’ll download the Windows version.

How to Share Files Between Two Computers

3. Next, run the setup and install the software just like you install any other software make sure you run the x64 version if you are having a 64-bit machine if you are not sure how to check that, sometimes windows might detect it as malware but that’s just the case of false positive simply click on more info and select run anyway you will notice, that the software will also install bonjour.SDK file.

How to Share Files Between Two Computers

This is needed to make the network connection.
Next, all it is to access the firewall so that it can make the connection. And that’s it, now, you won’t see any Anysend interface because it doesn’t have any but if you go to your windows taskbar and click on a small drop up arrow that says show hidden icons you’ll find Anysend there one is your computer and the other one is the second computer running Anysend.

Now, let’s go to the second computer and install Anysend just like you installed it on the first computer.
It’s the same as what did in computer one. Now, let’s transfer some files and see how much speed do you get and the way to do that is 

1. Copy a file on your clipboard then go to Anysend and click on the other computer icon.
The first computer will get a popup asking for confirmation and that’s it now, Anysend will transfer files over your wifi but how much speed do you get?
Well, that depends on router speed so, if your router supports a max of 21 Mbps, which most home routers are then you’ll get 21/8 i.E. Around 2-3 mb/s transfer this divided by 8 parts is because of the difference between small and capital b in Mbps.

In short, you can send a 1 Gb movie in 4 to 5 minutes but that’s not all. You can use Anysend to share files between Pc and Mac as well. Though you’ll have to buy the $5 version for Mac overall, I often use this method and it works like a charm. But sometimes, Anysend does not get detected on windows computers in that case you either restart the system or use share for file transfer that also works pretty fine.

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