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How to Use emojis in Windows 10

This may be the most important, life-changing content you will read this year, while it may be a slight exaggeration. Emoji can be extremely useful for expressing emotions and helping you convey your point of view when communicating with others. Let's now take a deeper dive and show you how to use emoji on windows 10 like a pro with a few tips and tricks along the way.

How to Insert Emoji Using the Touch Keyboard

First of all open a text editor or word processor of your choice. In this example, we'll use Microsoft Word, others built into Windows 10 include Notepad and Wordpad, or you can use your favorite third-party text editor. First, I will quickly show you how to insert emojis using the touch keyboard. Next, I'll show you how to use the updated emoji panel and we'll end this content with a cool trick that most people don't know about.

With the touch keyboard you will find it in the notification area of ​​the taskbar, if you don't see it >right click on the > taskbar and select > show touch keyboard button, > click on the touch keyboard icon to open it. To the left of the space, the bar selects the > emoji button. You will see the ones that are most used with buttons for the other categories select a category by clicking on any emoji it will add it to your document > click x here in the upper right to close the touch keyboard.

How to Use the Improved Emoji Panel

Now I will show you an easier and less complicated way to insert emoji using the updated emoji panel > to open it using the > Windows key plus + the period key, ( windows + . key) or use the Windows key plus + the semicolon key (Windows + ; key ).

How to Use emojis in Windows 10

There are three tabs here at the top. There are emojis, kaomoji, and symbols. Let's go back to the emoji tab, it will open to the most recently used ones with various categories at the bottom of the window. To use any emoji, you can click on emoji or use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate to the ones you want to use. When you find one hit enter on your keyboard. Here is a helpful tip.

An easy way to find the emoji you want to use is to start typing in the text field with the emoji panel open, for example, I'll type happy and select > the one you want to use. If you want to add more just keep typing, let's add several more here I will go with an angry, kiss, the thumb gives this one a thumbs up hamburger, pizza, dog, cat, and monkey. Doing it this way makes it really easy to add multiple emojis at one time.

For comment section

How to Use emojis in Windows 10

The emoji panel can be used with almost any text field on the internet, for example in a comment section, same as before Windows key plus + period (windows + . key) or Windows key plus + semicolon key (windows + ; key) to open it and then > select the emoji you would like to use. 

How to Use Emoji in File and Folder Names

Now for the cool trick emojis are not just for the comment section or text messages, you can even use them in the names of the folders and files in Windows 10.

How to Use emojis in Windows 10

We will use this file as an example, click on it > to rename it, use the Windows key plus + the period ( windows + . key) or Windows key plus + semicolon (windows + ; key) > To open the emoji panel, we will name this file angry butter, so first, for the angry it is good and now butter instead of being the normal size and full color.

You will notice that it is quite small and blank and I'm black. Not sure how useful this is, but at least you have a choice and with that, we are done. Now enjoy that delicious angry butter. Now that you know how to use emoji with Windows 10.

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