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Best Fujifilm GFX 100s Accessories

Best Fujifilm GFX 100s Accessories

So we're just a couple of days away from the official release date of the GFX 100s, let me know in the comments below if you ordered one for yourself. I could not be more excited about this camera but what I wanna talk to you all today are some of the accessories that you need to buy to go along with your new GFX 100s, keep in mind, a whole bunch of us are moving over to medium format for the first time ever.

And after using the GFX 100s, I can tell you there are some things that you absolutely need to buy. So let's talk about a couple accessories that you must have with your new GFX 100s.

1. Extra Batteries

Best Fujifilm GFX 100s Accessories

Starting out with the obvious some additional batteries. So the GFX 100s is using a new battery type which is actually the same as the XD-4. You can go ahead and purchase these even before getting your GFX 100s because again they're the exact same as the XD4 the NP-W235 runs for about $69. And you're gonna wanna grab at least two or three of these. If you're like myself shooting events you can never have enough batteries. I currently have 4 myself and one extra one that's currently inside of my XD-4. Then there should be also the one that's coming with the GFX 100s so I got batteries for days.

2. External Hard drives/Storage

Best Fujifilm GFX 100s Accessories

And last but not least, since we're talking about data obviously you might wanna go ahead and get some new external hard drives, again, 102 megapixels, it's pretty huge on the files, but keep in mind if you're not shooting for fashion or commercial, you may not need the full size of your raw photos. Shoot in compress raw. I always shoot in compress raw and everything looks just great, but either way, these files are gonna be bigger than any of the other Fujifilm files.

You may have used the XT3 or the XT4. Starting out, I've always been a huge fan of G-Drive. They've been my brand forever. I use them currently now for my external hard drives you can get a 10 terabyte, 10 terabytes for only about $320. And this should be a good amount of space to work with when it comes to the GFX 100s files. Also, another option is to go with a NAS. I currently have a QNAP, which you can see my review of it up above, I'm using the TS-235D.

And I absolutely love this 2-Bay little NAS. This thing runs about $420. And keep in mind you'll still have to get internal drives for it as well. The Seagate Ironwolf Drives which you're gonna need for a NAS only run for about $200 for 2 terabytes, which is not so bad. So those are a couple of options for you when it comes to hard drive space, I'm actually using both.

I have a QNAP and a Synology and also G-Drives all for backup and file storage. And with such large files in beautiful resolution photos make sure to display them right online. And with these 102-megapixel files, you're definitely gonna want to show them off in the most beautiful space.

3. UHS-II SD Cards

Best Fujifilm GFX 100s Accessories

This next one might be something you may not have thought about, but UHS-II SD cards with the GFX 100s being medium format in 102 megapixels you're pushing a whole bunch of data onto your SD cards. If you don't wanna eat up your buffers super quickly you're gonna need faster SD cards.

When I was using the GFX 100, I bought a couple of the SanDisk 300 megabytes, UHS-II SD cards, and personally, go ahead and just get the 128 gift cards because you're gonna need the space. Now keep in mind, everyone's always complaining about how large 102-megapixel files are gonna be.

But honestly, if you're shooting in something compressed and you're not shooting at like 14 bit raw, they're really not that big. What we want out of these UHS-II cards is the speeds. 300 megabits a second is really gonna keep you off the buffers as long as you can go, the 128 gig cards start around $200, which I know is a bit pricey but you're gonna need the speed.

So by at least two, so you can dual-slot inside of your GFX 100s and have a backup, I currently own two. I plan on buying two more just to have as many SD cards as possible. And honestly, I might be buying two GFX 100s's. I'm really thinking about dual-wielding the GFX 100s at weddings. but, I'm thinking about getting two of them. So we'll see how that goes.

4. Dual Battery Charger

Best Fujifilm GFX 100s Accessories

If you're working with as many batteries as I am, you're gonna need a dual charger. Fujifilm sells a really awesome dual charger that works with the batteries for the XD-4 and the GFX 100s you can plot two batteries in here at a time, and it gives you a nice little readout about how charged they are. The BC- W235 will charge two of the NP-235 batteries at the same time and this charger only runs $69. So grab one of these and grab some batteries and get the charging. Keep in mind the charger itself doesn't come with any batteries. So, you're gonna want to buy that. And also at the batteries.

Last words

So, those are just a couple of accessories. I think you absolutely need to grab for your new GFX 100s if anything out of this list batteries, and those SD cards are the hands-down most important. If there are any other accessories that you know of that you think is a must-have for this new amazing medium format camera please let me know in the comments below. Also, if you order one yourself again let me know in the comments below, I want to join in with the celebrations of everyone getting this new camera.

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