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How to Remove Duplicate Photos on Mac

How to remove duplicate photos on Mac

Whether you’re using the Photos app or not, duplicate photos can be a huge problem and waste a lot of space on your Mac. So, today I’m gonna go over step-by-step instructions to remove duplicate photos on Mac. Let’s jump in!

Learn how to remove duplicate photos automatically, manually, and outside photos app.

How to remove duplicate photos automatically

Method one Instead of searching through all of the photos on your computer manually, you can use Gemini 2 to help you find not only duplicates but also similar-looking pictures. And here’s the good news Gemini 2 works whether you’re using the default Photos app or not. I’ll show you how to scan for both.

First, you’ll need to download Gemini 2.
After you have it downloaded and installed on your Mac, open the app. Click on the plus sign. Select the Pictures folder.
Then, click Scan for duplicates. Gemini will scan your entire Pictures folder, including your Photos library.

How to remove duplicate photos on Mac

When it’s done, Gemini will select the best version of your pictures to keep, and then you can get rid of the duplicate copies by clicking the Smart Cleanup button. Or you can review the results of the scan and choose for yourself the pictures you want to delete.

If you’re not using the Photos app, you can have Gemini scan your entire Home folder instead.
When you open Gemini 2, click the plus sign and select Home folder. Then, you can follow the steps to scan for duplicates.

But keep in mind, Gemini 2 doesn’t just scan for images. It scans for all file types too.

If you want to just get rid of your duplicate pictures when the scan finishes, click Review Results.

Then, in the sidebar, you can review exact duplicates or similar-looking photos by clicking Images under each section. Once you’ve checked all your pictures, click Remove.

How to remove duplicate photos on Mac

So, how many duplicates did you have? Was it more or less than you expected to have? Tell us in the comments below.

How to remove duplicate photos manually

The nice thing about the Photos app is that it automatically sorts your pictures in chronological order. And since most of your duplicates will have been taken around the same time, this makes it easier to spot them when you’re scrolling through your library. But if you still can’t find all of your duplicates, you can use a Smart album to help you search.

In the Photos app, click File and New Smart Album.

How to remove duplicate photos on Mac

Then, in the pop-up window, name your Smart Album and set the filter criteria.

How to remove duplicate photos on Mac

Now you can scroll through and see your duplicates a little easier.

Select the copies you want to delete.
If you want to select multiple pictures, you just hold down the command on your keyboard and click on all of the images.
Once you have your duplicates selected, right-click or hold down the Option key on your keyboard and click on one of the pictures. Then, click Delete.

How to remove duplicate photos on Mac

But, we’re not done just yet. Your pictures are still in your library.
So, to permanently get rid of them, in the sidebar, click Recently Deleted. Then, click Delete All.

How to remove duplicate pictures outside the photos app

If you’re not using the Photos app to store your pictures, it can be a little bit harder to find all the duplicates spread out over your entire hard drive. That’s why I want to show you how to use Smart folders in Finder. Like Smart albums in Photos, you can set the search criteria and see all the pictures on your computer. Setting up a Smart folder is easy.

All you have to do is open a new Finder window.
Click File and then New Smart Folder.

How to remove duplicate photos on Mac

When the new search window opens, click the plus sign in the top-right corner to add a search filter.
Change the drop-down menu that says Name to Kind. And the other drop-down from Any to Image.

How to remove duplicate photos on Mac

Then, you can sort your results by name or by date to help you find the duplicates easier. You can also add more filters to your search to help it down to more specific pictures you want to search through. Or even click the Save button so you can come back to your Smart folder later.

How to remove duplicate photos on Mac

Hopefully, after reading this article, you feel up to the task of cleaning up your photo clutter. And now can confidently delete the duplicate photos from your Mac. if you found it helpful, comment below and keep watching tips and tricks for optimizing your Mac.

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