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Top 10 Alternative Browsers for Chrome, Firefox & Edge

Most of you are familiar with and use well-known web browsers like google chrome, firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera there are even a few of you still using internet explorer. There are a lot of lesser-known internet browsers with unique features that you should use as well. We are going to see 10 alternative browsers.

Top 10 Alternative Browsers for Chrome, Firefox & Edge

1. Opera Neon

Top 10 Alternative Browsers for Chrome, Firefox & Edge

For an experimental browser Opera Neon released in 2017 is the coolest looking browser. I've ever seen it supports a unique user interface along with some interesting features. The search and address bar is also in a different location.

Search whatever you want and just open up a new tab. When you've open the page, a tab bubble appears to the right of the browser.

1. To open a new tab, click the plus sign.

2. You can enter another URL or do another search or you can click one of the saved sites listed below and it opened the new tab.

3. To close a tab, click the X on the right.

4. At the top to save the tab click and drag it to the middle then release it.

There are some more features below the plus sign is the player icon which allows you to play a video, having the audio. Right in the background, you can play video.

5. Click on the push-out icon and you can pause the video. It does not matter where are you in the browser you can watch the video in a mini-player. And also you can snap any part of a web page using the web clipper.

6. Just select drag an area and then let go and that automatically gets saved to your gallery which is directly below the web clipper icon.

You can easily get Opera neon in windows and mac.

2. Avant

Top 10 Alternative Browsers for Chrome, Firefox & Edge

Another web browser is Avant. Avant which was initially released in 2004. You can download in light and ultimate version. In the latest version, you can access internet explorer, chrome, and firefox. The light version only includes an internet explorer rendering engine, the rendering engine is configured in chrome. Avant browser is one of the most popular open-source web browsers and most people have never heard of it. It is an ultra-fast web browser that uses built-in engines gecko and trident.

The rendering technology behind chrome, firefox, and internet explorer means Avant browser can handle any website that comes its way with no page freezes or downtime. It gives users a seamless web browsing experience. Avant is packed full of neat features such as a video sniffer which can detect videos on the web page.

You are browsing split-view allows multitasking by providing an easy way to view multiple websites at the same time and download accelerator allows you to download and manage files faster than ever before plus much much more. Avant browser is 100% free with no ads viruses or spyware downloads. It only works on Windows operating systems.

3. Torch

Top 10 Alternative Browsers for Chrome, Firefox & Edge

The Torch browser was launched in 2012. It is a chromium-based browser. You can run extensions from the chrome store. This is the ultimate entertainment browser. There are tons of features. To download streaming audio, and video has a media grabber. All of the icons to these can be found at the top. You can get Torch browser only in windows operating systems. This browser is ad-supported, so if ads showing up periodically bothers you, you may want to skip this browser.

Torch is a powerful and free browser that is all about media downloading and Facebook sharing. With a torch, you can share links, and sites, save videos you like download torrent files and more all directly from your browser. Torch makes your browsing experience way better with awesome features. When you're watching a video.

1. Click on the toolbars video button to save it.

2. When you want to share a link with your friends you just click on the share button it's on the toolbar and it will show up on your Facebook wall.

3. If you like downloading torrents or would like to start doing so it's super easy to do with the embedded torrent engine.

Torch is based on the chromium source code so expect to enjoy fast browsing and smooth media downloading, and streaming. The strong safety features in place you are safe from viruses malware, and spyware. The Torch is an awesome all-in-one tool that will rock all your browsing media and social networking activities.

4. Ghost

Top 10 Alternative Browsers for Chrome, Firefox & Edge

Are you overwhelmed with juggling multiple clients, projects, or accounts? You feel like you could accomplish more. But keeping all of your online identity separate and secure while you work is really slowing you down. You've tried juggling multiple browsers, maintaining clunky profiles, and other multi-account management solutions that just don't cut it. You need time-saving productivity, increasing headaches, reducing solutions. Meet ghost browser productivity browsers for people who work on the web. The ghost web browser is easy to use and lets you manage all of your accounts and one browser window.

Increasing your productivity, keeping you organized, and saving you hours of time throughout your workweek. Ghost industry-first proxy management solution and extra privacy features keep your accounts separate and secure so you can manage multiple accounts without the fear of data leaks. Since the internet is your office, you deserve a browser that helps you stay organized and keeps your account safe so you can breeze through your work with confidence.

You're already busy and that switching browsers probably sounds time-consuming and complicated. You can also import your browser settings and even your chrome extensions. Try Ghost browser today to save hours of time.

