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Best And Free Media Players For Windows

To play the media stored on your computer you'll need a reliable media player and you can't find the answer which media player is best for your PC. As there are numbers of media players available for the Microsoft Windows platform choosing the right one for your computer isn't an easy task.

Also with the increasing number of newer media formats, not all the media players are capable of running all popular file formats like MTV, FLB, Avi, mp4, MOV, etc... Apart from being a free video media player, it should also be lightweight to make sure that your multitasking doesn't take a hit while watching movies and TV shows.

You can watch the videos no matter how slow or bad your PC is still you will be able to watch it very well. All of them have different features and different requirements. So, you can choose one as per your need. All of them are completely free.

If you run the Windows operating system there are tons of software available that can play most of the popular video and audio formats other than being able to play your files it's important to have a media player that is lightweight that won't slow down your computer. So, we will see the best free media players for Windows with their feature details.


Best And Free Media Players For Windows

VLC is an open-source platform. it is the most commonly used media player for PC. It is created by the VideoLAN project and is compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac OS. VLC provides easy to understand and user-friendly interface and supports all types of audio and video formats. VLC also provides playlist feature photo capture of videos. 

It also supports third-party plugins and skins. To add more functionality it can stream videos in real-time if you have the right URL plus it can play all standard media types including CDs, DVDs, and most popular video formats like mp4, AVI, and MKV. No need to download install and fiddle with any additional codecs.

You can also decide your playback speed in this. Mostly all kinds of video codecs are supported. So this is a great thing and this works pretty well in low-end PCs. So, the VLC media player is something which you can definitely use on your computer. This is available for most of the platforms. So you can use it as the default player.

2. Kodi

Best And Free Media Players For Windows

Number two Xbox media center Kodi player Xbox media center or Kodi Media Player is another popular media player for PC which is compatible with all versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is open-source software that supports all types of video and audio formats and can also stream content for the web.

If you have a large video collection Kodi will help you to organize it neatly. And unlike Windows Media Player where downloads posters, movies, and shows information. In addition to the usual metadata, it does not need any other external codecs and supports features like subtitles, noise reduction, playlist video capturing, audio filtering, etc...

Kodi works as a PVR compatible with a wide range of remote controls and can be expanded through the use of plugins. In short, it has everything you could want from a free media player. Newcomers might find the learning curve steel but it's well worth the effort.

3. DivX player

Best And Free Media Players For Windows

DivX player whose primary focus is to be a high-quality video player. They claimed to be the first to offer HEVC playback including Ultra HD and supports most of the popular formats including MKV, AVI, mp4, and of course DivX. It comes with the ability to stream its content from its player to any DLNA compatible device.

Their feature called trick play lets you quickly jump to chapter points in your video and contains a media library to keep your stuff organized. It has support for multiple audio to be able to easily switch between soundtracks. There is also a resume play feature built in to quickly get back to the point of the video that you are watching. 

cons- it's ad-supported. So, when you open the player you'll see ads. Short videos play just fine but longer-form videos like TV shows and movies seem to take longer than other media players to start playing. When installing be careful of the bundled offers. In this instance, you would need to uncheck the box to avoid installing additional software.

The free version of DivX player comes with most of the key features. To get rid of the ads and get access to advanced features. They do offer DivX Pro which is available for around $20.

4. Potplayer

Best And Free Media Players For Windows

Potplayer is another popular media player. It supports all types of video and audio formats. Potplayer has tons of features and specialties available for free. And support plugins, codecs, subtitles. This recommended media player comes with a wide range of customization options that allow you to make the software fit your needs. Pot player is able to deliver maximum performance and a lightweight experience.

It also provides you control to set the screen size according to your choice, back filters for your noise reduction interlacing lightness contrast. This is a great and free play without any ads. This is very lightweight and when you install it you will find a very minimal design. One more thing is that when you open a video player, unlike other video players where you have to close one video to play another.

but with this, you can use the side of the player for the file explorer option and from there you can play the video. So this is a great option which you can use. I used it myself and liked it very much. This is a free video player and you can try it yourself and you will be able to play videos very well.

5. KMPlayer

Best And Free Media Players For Windows

It's an android app so the KMplayer also has windows software which you can use in your 64 or 32 bit by downloading and installing. KMPlayer is another great and free Windows 10 media player that processes the ability to play almost all mainstream video and audio files. It provides an easy-to-understand interface and is also very lightweight software as it has an inbuilt codec for Windows 10.

