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Best Unusual Hacking Apps

Everyone getting faster and faster today. And you want to be smart while your daily schedule and you mostly spend your time with your smartphone. So you need some best unusual hacking apps to be smarter and faster. So, after a lot of research, I have gathered the best unusual hacking apps.

I didn't add any sort of useless applications or added every other application. Every application you see is fully researched, fully checked, and fully based on the assumption that whether these applications can benefit you or not.

1. Recent Notification

Best Unusual Hacking Apps

You might already be familiar with this application called ''Recent Notification''.  You will love this app because it saves all the incoming notifications on your phone whether it's a Whatsapp text, day, or night. It saves each and every notification inside the application.

Benefit: You can preview deleted Whatsapp messages. The question is how to see it ?? Simply when someone messaged you. You get the notification, but you didn't see that notification. After a few minutes he deleted the message. On viewing, you see the message was deleted. But, if you open this application you will find that the deleted notification is already there.

So, with the help of this application, you can preview your friends deleted text, and reply to their messages to surprise them. So many other things can be done with this application, for instance, you can recover your accidentally deleted important notification. You can easily find that notification in this application's notification history.

2. Net Share

Best Unusual Hacking Apps

The 2nd best application is ''Net Share". By using this Net Share application you can extend your wifi signals. For example, if your wifi signals range is limited and your house is big. You want wifi signals to be out of its range. For example, your wifi signal is for one floor and you have a tv or any other device on the second floor then you can get a signal using this application. Your smartphone will be receiving more wifi signals.

It will catch your wifi signals and transmit further signals making your phone like ''Wi-Fi repeater". So, you can do many other things with this application, and the way to use it is quite easy. Simply open up the application, and press "Start Wifi Hotspot" as soon as we start a hotspot, its wifi signals will be visible to other devices. Now just enter the password and press the advanced options button. Scroll down, you will find the "proxy" button, and then set it to "manual".

Now you have to enter the code here which is located in the application like 192.168.49. You have to enter this code completely and for "proxy port" I will type 192.168.49 as written on my application. Select and click on the Save button to access the internet connection. You must enable proxy setting otherwise, your internet won't work through the hotspot.

For a Laptop, simply go to connection settings, then proxy settings. Enter the code 192.168 along with the port code from the application. Click ok and at the end, press the save button. So, using this method you can extend your wifi signals.

3. Internet guard

Best Unusual Hacking Apps

Internet guard can block/restrict the internet connection of all applications on your phone. For example, if you are playing a game or doing some other task, and if someone sent you a message, you will receive a notification. But to prevent the message, you must have to enable airplane mode, which on the other hand disables the internet connection. So, if you want to play a game, you can just provide an internet connection to that particular game app and block the internet connection to every other application besides a game app, whether it's Facebook or Instagram.

This means if someone tries to message you, he'll think you're offline you can restrict those applications, which unnecessarily consumes internet data. So in other words, you are making your phone offline only for a specific application or you can make multiple applications online depending on your need. This application is pretty much easy to use. First of all, go to the three-dotted menu above then you have to press "Lockdown Traffic". This will block internet access for all the applications. 

Now if want to play youtube. Just click on youtube in the app and  "Allow in lockdown mode" now your internet connection is only limited to youtube whether you are using wifi, or using 4g data. The internet is only being used by youtube. Every other application will remain offline just like there's no internet connection and the internet is totally off for every application. So, if want to use another application just give permission, just simply allow them in Lockdown Mode.

If you want to give your phone to a child, you can also turn off notifications from adult websites. Just turn on the adult option. It will filter all the adult websites and blocks them immediately. No one can access them. You can safely give your Phone to anyone. There are still a lot of features for this application yet. I highlighted the important things.

4. Video compressor

Best Unusual Hacking Apps

Another good application is the "Video compressor" that you should be using. If you have a video file and you want to share it with someone then you know the video with a long duration cannot be shared on Whatsapp media. To be shared on Whatsapp cannot exceed more than 16MB. Whatsapp will automatically reject the file size exceeding 16MB. so, through this application, for example, if you have a 32 MB size video file. You can easily compress video into 16 MB by using a video compressor.

All you need to do is drag the video and you will see the compress option, click on "compress video". Now you will see a lot of options. Just select the option which is close to 16 MB, select the option below the 720p is close to 16 MB then you guys can select it and compress the video and your video will be compressed to 16 MB.

You can create your very own custom settings which means you can alter the "Bit rate", change the resolution or you can try different variations to reach the target 16 MB. Now you can send your video on Whatsapp or any other platform before where it was not possible to share it now you can share it easily.

5. Tag you

Best Unusual Hacking Apps

If you are a content creator or if you are a Youtuber, then this application is only for you. So, if you're not a content creator then skip this part and move on to the next application. YouTubers wish that their video should show up on youtube's search results. Every new Youtuber faces this problem, that their video doesn't show up on youtube's search result and they find it after a long scrolling, somewhere in the end.

The reason might be the improper use of tags, the bot inside, youtube analyzes the current trending tags and selects the video that should be recommended and which video should have more views. So, the tags allow the bot to understand the topic of your video. So, the search results of people matching your tag will make your video much easier to find. So, people can see your videos, get to know that you are a content creator. So, using this application you can learn about "Search engine optimization" ("SEO"), and how can you improve it.

For example, you have made a video on any topic. For example, "Instagram followers". So, just open this app and type your topics on the search bar like "get Instagram followers" and then click on search. It'll show an ad because it's a free version, and here you can find all the tags important for our video. you can copy all these tags all at one time and can keep them on your video.

Now if you have already uploaded like 20-30 videos already and you want to cover up their tags as well. It's very simple, all you need to do is just copy the URL of your video and paste these links on this app search bar. And it will recommend you all the possible tags for that video just copy these tags and paste them into your videos.

6. Search by image

Best Unusual Hacking Apps

You already know about "Reverse image search". Yet there might be a few who aren't familiar with it. But first of all, let me tell you one thing, what actually is "Reverse image search" let's suppose you have a pic of a celebrity and you don't know his name. To search for the name of the celebrity in the pic. You can search on the internet based on the result generated by the search of the pic, and you can find the name of the celebrity.

It can be a pic of anything, even if it's a food item, tv remote, etc. You can search the name of that particular thing through the internet's search image. This is known as "Reverse image search" for reverse image searching, we need to go to google images and from there we need to upload that particular photo. But this application can make things a bit easier.

For example, you have a pic of a cat. Just initiate the reverse image search, all the results related to this cat is visible on google Not only getting image search results from Google, but also from other search engines such as Yandex and Bing. For example, if could not find your pic on google, then you can search it individually either on Bing or Yandex with a single click. What app did you like the most let me know in the comment section.

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