5. Ice dragon

Top 10 Alternative Browsers for Chrome, Firefox & Edge

Comodo Ice Dragon. It's a web browser based on firefox but it offers a lot better security which makes browsing the internet safely. The Comodo web browsers are they offer an Ice dragon which is based on firefox but they also offer dragon which is based on google chrome so you have the option of the two web browsers. If you prefer browsing in firefox then you will go with the Ice Dragon. If you prefer browsing in chrome then you choose the dragon option.

You can now run Comodo Ice Dragon and you can import any of our bookmarks or history from other web browsers. Once Ice Dragon has booted up as you will see it is very similar to firefox. If I go to the top right-hand corner and go on to options everything's laid out the exact same as firefox. This web browser does offer extra high security but that is it with Ice Dragon there's not really too much to show as it is the same as firefox everything's in the same location.

You can still install the firefox add-ons onto the web browser as well the same with the dragon, one which is the same as google chrome. You can install the chrome extensions onto that web browser as well if you really are worried about having a secure web browser then I recommend installing these web browsers as there's no reason to not be extra safe. When browsing the web if you don't do a lot of banking and obviously buying a lot of stuff online.

6. Midori

Top 10 Alternative Browsers for Chrome, Firefox & Edge

Midori is another lightweight fast web browser and really was designed. I think with a lot of the Xfce principles in mind being very fast and light on resources.  It's a very pleasant and simple-looking web browser the commands are straightforward go back to the previous page next page refresh bookmarks the URL DuckDuckGo is the default browser. If you're used to a lot of extensions you're not going to get it with Midori but you are going to get a lightfast browser that does have an ad blocker, and a cookie manager, and a cookie security manager those are kind of nice extensions. It has a notes program.

It's about making your life easier. They're stressing their performance the simplicity of it and very customizable settings that you can use you don't get lost in a million and one different choices so it's quite nice. If you're looking for a light browser that is fast you give Midori a try I think the only negative on it really is the fact that it doesn't have a lot of extensions, but if you're not in the market for a lot of extensions and you want something super lightweight and fast Midori is a good choice.

7. Maxthon

Top 10 Alternative Browsers for Chrome, Firefox & Edge

Maxthon browser was launched in 2002. Maxton web browser keeps the pc working condition of the list while working on it. It does not slow down the system's performance. It never confuses the user by displaying the ads. It displays the genuine arts like in the blog sub civility to the operating system. It has the ability to be used across different platforms and devices.

It works on android devices, windows ios, and Mac OS.

The browser has the ability to push where images, text, and video can be accessed from multiple devices. Mobile internet browser support is not supported on mobile devices. It cannot be found in the app store. There are not many good extensions in the Maxthon browser. It has a password manager, notepad, AdBlock plus, and an RSS reader built-in and night mode to save your eyes. It has an extension and that is one of the best features. You can easily get the Maxthon web browser on Mac, Linux, Windows, Windows Phone, Android & iOS.

8. Vivaldi

Top 10 Alternative Browsers for Chrome, Firefox & Edge

Vivaldi is an opera browser that was released in 2016. It multitasking you can adjust the size, and you can even create notes so if you're looking at a website and taking notes you can do it easily all on one screen. It doesn't export those notes to a google doc or Evernote.  It's going to be housed within the browser but it could come in handy and you could always copy and paste to where you need your notes to ultimately go you can create sessions.

If you always open the same group of tabs at the same time then you'll want to create a session then you can easily open them all at the same time by opening a session. There is a ton to this browser that's really just scratch the surface. You can get it on windows and mac.

9. Epic privacy

Top 10 Alternative Browsers for Chrome, Firefox & Edge

This browser is based on chromium source code. Epic Privacy browser launched in 2010. Does a privacy-centric browser has a lot of features that some of you will love. It has a free built-in VPN, always-on private browsing, and it blocks many cookies and trackers while you're browsing among other things. Epics encrypted proxy which is their VPN is easy to use.

1. In the upper right select the Epic proxy icon.

2. Select on then just select a country.

Since the primary focus is the privacy they don't offer a lot of extensions, but there are a few useful extensions here that you can add on. Epic privacy browser is now available for mac os 10 and systems running Windows 7.

10. Pale moon

Top 10 Alternative Browsers for Chrome, Firefox & Edge

The Pale Moon browser launched in 2009 the nice cool web browser based on firefox. It has the old design of firefox so if you like the old style of firefox this will be right up your alley the web browser is called the Pale Moon. It's available you can download it for windows and Linux for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. So when you little even run on a noble system that's a 32-bit system and whether you're running it under Debian so what does one under Linux distros as well as windows. You can play youtube videos on it. What's your favorite internet browser comment below.

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