The users don't need to look for any different codecs to increase its compatibility even further we can add external codecs over the support for 3 d, 4k, UHD software support. You watch and enjoy high-definition videos on your devices. KMPlayer can effortlessly run media files in different formats which include AVI, MKV, WMV, MPEG-4, and OGM.

Aside from a smooth media player KMPlayer also has a nifty frame-to-frame extraction feature and filter control for seamless playback that will truly enhance your media experience. This software also provides a video capture that is to takes video images during video playing. It's an android app so the KMplayer also has windows software which you can use in your 64 or 32 bit by downloading and installing.

So, here a lot of good features are available and it has a very modern look. You can play all the videos for free and the options are available in a large number, which you can use In this the video player can be used for making any GIF from videos. You can also play videos through this on low-end Pcs. So, this is a good option for KM player, which you can try and install and use it.

6. GOM player

Best And Free Media Players For Windows

Gom player and created online movie player is completely free. Windows Media Player alternative that comes with inbuilt support for the most popular video and audio formats. It can play all the most popular video formats like MKV, AVI, mp4, FLV, MOV, etc... Different from basic functions that are loaded with other popular PC media players.

Gom player comes with lots of advanced features like ab repeat, media player capture speed control, audio, and video effects, screen capture, etc... It also gives you this choice to change skins and make the whole look of the home play highly customized using Chrome's own library. You can download lots of subtitles. You can enjoy movies and TV shows in your preferred language.

You can also link this awesome media player for PCs with the vast database of opensubtitles.org. It could be possible that this media player software might not support some uncommon type for those scenarios chrome players, codec finder service will let you search for the missing codec boom player for Windows supports a wide range of operating system ranging from Windows 10 to Windows XP sp3.


Best And Free Media Players For Windows

Media player classic home cinema which is a lightweight and compact media player for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems. There are no advertisements that are great for those of you that hate ad-supported software. When you first open the media player classic you'll notice it shares some similarities with the old Windows Media Player. 

Media player classic doesn't have many features but does include a large number of built-in codecs to play your video and audio files. And also works as a TV tuner if you have a TV card installed on your computer. If you want to change the look of the player to have several toolbars available that can be installed sadly.

The most recent release of media player classic home cinema in July of 2017 might be the last. They're actively looking for people to contribute to the project in the runner-up spot.

8. Microsoft photos

Best And Free Media Players For Windows

Now if you don't want to install any additional video player then you can use the Microsoft app called Microsoft photos. You will find a lot of things Like you can watch photos and if you are looking for an editor then you can find the tool in this for editing, for the video you can directly use this to watch videos.

You can use the theme like dark or whatever you want and here you can not get settings for video but you won't have to install any additional software for videos. You can get a video editor in Microsoft photos, so you will be able to edit your photos as well. So you will find 4 different things in this one software which is a great thing.

So, you can go to the Microsoft Store and search for Microsoft photos and you will find this app. You can install and try it. You will be able to edit videos watch them, view photos, and also edit them as well So this is a great thing for you. So, definitely check it out.

9. ACG player

Best And Free Media Players For Windows

Another great video player is called the ACG player. This can be installed from the Microsoft Store. One of the best features of this app is that you can use your mouse wheel to control all the gestures. All the options like equalization or any modification you can do with this.

So, this video player can be used very well to watch videos. This is free software and its rating is 4.7 which you can see in the Microsoft store. It is a great option for you. You can set it as the default video player. Because whenever you click a video, it will ask which video player do you want to use to open the video.

So, go to settings or search in the left search bar for the default app and there you will find settings and there you can use whichever you find the best by downloading it and putting it in there. So whenever you play a video then it will be directly opened in the video player So try this setting.

10. SM player

Best And Free Media Players For Windows

Another best player that you can use is called sm player. this video player can be used for listening to audio tracks and music content. There are so many handy features along with easy-to-adjust subtitles, customizable playlists, screenshot tools, graphic equalizers, and many more. If you talk about the file formats all popular media file formats like WMV, mp4, Mkv, and AVI are available on this video player.

It is open source and the free player comes with an equalizer and support radio as well as a youtube browser that can fetch your video subtitles automatically from the internet. And also you need to spend more time to be friendly with this interface.


So, these are the best most recommended free media players for Windows. I hope this helps you can make it easier to choose the best media player for your Windows computer or laptop. If you use a media player that you feel should have been included and which one did you like the best let me know in the comment section.

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